Over the last few months the site has grown rapidly, mostly due to these 6 articles.

I wanted to take a second to welcome you noobies to the site and to re-connect with some of you that have been here for a while.

About 4 years ago I published my first article (it’s terrible) on this site with the hopes of creating a small community of people enthusiastic about pursing a life without limits. 

I’ve now published nearly 400 articles here and even a few videos all revolving around one simple theme.

What if you became the healthiest version of yourself? How would your life change?

I believe that when you’re at your healthiest, all aspects of your life are better.

  • Your personal relationships
  • Your career
  • Your energy
  • Your enthusiasm and love for life
  • Your willingness and ability to take risks
  • Your confidence
  • How you handle stress



The site is about helping you move beyond the personal limitations you’ve placed upon yourself and towards creating more possibilities.

My personal journey started a few years ago after returning from a trip around the world that took me from Los Angeles to Japan, Thailand, India, Egypt, and France. I wasn’t living the life that I wanted to live. I figured I better get off my ass and do something about it.

So I created this blog for you and for me.

JMT is a common sense approach to health and fitness that’s not so common. It strips down creating a healthier lifestyle to the bare bones and removes feelings of being overwhelmed, confusion, and the bullshit that has become a lot health and fitness industry.


JTM isn’t just about becoming the healthiest, fittest, and sexiest version of yourself. It’s about becoming a better human being.

Healthy to us isn’t just a physical thing. For the L365 community living a healthy life encompasses physical health, emotional health, mental health, and spiritual health.

We define those things in such a way:

Physical strength: The ability to apply force or resistance during a given task. To lift, move, carry, or pull objects without hurting yourself.

Emotional strength: The ability to embrace a wide array of feelings and emotions and to transition from one response to another with full awareness, comfortably, and confidence to allow yourself to feel and express them.

Mental strength: To be able to focus over an extended period of time, through highs and lows, good and bad. To value your own opinions and respect those of others. To formulate your own conclusions to questions based upon the ability and commitment to continued education and learning of the self.

Spiritual strength: Not woo-woo. This is strength in your personal values and virtues and the commitment to display them on a day-to-day basis. These virtues should be in the best interest of the self and of others. Respecting your own beliefs and accepting the beliefs of others.

So yeah, you’ll learn about how to eat better and move more. But you’ll also learn how to master your emotions, increase mental strength, and discover your personal values.


I want you to become the healthiest version of yourself in those 4 areas I mentioned above. When you come to JTM – and when you dedicate some of your leisure time reading the free articles here – I want you to be educated, entertained, and inspired (I wish they all started with the letter E) to take action and start building the best version of you.


With the help of the readers I’ve created the JTM Philosophy of Fitness

1. We don’t workout – we train!

Exercising and working out is something other people do because it’s what they think they should be doing. It lacks intensity, goals, and is done because they feel it’s what they need to be doing rather than them actually wanting to do it.

Training has a purpose. We WANT to do it. We see value in it. We have training goals that not only improve our health, fitness, and sexiness – but also our emotional strength, mental strength, psychology, and lifestyle.

2. When we train we do it naturally

Exercise machines were created to give a false sense of security. In fact, according to Rudy Fabiano, an architect who designs gyms all over the world. Gyms purposefully display challenging equipment like weight benches, free weights, and barbells in the back so as not to intimidate and confuse you.

Gyms are now putting exercise machines in plain site to attract the casual gym goer. More and more gyms are made to look like coffee shops, hotels, and restaurants. They’re not interested in getting you fit – they’re interested in taking your money.

We use dumbbells, kettle bells, barbells, and our bodyweight. We like to run, jump, skip, and play. If you already know how to do those things, GREAT! And if you don’t we’ll teach you.

This blog emphasizes real world functional fitness so that you’re ready for the challenges that real life will present you. We want you to stay injury free, feel confident enough to take your shirt off in public, and have more energy at work and at play.

3. We focus on the basic of nutrition and for get about the rest

I wrote an article about this.

4. We don’t try to change everything at once

Raise your hand if this has happened to you before. You finally decide that it’s time to get healthy. You’re all gung-ho about eating right and working out. You’ve got your new workout all designed, a special diet plan laid out, and maybe a few supplements to help with the process. You’re motivated!

Week 1 you’re dialed in and doing everything perfectly. You’re super sore from the workouts and the diet sucks a little but you don’t care. You’ve lost a few pounds and motivation is sky-high. This may last another week or two, maybe even a month or two but then it happens… LIFE!

Work piles up and you miss a workout here and there and get a little side tract from your “diet.” Or maybe school starts piling up and you just can’t stick with it. Add some family obligations, hanging with your friends, and other responsibilities and you’re back to square one.

At JTM we emphasize consistency over intensity and focus on making one small change at a time. You see, most of us have a good idea of what to do but actually doing it consistently over an extended period of time is another thing. You need to focus on changing your behaviors and habits first.

It’s much easier to establish eating vegetables with every meal for a month than it is to completely overhaul your diet.

5. It doesn’t matter where you start – but that you START!

The site is composed of competitive athletes, weekend warriors, and total noobies to the fitness game. Regardless of whether you’re a seasoned vet or just starting out you’re going to get support, information, and accountability to help you make progress towards your goals.

We don’t care what your background is or where you’re coming from. We simply care that you’re here taking action and responsibility for you life.

  • If you can’t run 400 meters than start with a walk around the block.
  • Don’t know how to workout with free weights? Just start by using your body or this beginner routine.
  • Can’t seem to stay consistent. How about practicing the art of intention?

You’ll never “find” the time to get fit, you’re going to have to “create” time for it.

That’s exactly what Matt and Brianna did. They both never had the time or motivation to become the healthiest version of themselves but then they decided instead of trying to FIND time they were going to CREATE time. Instead of trying to get motivated they decided to get consistent.


JTM is all about taking action. No matter how big or how small; the community here is about taking one step forward, one day at a time, and building on that momentum.

Today I’d like for you to take one step towards becoming the healthiest version of yourself so here’s what you can do for.

1. Contact me and answer this question for me: What is one big thing that you’re struggling with right now?

2. Get Moving!: Today I want you to move at least 10 minutes. This can be a walk around the block with your dog or significant other. A 10-minute break during your work day to walk the stairs, or a quick 10-minute game of basketball.

I’d love to hear from you.

What can I do to make this site better?

How can I improve it?

What articles can I write?

What resources do you need to create your life without limits?



Photo credit: Luke Pamer

Success Stories: Matt and Brianna (click on images below)

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One of my favorite things about living is that each of us has the ability to reinvent ourself on a whim. It’s true, you, me, and the guy next door can consciously make a decision at any given moment to make changes in our lives that will start a domino effect leading us to eventually becoming the person we have always wanted to be.




[img_text_aside style=”2″ image=”×300.jpeg” image_alignment=”left” headline=”One%20Small%20Step%20At%20A%20Time%20Leads%20To%20Big%20Lifestyle%20Changes” alignment=”left”]

“Your words and wisdom have helped me reached my goals!! The paleo diet has changed my life and I will never go back to my old ways ever again. When I first began eating paleo, I got a lot of negative feedback. Even from my cousin who is a doctor! But no one can argue with these results. Of course, now all my friends and family want to jump on the paleo bandwagon, but it feels so amazing proving everyone wrong.” – Brianna