Body transformation course: Day 3 – Movement and Workouts

Most people make a ton of mistakes when it comes to working out. Some of the more common problems I see are:

  • Falling into the cardio trap. Doing tons of cardio because they don’t know or feel comfortable lifting weights. Cardio is familiar to them, easy to do, and they’ve heard it’s what you need to do to lose fat.
  • Working out too much. You don’t need to workout 60, 90, or 120 minutes 6 days per week to make progress. More is not always better and often counterproductive.
  • Waste time doing exercises that don’t help with their goals.
  • Lack of proper intensity and progression with these exercises to see results.

Today, I want to cover building movement and exercise into your schedule without it taking over your life.


The gym can be boring sometimes. Meaningful movement is all about finding ways to move your body that you love. I want you to pick 1 activity and start doing it. 

What are some active things you’ve always wanted to try?

  • Dance lessons
  • Hiking
  • Tennis
  • Yoga
  • Aerial silks
  • Pole dancing
  • Jitsu
  • Surfing
  • Rock climbing
  • Recreational sports leagues (flag football, soccer, bowling)

Fitness built around doing the more meaningful movement is great because it doesn’t take any willpower or motivation. You do these things because you’re in love with them.


Every day this week I want you to schedule 10-minutes of movement. This doesn’t have to be a workout. It can be a 10-minute walk, dance lesson, or kicking around a soccer ball.

You should have to carve out 10-minutes in your day to do this. I don’t want you saying, “it took me 10-minutes to walk to my car today, so that counts.”

I want you to create 10-minutes in your day to actively move your body. Again, it doesn’t have to be a workout but you are welcome to try the 10-minute workout ideas below.

Download: 10-Minute Workout Guide

  • Level 1: Schedule 10-minutes each day to purposely practice 10-minutes of movement. 
  • Level up: Schedule 10-minutes each day to purposely practice 10-minutes of movement and try 2 or 3, 10-minute workouts.


Your 5-day BTC guide outlines one way to create simple and effective workout routines for yourself. But I wanted to share with you a 4-week routine you can follow to start building a strong and lean physique.

Simple Steps For Starting An Effective Fitness Routine

  • Start by moving more – This includes taking stairs, standing more, walking when you can
  • Build a more meaningful movement routine – As outlined in mission number one
  • Gradually work up to 3-5 hours of total exercise per week. Mix and match things like resistance training, cardio, and active hobbies to reach this level. You don’t need to do this all at once. Slowly start adding more and more activity in each week. 
  • Progressive overload – Track your workouts and challenge yourself to do a little more, a little better, and work a little harder each workout. This could be trying a little heavier weight, bumping up the speed or incline on the treadmill, or trying to beat a time you had in a previous workout.

As long as you do those 4 things, you’ll lose fat and good stronger. 

The 20-minute Lose Fat, build muscle and improve flexibility at-home workout

Below is a simple 4-week full-body conditioning program I use with some of my clients that are super busy. They have a tough time getting to the gym consistently but still want to lose fat, build muscle, and feel great.

What you’ll need for this workout:

Monday: Complete 3 to 5 rounds of.

Wednesday: Complete 3 to 5 rounds of.

Friday: Complete 3 to 5 rounds of.

In-between workout days try to schedule in your meaningful movement. Hiking, yoga, rock climbing, or other activities you like. You can also include some cardio. This could be long walks, bike rides, or high-intensity interval training.


In a culture that wears a lack of sleep as a badge of honor. I’ll cover how a lack of sleep can derail your progress and ruin all your hard work with training and nutrition. I’ll cover simple strategies for building an effective sleep routine that will have you feeling refreshed and energized.

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