🎯 The “Target Test” for Your Health and Fitness Journey


The “Target Test” for your health and fitness journey

The other day someone asked me this…

Friend: “Why aren’t you in a relationship?”

Me: “I haven’t met someone I’d want to go to Target with.”

Friend: 🤔 🤷‍♂️ 😕

Me: Enjoying someone’s company on dates and sharing adventures together. I can love anyone doing that. But the real question is, can this person stand the test of “do nothing days”? Do they pass the “Let’s go to Target” test? Would I willingly spend a mundane evening making a meal together, reading a book, or watching a show with this person?

Do I want to go to Target with them?

Friend: You’re fucking weird dude… But oddly enough I understand what you’re saying.

what w weirdo

This mindset can be your secret weapon on your health and fitness journey.

You: “Why can’t I stick to my fitness and nutrition routine?”

It’s natural to get hyped up about change, a novel workout, or a fresh diet regimen. There’s an initial rush of motivation.

But the real question is, will you still be invested in this fitness journey for three, six, twelve months, or forever ever from now?

Success in health and fitness hinges on finding a routine as dependable as a partner you’d want to share your everyday life with.

It’s not just about the peaks but the plain, boring, and uneventful moments.

Can you visualize yourself savoring those workouts, following your diet approach, and prioritizing your health on a regular, run-of-the-mill day?

So, the next time you’re lured by the hottest fitness trend or fad diet, liken it to a whirlwind romance.

Sure, it’s exhilarating in the beginning, but the true litmus test is whether it can endure the everyday grind.

Would you want to “go to Target” with it on an average day? If the answer is yes, then it’s a keeper.

Stay dedicated to your journey, even when it feels like “just another day.” Those are the days that truly matter.

Stay healthy, stay fit, and continue making choices that align with your well-being, even when the initial excitement wanes.

Thank you for reading. You are appreciated.


P.S. Remember, a fitness and nutrition regimen should be akin to a lifelong partnership, not a fleeting fling. 💪❤️


Photo by Shabaz Usmani on Unsplash