I know what to do. Now I just need to do it.

So if you know what to do already why exactly are you not doing it? What is getting in your way?

I just finished up book 6 in the quest for 52 in 52 weeks. The most recent addition is “Awareness” by Anthony De Mello (he’s the crazy jesuit priest).

The book touches on how the power of simply becoming aware can help you to be your true self and achieve your goals. It discusses how you tend to see the world through the eyes of others or by a set of standards that has been conditioned in us through the norms in society.

Think back to the whole get good grades, go to this college, get a job and hold it for years trying to work your way up, get married, have kids, retire at 65…. that standard life course that is expected.

Reading this book could not have come at a perfect time. I was just having another argument….. I mean mature discussion with my girlfriend the other night. She was a little upset that we don’t view life the same way and was questioning how we could ever work out if we don’t have the same vision.

It got me thinking a bit. Although we may not have the same “wants,” which I consider material things like a big house, lots of money, a nice shiny Benz sitting on 24’s, gold chains, and diamond rings – we do in fact have the same “being” goals.

“Being” goals are what I consider characteristics that most of us strive for on a daily basis that actually make us better persons day-to-day. They not only make our lives better but others around us and the world as a whole. Although there are some differences amongst each of us, generally we all want to be:

  • Happy
  • Healthy
  • Passionate
  • Loving
  • Helpful
  • For life to have meaning or to serve a bigger cause

I’m sure we could all add to this list (feel free to in the comments) I believe that the majority of us strive to be this on a daily basis. With some better than others at achieving it.

So how is it that some do this better than others? The crazy priest De Mello aims to show us through awareness.



Ever notice that when you feel good everything else feels good?

People look better. Music sounds sweeter. Your body feels light and full of mojo.

You may even notice in your day that people seem friendlier, situations seems less cumbersome, and tasks are less tedious.

You’ll probably even catch yourself say “Wow, that was a pretty nice gent I just met.” or “They were so friendly.”

You might even use the baristas first name when you walk into Starbucks today. Maria, might even hook you up with a free cup of joe.

Walking around like that feels pretty damn good doesn’t it? So why the heck don’t we do it more often?

It’s like that age-old question. How many licks to get to the center of a Tootsie pop? Well, in this case, how many shitty days in a row do we need to have before we realize the real problem is us.

How we see the world is a good indication of how we see ourselves. If we view the world as a scary, rude, and unfriendly place chances are that is how we present ourselves as well. I’m sure we all know someone we consider a pretty rude cat. Odds are you find them complaining about how everyone is so rude.

But if we see the world as a friendly, compassionate, loving joint chances are we present ourselves as ball of light always dancing a jig. Like the example above. I’m sure we all know of someone the is just full of light Optimistic as all hell. Almost to the point it makes you sick. The world is their oyster right? Chances are they see life the same way. With endless possibilities, opportunities to be had, unlimited resources, no bad day can ever really get them down. They always find a bright light.

Tip: Surround yourself with those types of people. You are a combination of the 5 people you spend the most time with. Emotions are contagious.

So instead of seeing the scars on someones face, focus on their smile and how bright it is.

Instead of the long line at the grocery store check out the cute baby right in front of you.

You might not be able to change the world but you can for sure change your focus. Focus on the good, the beautiful, the happy. What ever you want to “BE” focus on that.


Living the life you have always imagined is not a selfish act. It’s noble, honorable, and rewarded.

I think it was De Mello that said it himself, or maybe Brian Johnson  over at Optimal living. Anyhow, it goes like this.

“living life as you see fit is not selfish — demanding that someone else live their life as you see fit is.”

Take everyone else out of the equation for a minute. Who do you want to “BE?”

  • Healthy
  • Happy
  • Passionate
  • Loving
  • Honest
  • Friendly
  • Helpful

Then go be that.

If you want to BE healthy then skip that cake at the birthday party. Just because everyone else is having some doesn;t mean you need to. BE YOU.

If you want to BE loving then go BE THAT. Just because someone is giving you the cold shoulder doesn’t mean you have to give it back.

We all have the opportunity to shape the world around us everyday. What we focus on becomes our reality. Focus on the things you want to BE. Focus on the things that no matter what else happened, if these things occur everyday you will be better off.



  • “Well they hit me first.”
  • “They only serve junk food.”
  • “They gave me attitude.”

We can never control the actions of others. The only thing we can control is our response.

So what if someone give you attitude. Maybe something in their day has something to do with it.

Quite with the blame game. We all have one powerful resource. The most powerful resource in the world.


You choose how you react to any situation. You  chose what you eat. You choose the job you have. You choose who you spend your time with.

Some of these choices might take longer to manifest than others. But the point is, if you don’t like something you have the choice to do it or not.

If you don’t like your job then choose to quit. Learn new skills. It may take time but if it is really important to you then make it happen.

Choose to eat right and exercise consistently.

You have all the tools and resources you need to succeed. Choose to use them.

Be Life the Beatles and Just Let it Be

Think back to when you were a kid.  A wee little lad. Happy as all get-up. But oh no! You didn’t get that red rider bb gun for christmas.

You got over it

Remember when you were in high school? You just broke up with your high school sweetie. The love of your life. You’ll never find another. Life is over as you know it.

You got over it.

You missed out on the job of your dream, didn’t get that promotion, or just lost your job.

You got over it.

What i am trying to get at is that everything comes and goes. The good things we hold with us and the bad things we generally get over. Some take longer than others but eventually we all get over it.

Look at it this way. When you are dead and gone you’ll definitely be over it.

Life changes. It evolves. We have to evolve with it.

Learn from the past, live in the present, prepare for the future.


1. Slow down Stop moving so fast. Eat slower. Take time to look around. There is no need to be in a rush.

2. One thing at a time/eliminate distractions If you are out on a date, with your kids, or with some friends. Then be with them. turn of the cell phone. Stop focusing  on the game on TV behind you. Turn of the TV while you are eating. I love multi-tasking but every once in a while just do ONE thing at a time. When you are doing the laundry just do the laundry. Don’t try to put the dog leash in your mouth, the trash in one had, and the newspaper in the other.

3. Meditate I’m assuming you read this. If you didn’t… shame on you. Do it now!

4. Live healthier Think back to a time when you were your healthiest. You probably were your happiest, most energetic, friendliest. Eat right, workout consistently, and sleep enough.

5. Be prepared Anticipate everything and be excited when it comes. Change is awesome! It give you a chance to really see what you are made of. Welcome it!

6. Talk to yourself Ask yourself questions constantly. How were you able to turn down that pizza yesterday but not today? How were you able to make time to exercise? Why were you in a good mood last week but a shitty one this week? Talk to yourself. Ask questions. You have the answers.

If we can just change are focus we can forever change ourselves and our world.

Live limitless,


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