Body transformation course: Accountability and support

Congrats on finishing up the 5-day body transformation course. I hope you’ve found the guidebook, resources, and extra lessons helpful.

Today I want to talk about something important. Support and accountability.

How many times have you put together your own training and nutrition plan only to fail in a matter of weeks? Shit, maybe it didn’t even last that long. Most of my clients have spent hours and hours putting together a perfect training plan and detailed diet only to find that life often gets in the way.

  • Work keeps them late and they start missing workouts
  • Trying to balance work, family, and other obligations leave them feeling exhausted and lazy at the end of the day
  • Super strict diets and workouts that take too much time and have them bored, frustrated, and feeling deprived in a matter of days.

They end up quitting and starting all over again on Monday or at some other time. Usually after reading an inspiring quote on Instagram or seeing a current picture of themselves and wondering what the hell happened these past few years.

Would losing weight be a lot easier if:

  • You didn’t eat for emotional reasons
  • You could eat socially without feeling pressure to overeat and drink so much
  • Your family would eat better with you
  • You had more time or knew how to manage your time in the gym and kitchen more efficiently
  • You had more discipline
  • You actually liked to exercise
  • You liked eating vegetables
  • You could resist temptation
  • You had someone to support, motivate, and hold you accountable

You bet it would.

Here’s how to make it happen.

There’s a big difference in those that succeed in losing weight, building muscle, and feeling better. I believe its because most people try to do too much, make too many changes, and expect sheer willpower and motivation to get them through it.

There’s a better way to go about this and it’s the complete opposite of what you read in a magazine, see on the internet, and are sold every day. You do less, you do it longer, and you get lasting results that aren’t possible any other way. It’s that simple.

You can do one of two things when trying to build a body and life that you’re proud of. You can make it more difficult for yourself or you can make it easier.

Pull up your guide right now and do a quick review

  • Create 1 healthy meal for yourself and eat it every day this week
  • Look at your schedule and commit to a few days and times to workout
  • Remind yourself that this takes work. This takes time. This takes practice and patience.

For a health and fitness program to be successful and get your results, it has to be simple. But you already knew that, didn’t you? The problem is as humans we over-analyze things and make them far too difficult on ourselves.

That’s where a coach comes into play.


You don’t have to do this alone.

Having a coach and friend you can turn to — someone that you trust, that is knowledgeable, and that has been doing this for years — This might be the most valuable thing you can do for yourself.

If you want my help I’d love to be your coach. Every month I accept 2-3 new men and women for my personal coaching program.

I’ve been coaching for 18+ years and have helped thousands of people lose weight and keep it off. In my experience, there are 3 things that separate successful clients from unsuccessful ones.

  • The ability to be coachable. To put your ego aside, take advice, and ask questions when you need help.
  • Make doing the right things easier to do and the not so right things harder to do.
  • Living with a “never two in a row” mindset. Never miss two workouts in a row. Never eat two shitty meals in a row.

That’s it. My most successful clients all had this in common.


If you’d like some expert guidance, support, and accountability – And are willing to try something different and be coachable. Then I want to help you.

I look forward to coaching you towards your goals.