How do you measure fitness at our age?

The other day one of my best friends asked me this…

How do you measure fitness at our age? When we were young it was about increased weight on the bench press, low body fat/looking good naked, etc. I don’t think that matters as much now. Thoughts? 

For context, I’m 42 and he’s another age. It’s probably rude to share that 🤷

My response was that there is almost always some ego, aesthetics, or vanity reason for health and fitness. If I were to say there wasn’t I’d be lying.

Most people want to look, feel, and be strong. Most people also want to look and feel great naked. This is ok – I think it’s something we should embrace instead of repress.

Those things also don’t matter as much to me as they used to.

Now, being able to do the stuff that adds value to my life for as long as possible is.

I want to be able to destroy my 12-year-old nephew in a game of 1 versus 1 basketball and taunt him after I do it. Or go zip-lining with my soon-to-be 21-year-old, Nephew. BTW… how the f*ck did that happen?

I want to rock climb, play beach flag football, golf, and hike mountains in Alaska for as long as I possibly can.

I want to jump out of airplanes with my Dad, friends, and whoever else wants to go for as long as I can.

Justin Thomas Miller

I don’t have kids (he does) but if I did I would want to jump on trampolines, play “don’t touch the rug,” and keep up with them on family trips for as long as I can.

I definitely want to look great in my body too. That will never change.

About 13 years ago I stopped enjoying “working out.” It’s now sorta this boring thing I do on my own to destress, clear my head, and support the values in my life. Or it’s a way to connect with friends and meet new people.

More days than not I struggle to actually want to go and do it. Same with the nutrition piece of health and fitness too.

But on the days I’m struggling it’s those other things I remind myself of that help me take action.

If this is relatable, cool. I’m glad. Comment below and let me know why moving your body more or eating well is important to you and how it adds value to your life.

If not, cool. Let me know why as well.