Big life changes: When changing feels like too much try these 5 simple ideas

If I had to sum it up to my philosophy for making big life changes it would be this.

  • Practice 1-2 things or make 1-2 small changes at a time
  • If you’re having a tough time practicing that change consistently make it smaller
  • Track how consistent you are
  • Make the change easier by changing your environment
  • Routines are your best friend, and plan B’s are routines’ best friend

I want to give you some tips as you continue on your journey of building a body and life that you’re proud of.

There will always be “something.”

Someone’s wedding, special occasion, celebration, birthday, or other events may tempt you or give you an excuse to venture off your healthy eating plan. You have a choice about what goes into your mouth – stop starting every Monday – create a plan and intend to eat healthy.

You will mess up and that’s ok.

Have a plan in place for what you’ll do when that happens. Instead of allowing yourself to landslide establish strategies that stop that tumbleweed from rolling and immediately allow you to jump back into your plan. Don’t beat yourself up – perfection is not the goal here, getting better every day is.

Use task association strategies to help you build habits.

I use this to help me sleep. My bed is only for sleeping. When I lay down I want my body to know that the only thing it’s supposed to do there is rest (get your mind out of the gutter people). Only eat at a specific table in your house instead of in front of the TV, in your room, or at your computer. You can do the same at work.

Seek a mentor, accountability, and support.

To me, these are the three most important ingredients for achieving anything. Reach out to those that you know are living a healthy lifestyle, partner up for workouts and cooking for extra accountability, and ask your family and friends for their support.