I hated working out: My workout and diet had become a burden

Man drinking coffee at home

I hated working out.

My workouts and diet became a burden.

14 years of exercise and dieting (18 to 32) and what I was doing was not serving me anymore.

I hated going in to workout most days. I was sick of eating certain foods over and over again.

I had built a body I was proud of but I didn’t enjoy the process anymore.

What looked like success to most on the outside was a disaster on the inside.

I was exhausted most of my days. Chronically underrating and then binge eating. Isolating myself socially because dining out would mean eating “off plan.”

My approach to health and fitness was failing me.

I had built my health, nutrition, and lifestyle by mimicking what I read or saw others doing.

Copying other’s approach wasn’t all that bad. It helped me get started.

But I failed to notice that what I was doing wasn’t honoring my current values.

I needed to dig deeper to understand why exercise, eating well, going to sleep, and managing stress were important to me now.

Many people idolize fitness influencers or other health and fitness professionals they see online. They do the workouts they post. Follow their diet plans. Mimic their morning routines.

It makes sense. Most of the people posting these things appear to be healthy, fit, and successful individuals.

And honestly, most of them seem like super great people too that want to help.

If you’re building your health, nutrition, and body in the image of someone else’s. Make sure it’s actually what YOU want. Do you understand the tradeoffs that come with it and are you willing to accept them?

I only want to workout 3 days a week.

I want to eat mostly home-cooked meals but enjoy 1-2 meals out a week with friends.

I like a good glass of whisky and wine from time to time.

I’m single and I go on a lot of dates that involve food. I want to enjoy dessert at the end of most of them.

I don’t want to do workouts for time, to see how many reps I can get, or that leave me in a pool of my own sweat or vomit anymore. And I don’t care how many calories they burn.

I want to workout, eat well, sleep, and find ways to manage stress so that I can do the things that add value to my life for as long as possible.

I want to rock climb most days. Feel confident with my shirt off at the beach. Hike glaciers in Alaska. Have enough energy to walk around all day when I travel… hell, just when I work from home.

Will this mean that I’m the fittest, strongest, most muscular person? Probably, not and I don’t care. I don’t want the lifestyle that goes with those things.

What about you?