How to do a worry purge (embrace stress and anxiety).


The worry purge and other tips for embracing stress and anxiety.

I’ve been talking a lot with friends and clients about stress lately. Today, I’m sharing some thoughts.

It’s ok to feel stressed and anxious. It’s also ok to set some time limits on your phone, social media, and the news.

If you’re feeling stressed I encourage you to build out a ‘nourishment menu.’ A nourishment menu is choosing a couple of things you can choose that you know will make you feel good.

It could be as simple as stepping outside and taking 5 deep breathes, reading a book, pursuing a personal interest, a hot shower, or a bath. Maybe your favorite playlist. Or even getting in a workout. Whatever feels right for you.

If you’re a journaler (is that even a word) I have two powerful prompts you can use.

The worry purge and two more ideas to help you stress less

1: Do a worry purge:  Grab a pen, journal, and start writing everything that’s going on in your noodle. Once you get it out, close the journal, walk away, and come back to it when you’ve had a chance to breathe. 

2: Pick a single positive word: Pick a positive word you want to focus on for the day. Gratitude, love, patience, respect, whatever it may be. How have you experienced it recently? How can you express it to others today? 

3: Pick a feeling you struggle with: Anxiety, stress, sadness, anger – whatever it may be. If you feel it today or later this week, practice sitting with it. Don’t try to fix it or make it go away. Sit down, close your eyes, and experience it. Let it come and then let it go.


Gratitude: Mari at Create Write Now for the inspiration for this post and where I first learned about the worry purge.

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