4 tips from a Limitless reader to feel success

I tried my best to get her to reveal herself but she refused. Regardless, one of the Limitless crazies passed along an amazing email that I had to share. She outlines 4 things she learned from dominating her nutritional habits. It’s pretty awesome to see how it translated to the rest of her life.


If you fall off the wagon… just jump back on! 🙂 I thought that I was pretty head strong, but with food, something that I should have control over, I just don’t have it sometimes.  Although cutting things out cold turkey, can be effective for some…over the past few weeks I have realized that may not be the case for me.  As much as I would love to say – “yeah I’m not going to eat cookies ever again”, I know in my heart of hearts that’s not true, and when I restrict myself to a point of feeling miserable, I’m setting myself up for an uncontrollable binge of sweets and deliciousness that will inevitably leave me full and disgusted with myself.

That being said I’ve adopted the idea of… try my best and if I want something sweet I’ll have it and to balance things out, I’ll either eat a smaller portion of it or I’ll kick up my workout to compensate for my moment of weakening…

But most important, I forgive myself for giving in. I feel guilty for a sec, I’ll take accountability and then I get over it and move on…This is a huge step for me, because sometimes when I mess up I throw in the towel.  I have taken the stance that sometimes I falter a little, but that’s no reason to give up on the fight.  I just need to continue to push harder and essentially,”just get over it.”

Better fuel really makes a difference.

I’m all for eating healthy and trying to eat things that “bring something to the table.” It’s interesting, because I have been running almost everyday for a few months now, and although the scale moved, it always felt like I got stuck in a rut and couldn’t continue to move forward. I finally “womaned up”and decided to make a change…

It’s no secret…You can lose weight by just adhering to a proper diet, but even if you’re working out you’re not going to be able to get it done if you’re eating like a crazed banchi.  Enter J-Mills with his crazy food plan. Not going to lie, when I looked at the food list I thought he was a bit nuts. But at the core of it I was simply moving to a way of eating that was healthier, cutting out processed foods and going with healthier alternatives.

Although I was a bit reluctant at first, I can say that since trying to eat cleaner, my workouts have felt better, I have had more energy, and I have not felt as tired during my gnarly runs. And low and behold… the scale started to move and things started to fit better. 🙂 Who would have thunk it?  Our bodies are like cars, they need tune ups and need to be supplied with good fuel to help it run well and last longer… Such a simple concept yet I was just to stubborn to hear it…

Weights are a must

Another duh moment for myself.  Training for volleyball and softball was so easy.  It never felt like work, it felt like we were just having fun! 🙂 But now as an adult I have to take time to get work outs in and that means lifting weights.  Running and Running although good for the heart is not going to cut it for getting in shape.  Incorporating weights is a must. After all the more muscle you have the faster you can burn that fat. Since hitting up the weights again, I’m feeling stronger, the runs feel easier, and low and behold things are fitting better.

I think I’ve said this before, but I build muscle fairly quick but the hardest step is just getting back into the groove of things.  I have and things are feeling better.  I’m glad that you are helping me to mix things up because I like not having to think about what I need to do.  Like a little kid, I like that you lay it out for me and my job is just to get in there and get it done. Good stuff.

The Scale is for the birds

And last but not least, my nemesis and sometimes friend… The SCALE – dum dum dummmmmm.

Although the scale will indicate some of the progress that I have made, I have learned and made it my business not to weigh-in except for once a month.  I know that my weight will fluctuate based on the things that I am eating. Needless to say, the scale moving downward is always a great thing but it shouldn’t be the measurement of success.

I took a couple of pics, but deleted them since my boys play with my phone and I don’t want those getting out. But at the end of the day all of this work and change was so that I could become healthier and teach my boys about the benefits of healthy living.  Although I would like to get back into those skinny jeans, I am more concerned about being healthy, and losing fat, because at the end of the day a skinny person with poor health is worse off than someone who may weigh more, but has less fat and is healthy.

So I guess what I am saying it that I am really looking at everything on a holistic level and that I’ll judge my progress not just by how things fit or by the scale but by how I feel… and I want to feel healthy. 🙂
How do you define healthy living. Post to comments. I’d love to know.
Live limitless,

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