How to workout when you’re severely lazy (exercise is inconvenient for you)

Today’s post stems from a question I received from a reader of the blog.

Q: How do I work out when I am severely lazy and exercise is just inconvenient for me?

I need to start working out but I have no idea what exercises I should be doing, and it’s almost impossible for me to be consistent.

I’ve never liked exercise, I seriously hate the feeling of getting all sweaty and I can’t wash my hair every day so the sweat will stay on my scalp, I also have sebderm and I feel like that would make it worse. Any ideas?

#1: You’re not severely lazy.

​​george castanza
Taking action usually involves competing motivations. You can want to workout but you can also want to watch Netflix. You can want to meal prep but you can also want to order pizza.

The easier to do, more fun and instantly gratifying motivations will usually win out. But you can do something about this.

For the things you want to do more of:

  • Make it obvious
  • Make it attractive
  • Make it easy
  • Make it satisfying

For the things you want to do less of:

  • Make it invisible
  • Make it unattractive
  • Make it difficult
  • Make it unsatisfying

You don’t have to do all four things to be successful. But the more of them you can do – the greater your likely hood of success.

#2: Do you really not know what to do?

There is an amazing amount of free workout programs you can follow.

#3: Is it exercise you really hate?

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It sounds like you don’t like getting sweaty. Maybe you can redefine what exercise means for you.

Most people have it stuck in their head that for it to count as exercise they have to be pushing themself to a certain level.

Or that it has to take a certain amount of time. Maybe you think it has to happen in a gym, involve weights, or burn a certain amount of calories.

Redefine what exercise looks and feels like for you. Base it on where you’re at mentally and physically.

  • A walk to the mailbox and back = exercise
  • Five squats today = exercise
  • A quick bodyweight amrap = exercise
  • Playing “don’t touch the rug” with your kids = exercise

​I’m a big fan of building your exercise or fitness around meaningful movement.

Meaningful movement is moving your body in ways you enjoy and that make you feel good.

Meaningful movement is great because it usually doesn’t take much motivation or discipline to do it because it’s fun for you and you already enjoy it. You seek out ways to do it.

  • Beat saber
  • DDR
  • Dancing. I see you, Fitness Marshall
  • Hiking (walking)
  • Ice skating or roller skating
  • Pole dancing
  • Recreational sports
  • Tag with your kids

Start with where you’re at. Currently at beginner mode? That’s cool, you can level up from there.

If you’re feeling severely lazy and hate exercise practice willful suffering

Hat tip to Jordan Syatt for this. As Jordan describes, willful suffering is the suffering you get to choose.

He gives us the example of getting up on a cold morning and pulling the covers off your warm burrito body. You’re choosing to get out of your warm comfortable bed and into the cold to start your day.

Unwillful suffering is something you don’t choose. Not being healthy or fit enough to play around with your children, dating, or having your joints ache as you move throughout your day.

You can willfully suffer and have the benefits, or unwilfully suffer and experience the negative side effects later.

To practice willful suffering figure out ways to exercise even if you don’t enjoy it because it’s the right thing to do.

Because it keeps you healthy and adds to your quality of life. As Jordan mentions, find the least resistance to get you started. Start there and build momentum.

Thank you for reading. You are appreciated.

Justin 👋

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Photo by Zhang Kenny on Unsplash