6 common sense life lessons from learning how to play guitar


I bought a guitar last week and started practicing. I also started practicing so I could post this picture on social media. More importantly, it’s taught me common-sense life lessons that can be applied to anything you want to accomplish.

Stepping into something new has been an eye-opening experience for me as a coach. I wanted to share a couple of insights into what I’ve learned and how it might relate to you and your health.

6 common-sense life lessons

Man playing guitar

1️: If I don’t schedule a time to practice (even if 5-minutes) it’s unlikely to happen. I tried to tell myself I would practice whenever. But the lures of Netflix were too strong with this one 🤣

2️: I placed the guitar in plain sight. I see it all day long. It’s a constant reminder that it’s something I want to improve. Man, the environment is powerful.

3️: I’ve committed to practicing for 5-minutes most days. It’s so easy to do that it’s hard for me to not get started. If I practice more (which I usually do) It’s an uber accomplishment.

4️: I’m only focused on learning the 4 chords and one song. Sure, kinda boring but the 4 chords are the basics and what most songs focus on. I could practice other things but I’d progress at a slower rate. Plus, this is an easy way for me to measure if I’m improving or not.

5️: I didn’t practice yesterday because one of my dogs is sick and my mind was elsewhere. I am 100% ok with this. It was not my priority. But never two in a row. I will practice today.

6️: I came close to researching the best guitar for beginners. Best picks for beginners and best this best that, yada yada yada. I caught myself, bought the cheapest one I could find so that I could get started as soon as possible. This kept me for procrastinating and talking myself out of it. Now I’ll I need to do is show up and do the work.


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Photo by Jefferson Santos on Unsplash