Sometimes you just need to do you. 

When I come across a cool concept I try to apply it to my life.

In a book that I am currently reading, sin is addressed. Not sin as it is defined by religion. Sin in this example is about not being true to yourself.

In today’s article, we’re talking about 4 lessons I learned from that book and how to apply them now. 


When looking at sin this way it forces you to examine the decisions you make on a daily basis.

  • Are you following through with what you say?
  • Are you living life to your expectations?

Or are you letting others dictate what you do?

  • Telling yourself you will start eating healthier only to go pick up some ice cream the very next day?
  • Starting our workout on “Monday” but then tell yourself you just don’t have the time?
  • Saying you need a vacation and then turning around only to accept another project at work? (cough) I’m guilty 

Essentially what you put out you will get in return. If you say one thing and do the opposite you will continue to spin your wheels in a world of frustration. Always being disappointed with yourself for not following through and never making any real progress towards your goals, aspirations, and destiny.


Be true to yourself. Make decision-based upon your ideas of your perfect life. If you are not sure what exactly your perfect life is I suggest making a list of the qualities you think are important in a person. Are you living with these qualities?

Do what you say.

If you tell someone you will meet them for coffee at noon then be there. We all can get caught up in trying to make everyone happy. We turn into “yes” men and women. Taking on way to much. Before we know it we are a bit over-whelmed and we start having to bail on obligations we committed to or we end up doing a sub par job. Take the time to think things over and ask yourself if the decision you are about to make is in line with the person you aspire to be.

Are you being honest with yourself about your health? Are you being honest with others? How many exercise plans or diets have you started on “Monday.” Start now. Your next meal can be healthier, you can go on a jog right now or knock out a few push-ups.

The word Integrity stems from Latin meaning “whole or complete.” When you tell yourself or others what you plan to do; complete it. Follow through.


Ever feel like you are walking on eggshells because you don’t want to rock the boat, upset someone, or be in the minority?

And when the hell did we all become so sensitive and when did the opinions and actions of others dictate our own actions?

If you look around, the world is pretty inconsistent in its decisions. No one can make up their mind and no one seems to have any opinions of their own.

It’s never more prevalent with health and fitness. Like we’ve said here before on this site. Eggs are bad for you one week – good for you the next, Heavy back squats are bad for your knees – now they strengthen them. It’s crazy, we believe everything we see, hear, or read.

The point is, don’t take things so personally. Seems like no one can make up there mind anyhow. What we feel, say, or do one moment seems to change in an instant.

Nothing others do is because of you. Their actions, words, and thoughts are based upon their own reality. The stage of their life they are in right now.

If someone gives you a weird look because of your new-found healthier food choices it’s because they are not really comfortable with theirs. When you’re going against the grain, trying to improve yourself, or learning outside of the box you will face some heat. When you have beliefs, habits, or a lifestyle that goes against the status quo people get scared and feel the need to defend themselves.

Why bring on anymore conflict, anger, or resentment. Let them voice their opinion. It essentially has nothing to do with what you are doing. 

Absolutely, positively, NO assumptions.

If you want to know something goo figure it out. Question everything. Learn and then keeping learning some more. Never take anything for face value. Even things you read on this blog. Research and educate yourself…CONSTANTLY.

With assumptions, we think we know what others are feeling. How many times have you had a conversation with a friend and they’re complaining about how their significant other didn’t do this, or doesn’t do that, or forgot something?

You then ask your friend, “Did you tell them this?”

Their response, “Yeah, sort of….”

Communicate with others clearly.

Tell them EXACTLY what you are feeling. If you are sad, misunderstood, happy, excited, upset, tired, frustrated, explain it.

  • If you want some help doing something, ask them. Don’t just assume they should know to help.
  • If you are upset and someone asks you what is wrong, tell them. Don’t just say you are fine and assume they should know.
  • The same goes for your health and nutrition. Don’t just assume that one diet is better than the next. One way to workout is optimal over another.

The biggest problem with assumptions is that we actually believe them to be true.

That what you read in one magazine is more true than what you read in another.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help. To ask questions. Stop filling in the blanks.

If you don’t understand something there is no need to be embarrassed. Just ask for clarification and keep asking until it makes perfect sense to you.

Lastly, don’t assume that one workout or one way to eat will work for you because it worked for someone else. We all have a different makeup. We respond differently to foods, exercise routines, sleep. It may take a little time to figure out what you respond best to but it will be well worth it once you figure it out.

Keep exploring the world around you. Try everything and figure out what floats your boat!

5-day course skinny


Always give it your best regardless of the situation you are in. However, this will vary from time to time.

You may be sick one day, sleep-deprived, maybe missed a meal or two. But regardless, give it a solid effort. Those times when you are really not feeling it will be the most rewarding. Especially if you are putting forth a heck of an effort for the good of someone else. It will really go a long way.

Be as helpful as possible; always. Do your best without expecting any reward.

This goes with your training and nutrition. Be consistent with your exercise. Train hard. Give it your best. Make smart food choices. Do it because you know it is better for you than sitting on the couch eating a bowl of cereal and sipping on Yoohoo.

Don’t expect a reward.

If you lose some body fat, that’s a bonus. If your dead-lift goes up 10 pounds then that is a bonus. Do your best because you actually believe in what you are doing and that it benefits you not only right now but in the long-run as well.

How many have started a nutrition plan only to mess up a few days or weeks into it and then everything goes to shit?! You are off the wagon and you just give up. Or you lose a few pounds the first week, stall the next couple of weeks and just quit because you get frustrated? Just keep doing your best. Some days will be better than others. Just keep grinding.

So what if you didn’t lose a pound this week. Did you get in all your scheduled workouts in? We’re 90% of your meals aligned with your nutrition plan? Did you try something new like paddle boarding and bond with some friends you may have lost touch with?

Focus on the effort you put forth.


A very strong will is needed to achieve these four tasks.  It is going to take practice. Most good things do. You didn’t exit the womb walking, did you?

Nope, you had to wiggle a bit, then crawl, then walk. It takes time, it will be a struggle, but in the end, you will be better off for it – physically and mentally.