Ladies are you related to the Incredible Hulk? Then no, you won’t get bulky.

You won’t get bulky

Fear of weights is responsible for some women’s obesity and weight gain.

The fear is understandable, but also detrimental. Instead of being lean and healthy, more women are becoming overweight and obese.

Blame society!

Society is to blame for much of this problem because it paints such a contrast between men and women.

After all, society paints the picture of men as barbaric cavemen – fighting, grunting, scratching, spitting, and causing a stir. Awesome! Women on the other hand are supposed to be soft, quiet, and gentle. F-That!

While some men might be a bit rough and aggressive. It’s not a man’s fault. Blame it on testosterone. And, women may in fact be the gentler and softer of the sexes. However, neither of those facts should exclude a woman from lifting weights or heavy weights.

We’re talking about two different sexes, men and women. We’re not talking about two different species. Lean muscle mass is good for both sexes.

Will you look like a bodybuilder?

Most women have seen professional women bodybuilders.

They get the idea if they lift any weight at all, than they’re bodies will transform into masculine mountain of muscles. The reality is most men struggle to obtain bodies like that, and men are loaded with testosterone.

Ladies needn’t worry about becoming unladylike by lifting heavy weights. It takes a lot of effort and work to build that type of muscle. It doesn’t happen over night. Professional female athletes and bodybuilders don’t lift heavy weights for only a few months or years to build that type of mass. It takes a good while.

Why should women lift heavier weights?

        • Heavy weight lifting by women improves lean body tissue
        • Reduces the chance of developing Type 2 diabetes
        • Improves metabolism, fat loss, and weight loss
        • Develops functional strength beneficial for doing daily tasks
        • Strengthens the cardiovascular system

It’s much more difficult for women to bulk up then it is for men. And as I stated earlier, many men don’t find it so easy to bulk up.

Just look at me for crying out loud. I have a 430# dead-lift, a 325# squat, and a 145# weighted pull-up and I am 150 pounds soaking wet. If building piles of muscle were easy, than at least 80 to 90 percent of men would have done it already.

Men struggle to build muscle despite having testosterone. So, if a woman is scared to get bulky, then there’s no need to fear. It’s not going to happen.

Flat tummy, nice legs, and a banging backside

Women who lift heavier weights will develop more tone in certain areas and less fat in others.

Shedding fat around the mid-section is one benefit of lifting heavier weights. Also, many women hate the feel and look of arm-flab, especially in the triceps’ area.  Lifting heavier weights can cure flabby arm flesh. Also, another benefit is tightening up loose skin – especially caused by pregnancy or simply having rapidly shed a lot of weight.

If a woman wants to build legs to die for, then heavier weights are the cure. Beautiful leg muscles, especially calves, require women to lift heavier weights. The calves are a glutton for punishment, and women needn’t worry about developing tree trunk legs. Also, building a firm and attractive backside requires lifting heavier weights. Deep squats and dead lifts are great for that. Some women develop those muscles easier than others. Once a woman has developed what she considers“enough muscle,” then she can simply lift lighter weights for that particular part of the body or she can simply reduce the frequency of her heavy weight lifting routines.

The great thing about women who lift heavier weights is they build up a certain immunity to belly fat, flab, and obesity. The attractive and tone, yet feminine muscle they develop, keeps their fat burning furnace going 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year.

Missing out

Women are really missing out who avoid weights.

Too many women are what you might refer to as “Queens of Cardio.” They go to aerobic classes, walk the treadmill for hours, and ride elliptical machines; however, they ignore the weights – especially heavier weights. The truly liberated woman is one who takes advantage of heavier weights.

A woman can be truly gorgeous and lift heavier weights without bulking up.

So ladies… what’s keeping you from the weights?

Not sure where to start. How about here…… or here?

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