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Why you should start your day with a cold shower… I’m serious

Geezy peezy! I tried this the other day at the recommendation of a friend. Needless to say it was a terrible experience. I know that’s not really how you want to start a post about why you should start taking cold showers but I like you all and I want to be honest with you.

So why did I even try it and why am I trying to get you to do the same after I told you it was a terrible experience? And no, this is not a trick. I’ll try anything once and trying new things is a common theme around here. After all, how am I going to preach about it to you all and then sissy out on something as easy as this. It’s like jumping into a cold pool right?

Ok, the way I was tricked… I mean, the reason I thought this might be a good idea is because a good buddy of mine told me he had been starting his day this way for the last year or so. Damn peer-pressure! Anyhow, he spoke with such wisdom as he told me how it shocked is body and really woke him up. Almost like drinking a pot of coffee he said. He even referred to it as “His spinach” (a Popeye reference). He said he felt more alert and focused mentally. He also told me he had not been sick since he started to Polar bear cleaning ritual.

So what are some benefits to taking a cold shower:

  1. Improves circulation Cold water causes warm water to rush to your organs to keep them warm. Warm water does the exact opposite. It causes the blood to rush towards the skin.
  2. Keeps healthy skin and hair Ever had itchy skin. Taking a hot shower always seems to make it worse. Cold showers will also close up your pores. Keeping your skin a-la fresh looking.
  3. Increases energy and well-being It’s the ultimate espresso shot! Remember jumping into a cold pool when you were a kid. it’s sort of like that. When that cold water hits your skin it is such a rush. Your heart gets going, your breath picks up, you’re jumping around like a kangaroo with his pants on fire.

If you google around a little you can find quite a few health benefits of cold showers. To be honest, who knows if any of them are true or not. However, from my experience (I’ve converted to cold showers now) it sure does wake you the F up! I had never had so much energy or mental clarity in my life. It seemed to last throughout the day as well.

In a nut shell this is what you can expect and what you should do when taking the shivery plunge (said in a pirates voice) arrrrrrrgh.

  1. Go in slowly starting with your head. Move back and forth, in and out of the cold water but make sure every day you go back in to get more of your body covered. Hands, arms, legs, back, ummmm special parts. be careful when you are jumping around…because you will be jumping around. Don’t slip on the soap.
  2. After a few minutes you will start to get use to it. It doesn’t take to long. After you get use to it try and stand still for a good minute or so. Your breathing may be pretty heavy and your heart may be racing from the initial shock but focus on your breathing. Everything will calm down shortly.
  3. Try and make the shower last at least 4-5 minutes at first. This will give your body adequate time to adjust to the cold and calm down.

Try the cold shower in the morning for a few consecutive days. Before you know it you will be pretty much immune to the shock but still receive the invigorating benefits. Just a heads up, I noticed that my appetite was almost non-existent after the shower and really did not come back until early afternoon. So if you are trying to put on a little muscle make sure to get some grub in.

If any of you give it a shot. Give me a shout or comment below. I’d love to get your thoughts and perspective.