How to balance being body positive with your inner fitness junkie

Self love

A healthy relationship between food and our body goes both ways. It’s not being overly body-positive. Or shaming ourselves about our body and food choices.

It’s about taking advantage of meaningful opportunities with food, without getting food anxiety.

You should be able to eat birthday cake without freaking out. And be ok with ordering takeout because you were not in the mood to eat your prepped meal.

It’s also being comfortable making choices based on your goals. You should be able to confidently diet, track calories, intermittent fast, and turn down treats or food gifts without feeling shame, guilt, or stress.

It’s being confident and comfortable with our choices around food and being honest about our goals and how we feel about our bodies. 

Body positive and inner fitness junkie: We’ve become too black and white in our thinking.

Body positive

On one side of the coin, you’ve got the body-positive crowd which suggests loving your body at any size. 

Which I get and understand, but not at the expense of lying to yourself. If you want to lose weight because you’re not happy with your shape that is ok – it doesn’t mean you hate yourself. 

While at the same time we’re bombarded with advertisements and Instagram models selling us abs and asses. You don’t have to feel bad about not having or aiming for physiques like that.

We want to find ourselves right in the middle. The “Zedd Zone.”

When you need a little more self-love and body positivity, step out of the middle for a little.

When you need a little more inner fitness junkie, step out of the middle for a little. 

There’s a lot that goes into having a healthy relationship with food and our bodies. And it may be a place that some of us never get to and that is ok too.

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Photo by Content Pixie on Unsplash