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As human beings we may have our limits. But our spirit truly is LIMITLESS

Whoa! The limitless community rocks!

Yo, yo, yo… check it! I had a post all ready to roll out with regards to warming-up properly, but it’s about 11:30pm and I just got inspired so that gem will just have to wait (how’s that for a teaser). Keep an eye out early next week for that one.

Hopefully this post doesn’t come off as me tooting my own horn. It’s intention is to toot your horn…. hmmmm, that sounds a bit inappropriate.

Yesterday I threw up a video on Facebook.

Basically me laying out what Limitless365 means to me, what I hope those following get out of it, how I found it to be my passion, and what I plan on doing with it. In the vid I also touched on how what you should do to find your fears, discover your true passion, and what is needed in order to succeed while pursuing it. The feedback, texts, emails, comments was truly amazing. It was even cool to hear people say I was way out there or crazy. That just lights the fire a bit more.

A few of you mentioned that you took some time yesterday to write your 10 biggest fears. Good of you! That’s awesome. If I wasn’t typing I would applaud you right now. Others took the “goose bump” test and discovered a few things in their life that really touched their soul. For those that did that…. pursue those things. Get at them now! How can you take action today?

What did it feel like?

That’s what she said ( a well-timed “that’s what she said” never gets old ). If you have not read the FREE ebook, “Flinch” by Julian Smith I highly recommend that you ignore the rest of what I am typing and go download it today. A good friend of mine recommended it to me as we were on our way to a mountain biking expedition (also known as a bike ride but expedition makes you sound cool). He then proceeded to tell me that he quite his job and move to NorCal so that he could focus on training people as well as himself for the Crossfit games. Needless to say I hated him immediately. Long story short he just took a fear of his head on. He addressed his “flinch.”

I have probably read that book one hundred….. ok, 10-15 times. There are a few homework assignments in there to get you comfortable with you “flinch.” I’ve done them ALL!

1. First thing in the morning run a cold shower . As you are about to jump in take notice of how you feel. That rush, that hesitation. That is fear. Your flinch as Julian calls it.

2. Take a mug or glass from your kitchen. Hold it out in front of you. Now drop it! I actually stood on a chair. See that right there. That little cringe…. bingo!

3. Approach a stranger on the street. Just start talking to them. This one was not that tough for me but man o man. People are just not use to it. It takes them a few minutes to warm-up to you. There was a good 2-3 minutes at the start of my conversation with this gentleman at Starbucks where I am pretty sure he thought I was on something. Want to up the ante a bit. Buy their drink for them first.

4. If someone asks for a volunteer or anything whatsoever. Do it! I was at the gas stations when a gentlemen asked me for some change. At first I looked in my car for some loose copper and silver. That’s when it kicked in. Instead, I opened my wallet and handed him whatever was in there. Turned out to be $23 bucks.

5. The final assignment from Julian is to pass along the “Flinch” to others…. for those of you who may be oblivious…. this is me doing that 🙂



So how does this relate to my video post yesterday?

Well, I basically thought those homework assignments were fairly easy. The most important thing I go out of them was to an understanding and awareness of what fear and the flinch actually are. It helped me become aware of when my own personal fears, anxieties, and flinch’s were kicking in.

It honestly took me about 1 week or 2 to get the courage to post it. Even has it was copied to my Facebook ready to be published I hesitated. My index finger hovering above the mouse. So crazy right? Why was I so scared?

I was scared of what YOU would think. I was scared that I would be judged, embarrassed, thought a fool. Needless to say I wish I was wearing a heart rate monitor. It was definitely elevated the moments before I posted. It felt like slow motion as my finger hit the mouse. But I did it! Right after words I swear my eyes got big and I remember my brain saying “Ohhhhhhhh Fudge!” Anxiety set in but what was done was done.

A few moments after I felt liberated. Freedom sunk in. I knew some would think I was a fool, full of shit, maybe a little crazy, who knows really. Most people don’t even tell you their true feelings anyhow because that is their personal flinch. Tip: This doesn’t even matter! If life you want to surround yourself with those that help you, motivate you, push you to be better, achieve more. Not to by those that hold you back, make you feel bad about yourself, or make you second guess who you are.

There are 7,000,697,082 people in this world. Even if 99% of them think you are nutzo there are still 70,006,970 and .82 of a person that support you and will help you along the way. Surround yourself with those people. Focus on the ones that believe in you and less on those that do not.

Back on track. How did I feel? I felt free! I don’t know if any of you have been skydiving before but I liken it to that. It’s euphoric! An immense joy, calmness, happiness, and proud ness (is that a word?) set in.

Moral of the story

Whewwwww. Sorry about getting all Bill Shakespeare on you there. Lets just sum this up, yeah?

1. You can fight or flight. I know you have all heard that before. Don’t be scared to take action towards something that is going to benefit you and more importantly could benefit others. Don’t run! Unless you are doing it right. Just kidding.

2. Collect experiences. It is the only way to learn. Actions almost always speak louder than words. You learn so much more from on-hand experience then by anything taught to you by another. That includes anything I write on this blog. It’s one thing to read it and say “yeah, that’s good shit, you’re right J!” It’s another to say “Hey J, I just did this or that or another thing!”

3. Bad habits are hard to break and so are insecurities and fear. It may take you a while to get past them but stay on the grind. If you need some help contact me. For realz!

4. Never EVER let anyone put boundaries on you or tell you what you are capable or incapable of. If anyone try’s to pull the shit, nod your head and smile. Then go prove them wrong.



Well peeps, that’s all I have for today. Don’t bitch slap Julian. Go address some of your fears and insecurities. Are you afraid to go to the free weight section of the gym because you don’t know what you are doing? Have not begun a nutrition plan because you are not sure where to start (grab the free paleo ebook).

What are your flinch’s? What can you do today? Post them in the comments here, on Facebook, shoot a video, or just email me them to me. That might be the first step in pushing past some of your personal limitations.