6 existential thoughts from 40 years of living

Man drinking coffee at home

A few existential thoughts from my 40th birthday. I wrote them down in a journal, posted them on my Instagram, and figured why not share them here.

1: You can’t take it with you

Your money, your friends, the cool trips you’ve been on, or anything you own. Eventually, we’ll all lose the fight with time and everything we have will be left behind. Pair your life down to the simple and essential things that matter most to you and forget about the rest. 

2: You can leave so much

You can leave your love, the way you made people feel, memories, and stories for others to tell. You can leave a little bit of you in everyone that you meet.⠀

3: We all struggle with something

Health, career, relationships, purpose, something. When you struggle it’s easy to feel alone. Be someone that others feel confident being vulnerable with. You do this by being vulnerable with others.⠀

4: Learn to love your faults.

The ability to see and love your insecurities as well as to see and love the insecurities in others might be the most important skill you can develop. It will make you more compassionate, empathetic, and caring.⠀

5: You won’t accomplish all of your goals.

You may not travel to all the places you want to see, read all the books, or do all the epic things you want to do. But just because you won’t achieve them all doesn’t mean you can’t pursue them. We get too wrapped up in the end results and forget how beautiful and fun the process can be. Your goals won’t complete your life – they’ll just add to it. ⠀

6: Anything that bothers you is your issue.

People don’t do things to you they do them for themselves. Respect and empathy for other’s decisions, lifestyle choices, philosophies, and behaviors are of the highest importance. The majority of people in this world are good. there will always be events and actions that are beyond your control, belief, and imagination. Embrace and marvel in those that are in the best interest of humanity and ask yourself what you can do to contribute positively.

Six is my lucky number so let’s stop there. Plus, this horse I’m on is pretty high and I’m afraid if I write too much it will be an uncomfortable fall off of it.

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