An unexpected benefit from auditioning for acting roles.


An unexpected benefit of auditioning for acting roles.

For the last year and a half, I’ve been taking acting classes and auditioning for roles.

Commercials, scripted shows, feature films, online ads, student films, all the things.

Some of them I book.

Most of them I don’t.

Sometimes I book them or don’t book them because of my acting skills. Sometimes it’s because of the way I look or don’t look and what they want. When I don’t book things it’s frustrating. I could quit taking lessons, save that money, and pursue other things.

But I don’t.

I keep showing up. Doing the same basic things that will help me get better and hopefully book more gigs.

Acting lessons

This relates a lot to health and fitness.

I see so many people go on walks, try to eat healthier, and work out more for a few weeks. Then when the outcome they were hoping for doesn’t happen they quit.

“What’s the point if X isn’t happening?”

Most of us would do much better in all aspects of our life if we stopped creating conditional external outcomes to habits, skills, or practices we’re trying to develop.

If I’m only taking acting classes to become a star and book feature films I’ll be disappointed.

If you’re only going on walks, trying to go to sleep earlier, eating healthier, and workout to lose weight (or whatever outcome) you’ll be disappointed.

Placing excessive emphasis on outcomes can lead to stress, anxiety, and a fear of failure. By letting go of rigid expectations, you allow yourself to enjoy the process without the burden of constant evaluation. This can alleviate stress and create a healthier and more positive mindset, which ultimately enhances your performance and well-being.

While focusing on the process is valuable, it’s important to strike a balance. Outcomes and goals can still serve as motivators and provide direction.

But, by shifting your mindset to appreciate the journey and embracing the actions you take, you can find more joy, fulfillment, and sustainable success along the way.


Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash