And here we go. The big list of excuses for being out of shape.

  1. I’m too busy/No time
  2. I’m too old
  3. I don’t have anyone to go with
  4. It’s boring/no fun
  5. I have kids
  6. This hurts, that hurts, I hurt
  7. I’m too out of shape
  8. I’m already in good shape
  9. I can’t afford it
  10. I don’t want to waste all that food
  11. I don’t know what to do
  12. I know what to do
  13. It tastes too good
  14. I’m a social butterfly and eat out a lot
  15. Healthy food is too expensive
  16. I have no support
  17. I need someone to hold me accountable
  18. Dieting is to restrictive
  19. It takes to long to see results
  20. I don’t know how or like to cook

Do any of these sound familiar? 

These are the top 20 excuses I hear regarding not starting, maintaining, or finishing a health and wellness goal.

Lets break these down one by one, figure out how we can dominate them, and focus on living a limitless life.

I’m too busy

Really? Are you too busy or are you not making health and wellness a priority? Make workouts and eating right an appointment with yourself. Schedule into your iPhone, PDA, or write it on your hand (I’m old school). A friend of mine use to tape a note on his computer and TV that asked

“Have you worked out today?”

Get it done first thing in the morning. Take lunch breaks at work to get your fitness on. You don’t need to go to the gym, spend and hour on the treadmill doing your best impersonation of a hamster, or work with a trainer. Incorporate the right kind of cardio (interval training), focus on the major lifts that give you the biggest bang for your buck in terms of calorie burn, and educate yourself on proper form and technique.

Hell, do bodyweight exercises during commercials during American Idol if you have to…. just make it happen. No one is too busy to be healthy.

I’m too old

You’re never to old to go on a walk, move your own body weight, or push around some weight. As we age we naturally start to lose muscle mass which in turn affects our metabolism and makes it difficult to keep off some pounds. The loss of muscle mass can also effect your bones, joints, ligaments, and tendons. These issues can manifest themselves through osteoporosis and arthritis. Regular exercise helps to slow this down as well as to increase balance, coordination, and mobility.

Regular exercise as you age also helps to strengthen the immune system, realizes endorphins to keep you from going postal on people, and keeps you love muscles and sex drive running high… hey, just say’n!

I don’t have anyone to go with

Lets be honest, most of the time if you go with a friend you’re probably spending the majority shooting the shit, talking about the game last night, or Bill, the cute guy you just met. But if you definitely need a compadre to go with you try these tips, take a class with a large group, or find a local crossfit.

It’s boring or no fun

So is your job, so is school, so is watching paint dry but we do it anyway. It doesn’t have to be boring. Spice it up a little bit, find activities that you enjoy. Don’t like to run? Who ever said you had to. Don’t want to lift weights (I’ll fight you on this one)? Then don’t. Make your workouts fun and enjoyable. You are much more likely to stick with them. There’s no cookie cutter approach. Do what you love. If you get bored…. then switch it up. Not sure when to switch it up? Check this out.

Take dance classes, yoga, play a sport outside, play on a playground, just have fun!

I have kids

That’s awesome! Workout with them. This will give you a chance to instill could habits at a young age. Try competing with them as well. My Pops had a track background, you think he wasn’t trying to race me every chance he got.

If they are too young to start working out then wake up before they do or workout it out with the love of your life (awwwwwwww) so that you can each get your workout in while the other is watching the little ones.

This hurts, that hurts, I hurt

By all means, if you are jacked up then stay home. There is no sense in working out if something is seriously wrong. But be honest with yourself. Delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) usually sets in with in 24-48 hours of a workout. This of course various between muscle groups but for the majority this rings true. Around 72 hours afterwards is when you should start to feel a bit better.

If you feel any soreness sooner than 8 hours after a workout it could be a muscle strain.

Soreness means that your muscles have been broken down and will now begin the repairing process. Give them proper time to rest and recover before attacking them again. This is a great opportunity to schedule workouts accordingly. The push/pull method or upper body one day followed by lower body the next is a great way to keep staying active while giving yourself a chance to rest.

You can even alternate weight training days with the right kind of cardio.

I’m too out of shape

So let me get this straight we need to work out because we are out of shape but we are not working out because we are out of shape. Huh?

If you are not comfortable getting back into the gym or feel like you can’t handle certain classes (crossfit) then start at home.

Shrink the change a bit. Just get moving. Develop the habit. Start walking every day, then jogging, add in some body weight movements. Pick up a few dumbbells and kettle bells (or just make them). More importantly, focus on your nutrition during this time. That’s 80% of it anyway.

I’m already in good shape

Oh, well then excuse me Mr. Humble McGee. Just because you are healthy on the outside doesn’t mean you are healthy on the inside.

