Journaling is my jam. Here’s how to do it more effectively.


Journaling is my jam. I have a journal for everything. I’ve always found it difficult to turn off my brain and this is one way for me to do that.

Recently I started using the anti-anxiety notebook from Therapy Notebooks.

I don’t have anxiety and I’m not super stressed out. But I do go through acute periods of time where those thoughts and feelings present themselves. I believe this is because I try my best to be proactive versus reactive. I punch first. Instead of waiting for these things to occur and then react. I work on them before they show up – so when they do, and they will, I’m ready.

Below is a daily practice that has helped me shed light on where those thoughts and feelings are coming from, what I can do about it, and most importantly how to calm the fuck down.

1️⃣ What happened (describe the situation as a bystander would)?

2️⃣ What is going through your mind (describe your thoughts – this practice alone will help you feel 10X better?

3️⃣ What emotions are you feeling (and note the intensity on a scale from 1 to 10)

4️⃣ What thought patterns do you recognize (all or nothing, blaming others, catastrophizing, minimizing the positive, self-blaming, should statements)

5️⃣ How can you think about the situation differently (challenge your thoughts)

Reframing your thoughts can be difficult. But one way to do this is by asking yourself “what would [insert name of person] say or advise? And fill in the name of a friend, mentor, or someone else you love and respect.

This isn’t about doing it right or getting it perfect. It’s about taking time each day to practice doing something – let’s call it a regular self-care practice, or whatevs. Journaling is my jam and I’m sticking to it.


Photo by Mike Tinnion on Unsplash