This is an old and outdated article. Our philosophies have changed based on updated research. Please visit two new and updated articles on cooking.

Learn how to cook or risk having a KEG for life.

If you are a superhero in training rule numero-uno for succeeding in the health and fitness game, learn how to cook for Pete’s sake! And no, throwing a frozen meal into the microwave or opening a wrapper and putting something in the toaster does not count. I’m talking about some Iron Chef shizznit here! Cooking healthy meals does not have to be difficult or time consuming. Hopefully the strategies below will help you in the kitchen in your quest to look good naked and maybe you can even impress some ladies or dudes while you’re at it.

There was nothing to eat so I had to pick something up…Cough cough (bullshit) 

This is the number one excuse I hear from clients, friends, family, and the crazies on this blog. Guess what… if you want to get into shape you have to start in the kitchen. Prepare ahead of time. What I try and do is cook enough meat and veges on Sunday to last me to Wednesday. Then Wednesday night I get my ass back in the kitchen and do it again so that I have meals to get me by until Sunday. Do I want to do this all the time… not really, but my health is important to me so I do it. Before long it will be second nature for you.

If you prefer not to cook in bulk and let food sit in the fridge you can cook every morning for the day or possibly at night if that is more convenient for you. Before heading off to bed, prepare all your meals for the next day. It may be only 3-4 meals and a snack or two. That should only take 45 minutes tops to get it done.

Throw it in a pan and cook it!

Cooking a good healthy meal does not need to be difficult or time consuming. If you are following the Paleo eating style… and I know all you crazies are  then all you simply need to do is combine a protein, vegetables, healthy fat, and some herbs and spices into a pan and let the heat do all the work. Seriously, it is really that simple. Below you will find a quick example.

Select some items from each section. Throw it in a pan and whatdayaknow… you got yourself something fit for a king.

Protein                    Veggie                    Fats              Herbs & Spices

Chicken breast         Brussel sprouts    Coconut oil         Allspice
Salmon                      Peppers                  Olive oil               Garlic
Rib eye                     Daikon                  Macadamia oil     Ginger
Ground beef            Asparagus             Avocado oil          Curry
Pork chop                Cabbage               Lard                         Oregano
Lamb                       Spinach                 Bacon grease         Nutmeg
Eggs                        Broccoli                 Nut butter                Chili powder
Ground turkey         Egg plant              Mixed nuts           Pepper

Steps to prepare:

  • Put oil in a pan ( up to you but 1 tablespoon for every 6 ounces of meat is a good  reference)
  • Brown some meat in the oil
  • Add in some spices
  • Add in your veggies
  • Cover it up and let it sit. Check on it every 2-3 minutes
  • Rinse and repeat.

City limit sign

But I’m bored eating the same-thing…  I’m bored with Paleo… but, but, but…

Look, am I being mean here? No, not really. Just honest. I hope that you can appreciate that. How important is your health, the way you look, the way you feel? If these are things that are really important to you then you will have to work at it and prioritize things like working out and preparing meals. Personally, I can eat the same thing the entire day. Even for a few days in a row. If you are someone that needs more variety then maybe think about cooking all of your meals the night before. Get 3-4 pans going on the stove and create yourself something epic. Check this out for some fantastic recipes.

Make it fun!

Throw on some tunes, the game, get at it with your man or woman. Get the kids to help. That time spent preparing your meals could be some quality bonding time or a great way to discuss the importance of health to the little ones in your life.

*Check out the Paleo resources provided by Robb Wolf to give you some ideas on a shopping list, quick start guide, and food matrix. Robbs the man! You won’t regret it.

A bid you a good day… I said good day!

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