How Ozzy Lost Body Fat, Built Confidence To Date Again, And Took Control Of His Health

Meet Ozzy.

A lot of guys are going to relate to and be inspired by his story. 

I’ve never met a more coachable person. From the momentum we started working together he checked is ego at the door, asked for help when he needed it, and accepted advice when it was given. More importantly, he applied what he was learning and the advice he was getting. Now he’s built a body and life he’s proud of.

And I am excited to share his story with you today.



Q: Hi Ozzy, tell me a bit about the “old you.” What were your eating, fitness, and lifestyle habits like?

The old me can be split into three categories.

  • Me before marriage
  • Me during marriage
  • Me after divorce

In each category my eating was unfiltered.

When I was younger, and my body could eat a horse and not worry about anything. That would all eventually catch up.

Fitness was minimal, at best. Maybe some walks here and there, but nothing consistent. Sleep and feeling energetic were not priorities. I was caught in a cycle of work, eat, watch TV, then repeat.

Work —> Eat —> Watch TV —> Repeat 

Q: Tell us about the specific moment that inspired you to make a change?

After finalizing my divorce, I was playing with my dog and realized I felt awful. It wasn’t the divorce, I physically felt horrible. I would see others on social media, or at the dog beach, full of energy and wondered how they did it.

The specific moment came when I tried to date again. I felt old when I would have a conversation with a potential match. I was a boring guy, physically out of shape, mentally tired, and drained of all color.

How would I find a girl I wanted without putting effort into myself? In the same sense, how would I reach the life I wanted to have without giving it effort?

Q: What’s a typical day like for the “new” you? How much different do you feel?

success story

I wake up pumped.

No lower back pain. I eat what I need to instead of ‘everything’. My days go by faster at work thinking about the activities I have planned after work

  • My workouts
  • Dance lessons
  • Cooking classes
  • Hikes
  • And more…

I feel confident. I feel engaged in life. I want to do and be more.

It also helps when I receive compliments such as;

hey, is that a new shirt, looks good

But the shirt is 2-3 years old and worn several times. The only difference is I look better in it. All this, the eating and working out, sleeping better – it all contributes to this positive vibe Im now giving off.

Q: What has been your exercise strategy and how has this changed over time?

success story

My strategy began with 2 workouts a week. Then I began to see this boost of energy, and I was addicted to the rush. I started to get positive comments from others and this added to my addiction.

I even started to enjoy feeling exhausted at the end of the day. It wasn’t a worn out and waisted exhaustion. But more of a productive and positive exhaustion. 

Now I exercise every day (not always in the gym). I go to the gym 3x a week, play tennis, take dance lessons, go on hikes with my dog, take a run at the beach – even learned to have a “cool down exercise.” Things like reading to calm my brain and sleeping early on days when I will have a big workout.

Q: How has your “diet” or nutrition changed? How did you get started?

My eating skills went from eating to quiet down this ‘urge’ to eat. To eating when “I” want to eat based on when I actually need to eat. I went from eating blindly to eating with purpose.

Learning what and how much to eat. It started with baby steps – I do admit, in the beginning, I went all out and tried to make weekly meal plans. Then I noticed I was getting frustrated.

But slowly, things just fell into place, and before I knew it, I didn’t have to go out of my way to eat properly, I just had to properly eat what was in front of me.

  • Eating slowly and to 80% full
  • Including protein and veggies with every meal
  • Eating more healthy fats
  • Choosing smarter carbohydrates

These were some of the healthy habits we worked on that made a huge difference.

Q: What has been the toughest change, challenge, or moment of your transformation and what have you done to overcome it?

The toughest challenge has been slowing down. My mind and body want to make these big strides, jump into bigger weights, lift more, follow the perfect meal plan.

Unfortunately, I’ve had to succumb to injuries to learn to quiet that ego. So now, I’ve learned to be more aware of my body. Listen to it, understand my limits.

Q: What kind of support system have you had and how has that helped or even hurt your progress?

This has been tough, until recently. Finding others who also have this “will to be better” – without excuses, is tough.

Recently, my little brother started coaching after seeing my results. We talk about these things and support each other.

It also helps that when I am dating, I can filter out those habits that would hinder our growth.

Q: What would you tell someone who has tried but failed to get healthier in the past?

You are fighting years and years of habits and trying to win the fight within days or weeks. You need to wake up and be realistic.

  • Practice patience.
  • Start slow.
  • Focus on the basics.

The habits you build this way will become who you are and not just something you do.

Q: What are you excited to do now that you could not do in the past?

No lies..

Take off my shirt and be naked. Not have lower back pain. Look confident in my clothes.

Q: Aside from your amazing physical changes what other changes in yourself have you noticed?

Most importantly, patience. I’ve learned patience is key. Slowly and surely, results will come in anything in life.

Mental focus. Setting goals, with actual dates, not just blind goals. Taking initiative in everything in life.

My love life has even taken a twist, not only physically, but being more clear-minded about decisions.


success story

Q: Who is a character from a TV show or a book that you’ve always resonated with?

That lead character from the wonder years

Justin chiming in. Kevin frickin Arnold. The man, the myth, the legend.

Q: Favorite song?

Lately, Don’t Forget by Atmosphere

Q: Quote to live by?

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but not to their own facts. –  Daniel Patrick Moynihan

Q: Favorite thing in the entire world?

My dog

Q: Where is your favorite place to go on a weekday afternoon when you have no plans or obligations?

Dog Beach




A lot of people say they want to get healthy, drop body fat, get stronger, but they don’t really know why. Often, it’s just because they think that’s what they should be doing.

Then its time to put in the hard work and everything falls apart. Motivation comes in goes but your deep reason is always there. If you discover a powerful enough one it will keep you going through the pain, struggles, and periods of low motivation.

Find your deep reason


Ozzy started small. Instead of trying to workout 60 minutes per day, 5 days per week. He committed to 2 days of gym training with a coach and daily walking. He built confidence by being consistent. This led to excitement about actually being able to do it. Now he’s training 3 times per week and living a more active lifestyle.


He understood that exercise was only a small part of the equation. Ozzy understood that he would have to take responsibility for his nutrition if he really wanted to make significant changes. He focused on the basics.

  • Eating slowly and to 80% full
  • Including protein and veggies with every meal
  • Eating more healthy fats
  • Choosing smarter carbohydrates

He didn’t count calories, weight and measure everything, or follow a restrictive diet. He focused on eating more real food more consistently and made adjustments as he went.


Ozzy realized that to make real and significant long-lasting changes he was going to have to dedicate some time to this. Ozzy didn’t treat this as a 30-day makeover or 6-week build your best gunz challenge. He invested in himself for the long haul and was dedicated to learning about the process of creating sustainable health and fitness changes.


I could not be prouder of this guy. He’s not only a client. He’s also a great friend. Keep it up brother O. I can’t wait to see where this health and fitness journey takes you. So glad that I am a part of it.