Someone could’ve warned me!

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Limitless365 is dedicated to my own personal growth and journey as much as I hope it is for you as well. In my quest to tell a great story with my life and to continue to live without personal limitations areas that I am not familiar with need to be addressed.

A dear friend of mine has given me the opportunity to live through the eyes of a husband, father, and 9-5’er.

He has been gracious enough to share his story and will continue to do so over the next few weeks.

His trials, tribulations, and battles with health, fitness, and well-being will be documented here. A real account of the hard-work, persistence, and a true test of the human spirit that comes with amazing achievements.

Saddle up…. lets roll…..

Someone Could’ve Warned Me

Week 1: Rollin’ In The Deep

There is a familiar moment to all of us when you walk into the doctor’s office and the nurse says,“please remove your shoes and stand on the scale.”

I’m sure you all share my sentiment when your mind yells, “listen blue scrubs, I have a cold, what’s this scale going to tell you, but your mouth replies, “sure.”

Now thinking about it, I don’t even know if nurses say ditch the shoes anymore. Maybe that’s my own self worth seizing an opportunity to lose a few pounds. Sadly the human response to shed ourselves of all earthly possessions before a weigh in has become about as regular as the fake wallet grab when you know the person you’re with is going to get the bill. So not to be a total asshole, you pretend to grab your wallet just to get the reassuring response, “No I got it”.

This was no different.

Trying to slip my shoes off while simultaneously tossing my cell phone, wallet, and keys on the metal tray I began to sweat. Surely I had just dropped the pounds I needed to keep my conscience happy. Man, I wish someone would have stepped in and said, “no I got it,” but no one came to my aid.

Here we go, weigh in time.

“Ok, wait a minute does that say 265lbs and why the hell are these numbers red and flashing,”

“That was an error right?”

“Is it inappropriate for me to get butt-naked and try this again?” I asked the nurse.

She wasn’t amused and asked me to sit down for a blood pressure check. I am probably alone on this, but what an uncomfortable moment sitting there as someone you don’t know looks at you pumping a constraint tighter and tighter on your arm.

“Your blood pressure is high Mr. Poor, the doctor will be in soon, “she said.

Was this lady for real? Is she trying to make my day worse? In that moment someone needed to snap a picture of me, all 265lbs, reading that fitness magazine with the word, “REALLY?” plastered at the bottom of it. Sounds perfect for one of those novelty coffee table books, and a day I never want to forget.

It was just over a week ago.

As I got in my car feeling embarrassed, a bit ashamed, and just pissed off… I did what any strong-willed, self-assured, confident individual would do. I headed to McDonald’s for a final round with my nemesis, the #2, large, with a Coke.

I cried that day, not like sobbing, more like a few crocodile tears of goodbye and resentment.

Come on people I was already embarrassed why not pile on.

On the drive home sounds of my beautiful wife, my amazing wife, played like a Megadeth record in my head. I already knew that she was going to say.


Now I am sure she says those things very lovingly and with kindness in her eyes, but sometimes they flash red, similar to that scale, and her voice sounds like James Earl Jones. Deep, angry and full of, “I told you so.” After my verbal beating or as she puts it, “words of encouragement,” My wife did say something that rang pretty true. Maybe I needed to talk to someone or get some help. That’s when it all came to me.

Now lucky for me and for you I know a guy. In fact, he and I go way back.

Former roommates, former co-workers, and believe it or not, we even trained together. I liken him to the mafia’s enforcer… but for people who want fitness results. Without a doubt he has been the most dedicated person to fitness I have ever met, even in my collegiate football career. So much so that I’m pretty sure just by touching him you would reach your daily requirements of protein, fruits, and vegetables.

Seven years ago I met Justin Miller as we both took a job running a fitness center in Southern California. We were both clean-cut, in-shape kids from other states (Montana for me, Virginia for him) trying to find our way in the real world.

For as long as I can remember we have bounced ideas off of each other about ways we were going to start businesses and become successful entrepreneurs. Man if you could have listened in on those conversations, a perfect combination of immaturity and insanity. I’m pretty sure we thought we’d be billionaires by now.

Fast forward seven years and our lives have taken us on completely different paths.

Justin, true to himself, has devoted his life to fitness and to bettering the human experience.

Myself, I just work to pay the bills in a career field I have never been very passionate about. I instead have devoted my passion 100% to being a husband and dad. I have been following Limitless365 since its inception, and am a very big fan. I decided to give my old friend a call. I am proud to see Justin follow through on his ideas and give everyone the empowerment to shape their lives the way he has. As an individual I am glad I have this tool to help me change course.

Staying true to the way we used to roll together, insanity stuck its head back in the doorway and our creative juices began flowing again.

Today, collaboration has been born, “Someone Could’ve Warned Me”, and “Limitless365” are teaming up.

I am submitting myself to the transformation guru for 52 weeks. Health, fitness and happiness are the areas I need to work on most and they go hand in hand with one another. Every week on this blog you will be able follow my story. What has brought me to this point, and what I do to change it. Along with my personal stories, my weekly workouts and diet, designed by Justin Miller will be available.

I am joining the Paleo diet world with a list of foods that Justin is punishing me with… I mean, “blessing me with.” This guy is a ringmaster and I’m sure he wont hesitate to hammer me publicly if I step out of line.

In turn, Limitless365 has allowed me to give everyone the inside scoop from a man’s perspective on life, marriage, and fatherhood and what it entails to balance everything on one plate and how to survive each week to tell you about it. This is a story I rarely find told in today’s world.

Now some of you may be thinking this blog is just going to be a women bashing complaint session. I promise that you will find yourselves surprised.

As a side note my wife reads everything I write beforehand, as she is my biggest fan, but albeit, horribly embarrassed of my grammar. Her approval and blessing are of the utmost importance to me.

So let me end by starting and introduce myself.

My name is Tyler Poor, 28 years old, resident of Irvine, CA. Father to a beautiful 14 month old son Aiden, and husband to my superhero wife Naomi of almost 2 yrs. Some of you following the amazing Justin Miller and his Limitless365 website know me, but most of you don’t, thus the introduction.

For the next 52 weeks you’re going to be front and center for my past mishaps and adventures, my present trials, and future life change. This is going to be an ass kicking spiritual rejuvenation, and quest to shatter my potential’s glass ceiling.

Till next week.



Follow the journey or connect with Tyler here. He’s willing and able to share with anyone. Everything was finalized last night so bare with us. But chances are this is going to be epic!

Twitter Handle: @PoorTyler
Facebook: Someone could’ve warned me

Tyler’s training and nutrition logs will also be made available. Those will be added to his posts as they come in every friday night or saturday.

Training and nutrition log

PS: Sorry for the inconvenience for the bad link before. It is all fixed up and we should be good to go for this week.