The new website, what’s ahead, and why change is good for you.

Remembering you are going to die is the best way I know to avoid the trap of thinking you have something to lose. You are already naked. There is no reason not to follow your heart.” -Steve Jobs

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Do me a Baskin Robbins would ya?

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The story of a boy

Once upon a time their lived a boy who pursued his life with reckless abandonment, enthusiasm, zest, and vitality for life. He dreamed of endless possibilities and a life with no boundaries. Simple pleasures like a hug from a loved one, a laugh with a friend, and conversation with a stranger gave him goosebumps. The world was his playground and his experiences his teachers.

Then something happened; something tragic, something he had promised himself would never happen to him. He got older, he stood in line, saw only one path, and began to march to the beat of the same drummer. The sounds that drummer produced were and still are mesmerizing and spell bounding.

The drummer playing those beats is attractive and makes promises of a well lived life; one full of happiness, success, and riches.

“Follow me, I will take you there.” He says, and that’s the only thing he ever says.

There’s horde of people behind the drummer, an exact number I can not give because it is just to large. The boy whispers to the woman on his right, “Where are we going?” She’s so close that they are touching shoulders.

“I’m not sure.” She says back, “But everyone else is going this way, the sounds are so beautiful, and this drummer promises to take us there.”

The boy doesn’t respond, he just keeps walking with the group. He then turns to the Gentlemen on his left, he’s an older man and is holding the hands of two young children.

The boy ask, “Where are we going, this woman to my right isn’t to sure. Maybe you could tell me and I can relay it back to her.”

“I’m not sure.” He says back, “But everyone else is going this way, the sounds are so beautiful, and this drummer promises to take us there.”

The boy squints a little and scratches his head, but keeps walking. After all,Β everyone else is going this way, the sounds are so beautiful, and this drummer promises to take everyone there.

After hours of walking, maybe even days, maybe even years – it’s hard to say exactly it feels like time is passing by so quickly, the boy starts to look around. He looks to his left, he looks to his right, he looks up, he even looks behind him. He notices the most beautiful scenery filled – it almost looks like a painting, he wonders if it’s even real.

He looks down at his feet. They feel tired and heavy, they’re blistered and sore. He’s not sure how long he’s been walking but it must have been some time now.

He keeps walking but is still struck by the scenes off to the sides of him. He feels anxious yet excited at the same time. He’s intrigued, he wonders what’s over there. He can’t take it anymore, he was once such a young and curious creature those characteristics feel as if they are going to explode out of him at any given moment. He has to go look, he has to explore, he has to experience what is out there.

He thanks the woman to his right and the man to his left. He says it was a pleasure to meet them but he has something he needs to do.

He picks up his left foot, takes one small step to his right, and he leaves…

An experiment in visual kineticsCreative Commons License β–“β–’β–‘ TORLEY β–‘β–’β–“ via Compfight

Why the changes

Live as if you were living for the second time and had acted as wrongly the first time as you are about to act now.” -Viktor Frankl

When I first started writing here at Limitless over a year ago my only intention was to explore an interest in writing and challenge myself to be more vulnerable. I have always prided myself in being extremely independent, someone who can do anything, doesn’t need anyones help, and shows no signs of weaknesses.

I wanted to put my thoughts out there and experience what it is like to have them judged and analyzed. Limitless was originally intended to address my thoughts and theories on health and well-being but quickly learned, I guess ignited is a better term, my love for life which had somehow been lost.

Someone once asked me what I was passionate about. My response was life. I’m passionate about living, about creating experiences for myself and for others. I’m a life enthusiast at heart, I love learning, I love taking risks, I love sharing what I learn with others, and I love hearing from you all out there that are doing the same.

I spend a lot of time in conversation, often with friends and family, but other times with strangers that seem interesting, and at other times just in my own head. I started to notice three big themes in every conversation I was having.

I wanted to help, I wanted to be the person that everyone could come to. So I decided to read and read some more. I took notes, applied concepts, and started tracking my experience and experiments.

I started asking more questions. Not only from friends, family, and you but of myself as well. I wanted to know what we were all struggling with and how we could all help each other out. There was no one answer that stood out. Everyone had their own unique problems they were dealing with but all of them feel under this umbrellas of health, wealth, and personal relationships.

Because of the people who are the most important to me in my life, and that includes you reading this now I have decided to dedicate my time to understanding why we do what we do, why we think the way we think, and how to get better at being human. Β I want to give a quick shout out David Cain over at Raptitude. If you are not familiar with him please give him a visit as he has been a big inspiration to me for this movement.

I felt the need to explore other personal interests and to challenge my self to be a better human as well and the best way I feel I can do that is to learn and get better myself.

What’s in it for you and what to do next

The site has grown to thousands of readers from over 125 different countries and I could not be more humbled and excited by that. So thank you!

Now, where can all of you go from here.

Visit the about page for a detailed answer but for the most part you’ll be getting simple strategies, plans, and systems that are research driven to help you Β and me become better humans. I’ll be doing all the leg work, all you have to do is show up πŸ™‚

If you’re wondering what to do next take a look around and expect more changes to come in the next 3-12 months:

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I’m excited to see where this all leads you and I in the coming months. I’m confident it’s going to be one hell of a ride. I want to leave you with one of my favorite poems titled “Risks.”


To laugh is to risk appearing the fool,
To weep is to risk being called sentimental.
To reach out to another is to risk involvement.
To expose feelings is to risk showing your true self.
To place your ideas and your dreams before the crowd is to risk being called naive.
To love is to risk not being loved in return,
To live is to risk dying,
To hope is to risk despair,
To try is to risk failure

But risks must be taken, because the greatest risk in life is to risk nothing.
The person who risks nothing, does nothing, has nothing, is nothing, and becomes nothing.
He may avoid suffering and sorrow, but he simply cannot learn, feel, change, grow or love.
Chained by his certitude, he is a slave; he has forfeited his freedom.
Only the person who risks is truly free.

Live limitless,