A brief guide to better living: Beast mode on yourself

Love life and it will love you back.

I make it a point now to sit down with friends over coffee, wine, or a meal  just to chit-chat and talk about life, philosophy, sports, movies, family, business, and what ever else we might be up to. A few days ago I was sitting down with a gal-pal and she brought up (drum roll please) Passion.

“Justin, what is your passion?” She asked me.

My answer is simple. I don’t have just one. I’m passionate about a shit ton of things. If I had to narrow it down I’d say I’m in love with living. What gets me out of bed each morning is life. Each day is exciting for me. I’m super stoked to see what challenges the day will bring, how my decisions will unfold, the interesting people I’ll meet, and am amped for the opportunity to learn not only about myself but others and the world around me.

She laughed and called me a weirdo. But she also said, “I wish I could be like that.”

I think you all know what happened next. My noodle got spinning a little and out popped this post.

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6 Steps to extraordinary living

I have a mentor and he doesn’t even know it. I’ve read just about everything the late Jim Rohn as written. The dude is just about as inspirational, put together, and as smart as all get-up.

One of his books shorter books Philosophy for successful living is a personal favorite. In it, 6 steps to an extraordinary life are outlined:

1. Being Productive & Get shit done
2. Value your relationships
3. Remember where you came from and respect it
4. Strong spiritual health (relationship with self, others, and world around you)
5. Develop an inner circle… don’t worry no clicks. It’s not high school all over again.
6. Act like a farmer and plant the seeds of growth

Now it’s one thing to read those six things and say to yourself, “yeah man, I dig it.” Only to finish reading this post and then do nothing about it. You have to participate.

Life truly is a game. Those that play it better practice and actively participate in living. They don’t just sit on the sideline spectating. No way (BIG CLICHE COMING), they say “put me in coach, I’m ready to play.”

In all seriousness. If you want to get better at anything it takes practice, consistency, and the desire to improve. So lets put on the big boy or girl pants and start living extraordinary.

One marvelous idea can change your entire future

Not a single day goes by that I don’t talk with someone who has a great business idea, is motivated to improve their health, or is ready to take responsibility for their finances and start spending a little less and saving a little more.

However, when I check in with them a month or so later about how it’s going I typically get excuses.

I just don’t have enough money to start that business.
I couldn’t start my nutrition plan because it was my sisters, best-friends, brothers, sons, bah mitzvah.
I couldn’t start saving yet, there was this big sale on this thing I wanted and I just had to get it.

Philosophy of poverty: Spend money and save what’s left.
Philosophy of wealth: Invest money and spend what is left.

Point is there will always be something. If not this excuse, then another, and another after that. There will always be another “monday” to get started.

Truth is the best time is right now. What ever that big idea it is you have floating around inside your head jot it down on a piece of paper and write out three action steps that you can take this very minute to get started.

Want to get inspired? Start inspiring others

Just the other week I was feeling a little bit sorry for myself. I was exhausted and not motivated to write what-so-ever. Then I go this email from one of you crazies.


It’s true!

Last year I was sitting on my butt, eating ice cream, overindulging and making up excuses for everything.

Since subscribing and really feeling a connection to the messages of the blog, I’m working on being someone I admire.

Thanks to my determination, inspired by your blog, I’ve started crossfit and kung fu, decided to get that clothing line hobby up for sale online, and am working on the daily steps of early sleep and early rising.

Limitless 365 days a year!!!


This email really gave me back my Mojo (thanks Raven). I love to write but I don’t always feel like doing it. Knowing that I was able to help someone else made all the hard work and effort worth it.

Take a look at your past. I bet some of your proudest moments in life are when you were helping someone else. Use those for inspiration. Get busy helping to improve the lives of others in order to improve your own.


Stop chasing success. Instead attract it

I do want to make it clear. I like school and formal education. I had a wonderful time in grad school. But in my opinion school does a great job at teaching you how to work for someone else.

Stay in school —–> Get a job —–> Stay out of trouble = A full-time job and a part-time fortune
-Jim Rohn

There are two gigantic choices we all have in life. You can decide to work your ass of in a job and make a decent living and sacrifice your time or you can work hard on yourself and make a fortune. Those that are most successful spend there time and energy working on personal development and earning an education in people skills.

Richard Branson created success by getting comfortable with the uncomfortable, he embraces change, he asks himself the right questions, is constantly trying new things, is constantly reading and surrounding himself with others that he can learn from, and lastly he takes time to enjoy himself and life in general.

No one will demand excellence out of you the way that you can

You may find someone who can motivate you, encourage you, or help you to get started but to rely on someone else to constantly do that for you is crazy talk. No one person, society, or group demands excellence from you.

There are no health police to make sure that you are healthy, exercising, and eating right
There is no financial fairy that is making sure you are staying out of debt

There are coaches, books, and various other resources out there that you can use to help self educate and will support you but when it comes down to it the only one that is really holding you accountable for your actions is you.

If you want excellence give yourself every opportunity to succeed. Surround yourself with others that have achieved what you are looking to achieve, cut out pictures of your dreams and create a vision board, but most importantly trust in yourself that you are capable.

Mantra’s are a very powerful thing. I use to start my morning with a walk around the block (maybe I should start again) repeating this over and over again.

“I am strong, I am confident, and I am capable of achieving all I am to achieve.”

Excellence is much easier when you actually believe it. Start believing it.

Past and Future, BFF

Embracing your past and planning for your future will determine your direction. Look to your past for insight.

If you have a specific goal in mind look to your past to examples of how you were able to overcome obstacles and create success. Although a weight loss goal, financial goals, career, spiritual, and relationship goals can seem very different there are usually common behaviors and themes you can find that relate to success between them.

Consistency in your pursuits
Focusing on one thing at a time to change habits
Realistic but challenging goals

100% Intention + 0% Mechanism = Results

Intention: Your end-result, meaning, reason for doing
Mechanism: Systems, keys, tools to drive your intention
Results: The manifestation of your intention

What this formula means is that there are a million and one ways to accomplish whatever it is you want to accomplish. But you can’t do it if you never get started.

There are an infinite ways (mechanisms) to reach achieve the things in life that you want but the only way to do so is to show up and get started (Intention). How many different ways can you get to work today? A ton but if you don’t start the car you’ll be stuck in the driveway.

Day 214/365 - Walking the line

How will you get started today?

Where have you been making excuses as to what is holding you back from creating an extraordinary life for yourself?

What is you plan to create change today?

Live limitless,