Ever seen a marathon runner (no offense), and I should clarify this. A chronic marathon runner.  Sure they barely weigh more than a skittle but there is completely no definition, muscle mass, or strength to perform daily activities.

Runners need to strength train as well and so do the skinny folk. It will decrease your body fat, prevent injury, improve performance, and benefit your immune system.

I can’t afford it

Then workout at home with your own body weight. It’s FREE! I am assuming most of us also have feet. If that is the case try  walking, jogging, or running really fast.

I don’t want to waste all that food

I usually get this sort of resistance when working with someone who really needs a nutritional overhaul.

“We just went grocery shopping and I don’t want to throw out everything we just bought.”

Ok, then don’t. Donate it. I’m sure a shelter or food kitchen would love to take it off your hands.

How important is getting into shape. Don’t use this as an excuse. If you keep unhealthy foods at home you are more tempted to eat it. Making excuses like you don’t want it to go to waste.

I don’t know what I’m doing

Lets make this easy on us as well. Then educate! Go out and learn as much as you can! Read, watch videos, ask people you trust for advice, hire someone to help if you have some extra green to throw around.

Use your body weight, run, play! We all know how to do that. If you haven’t played in a while then let me know. I am very good at it.

If you’re still not sure what to do then visit my friends.

I already know what to do

Really? Then why are you out of shape?

Either you are following the wrong advice, not practicing what you preach, or have been following the same routine or nutrition plan for way too long.

If you have not been making progress, feel bored, or stuck in a rut then switch it up. Add some spice! And for god sakes have fun with it!

But it tastes so good

I am not going to argue with you. Cheesecake is delicious, so is ice cream, so is a hot slice of pizza.

Ok, how many of you just stopped reading and went to the fridge?

It’s ok to dabble a bit in the sweet nectar of sugar or heavy carbs. Just do it smart and do it when deserved. Let it be your reward for a week well done.

Give it a name if you must. “Friday free day” or “Sunday Sundae” (get it). A job well done deserves to be rewarded. So do it! Just do it smart.

I’m a social butterfly and eat out all the time

Dining out and eating healthy is super easy to do. Especially if you are doing the Paleo thing. You can always get some sort of meat and veggies. Just skip the all you can eat bread, chips, and desserts….. oh yeah, and alcohol. Sorry 😀 Ok, a glass of red wine isn’t going to kill you.

Health food is to expensive

The better you feel the less you will mind the extra cost. Essentially it is not that much more anyhow. It’s pretty easy to shop on the cheap too if you’re smart. Also, you may pay a little more now but you will save in the long run on medical expenses, pain relief, and piece of mind.

Pick up items that will have a long shelf life and try to buy for a week at a time. This is one of the best resources for shopping Paleo if money is tight.

Here is a list of produce by season from the crew over at Whole9.

I have no support

I take that as an insult. I’m right here. Need help? I’ll support you. Enough said!

I need someone to hold me accountable

There are tons of communities, forums, co-workers, family members, friends, and ME to hold you accountable. Just ask!

Gretchen Rubin, author of the “Happiness Project” does a great job here on explaining how to hold yourself accountable. I’m a big fan of this. I think it is extremely important in taking responsibility for your own actions.

Dieting is to restrictive

I agree. It absolutely is. That is why were never diet and instead make lifestyle changes.

You don’t need to give up foods you love in order to be healthy. If you can maintain a healthy (cough) PALEO (cough) approach 80 to 90 percent of the time than you are in great shape… LITERALLY.

Check out some of these recipes from paleoplan.com (RECIPES) Now tell me how these are not going to be delicious. If you make any please let me know. Or mail them to me…. SERIOUSLY!

It takes to long to see results

I disagree. I bet you’ll start to feel better within a few weeks. Take pictures, measurements, get a body fat test done, go do some blood work, and have your blood pressure, cholesterol, and vitals checked. Come see me in a month and let me know how that went.

Take a look at pictures every 30 days. I bet you see improvements. Be patient and keep grinding. I know it may feel like you got out of shape over night but that is not the case. It took a while. Getting back into it may as well. I you need someone to talk to… HOLLA at me!

I don’t know how or like to cook

I hate to say this but get your inner Bobby Flay on and learn! I believe this is one of the most influential parts of becoming healthier. Make it fun! Use it as family time if you need to where everyone can get involved.

I was taught at a super young age to cook. Those skills have really translated over into my adult life and I believe have established healthy habits in me.

If you re really struggling then check this out. Although not very paleo friendly it is a good reference.

Worst case scenario, buy pre cooked chicken (rotisserie), microwaveable veggies, nuts and seeds, as well as berries.


We made it! That was a long one. Sorry for the tough love but somebody’s got to do it.

Do you have any excuses that I may have missed? More clarification on any of these. Post to comments and let’s get fit shall we?

Live Limitless,