I’m a little partial to this success story. Not because Ami is a friend and client of mine. But because he is a super cool guy with a family, kids, and real-world obligations.

The picture you see is only 3 months later. Hopefully, I can get the shots up of him at the 6-month mark.


We’re doing these success stories as a means to an end. Seeing people achieve big things is inspiring. Especially when it is something you might be trying to achieve yourself. Even more so when the task at hand is difficult, takes patience, and requires us to learn new skills and overcome fears and personal limitations.

I don’t want to bore you with my mumbo-jumbo so here is the Q&A I had with my main man Ami V.

Q: How did you feel the first couple of days on the nutrition plan and workouts? Compare it to how you felt a week, month, 3 months, and today?

The first 2 weeks were difficult to maintain, but I remained focus on the task and little by little I became accustomed to the nutrition plan. What helped me the most were the recipes from, in particular the coconut flour bread recipe. It helped me overcome the cravings for regular bread and corn tortillas. I also substituted the beef burgers for salmon burgers, which are high on omega 3 oil. Lastly, I started to eat stir fry dishes, with the vegetables listed in the nutrition plan and using coconut, olive, macadamia, avocado, or almond oils.

By the end of the 1st month I started to notices that my stomach was not getting that “bloated” sensation after each meal, but rather a satisfaction feeling, and with none of the emptiness feeling afterward which translated to 15-pound loss weight. By the third month of following the nutrition plan, I was so used to it that I never set foot in a fast-food restaurant again! I am currently in my sixth month, and I learned how to play with the list of food items from the nutrition plan, that I can come up with my own recipes.

Q: What did you do when you had cravings? How did you deal with it?

I usually packed an apple, almonds, and a small coconut flour muffin. I also would drink a cup of coffee with a bit of cinnamon and would sweeten it with a packet of Splenda, or a packet of Truvia. By the 3rd week, the benefits of the Paleo diet started to kick in, because you are not consuming empty calories. What I mean by this is that you are eating good quality food, and I could focus on quality rather than quantity.

Q: How did you stay motivated? What did you do when you lacked the motivation?

Seeing the results such as weight loss, and muscle definition, were the driving force to keep me motivated. By the second month, all of my clothes fit me big, and that also kept my motivation up. I particularly have never felt unmotivated to either follow the nutrition plan or to continue the exercise routine.

Q: What was a typical day like for you before you started exercising and nutrition? What is it like now?

A typical day used to consist of sandwiches, meals high on carbs, empty calories, and industrial seed oils. Now, I follow the nutrition plan by about 80%. And truth be told, when I don’t follow it, there is this guilt trip I go through which is not a good feeling. Even on the meals, I don’t follow the nutrition plan, I try to substitute one item from the meal for one that is part of the nutrition plan. For example, going to happy hour after work, instead of having a beer, or a martini, I would have a glass of red wine.

When ordering chicken wings, instead of eating 3 wings, I would have all the celery served, and only 1 chicken wing.

Q: How many times did you try to get in shape in the past? Why did you fail? What made you try again/what was the game-changing moment that made you say, DAMN IT! I have to change!?

I never really tried to get in shape in the past, and not knowing how to start, and how to get real results were the reasons why I never tried. The reasons that pushed me to do so were that I was diagnosed with high cholesterol, and off course, the way I looked.

Q: What was the toughest part of getting into shape for you?

Time was definitely one major factor. During the exercise routine, getting used to the exercises, and muscle soreness was tough. But I was able to create more time. I just had to make it a priority.

Q: What kind of goals do you have in the future. Fitness, career, lifestyle?

I definitely follow the nutrition plan 100%, and make the same nutritional changes for my family as well. Help my wife and son maintain an exercise routine that is both healthy and fun for them. I would like to someday be on the cover of Men’s Health!!! Or at least develop more muscle definition. 😀

Q: What is your best piece of nutrition advice?

If your current eating habits call for eating lots of bread, and tortillas, use coconut flour to bake your own bread. Lower your sugar intake, by eliminating can juices, sodas, and alcoholic beverages. Red wine has helped me eliminate cravings for liquor.

Q: What is the most important thing one can do for themselves when looking to get healthier?

Seeking a health and fitness trainer, and follow their advice as closely as possible. Results will come, and you will most certainly enjoy them!