Live your legend. “Ordinary people doing the impossible.”

I’m completely humbled today as my friend Scott Dinsmore has featured Limitless365 on his site Scott runs a very successful and motivating blog teaching people how to discover their passion and live life on their own terms. We have a lot in common huh?

I’m undertaking a very secret…well not so secret project now to inspire 100,000 people to become organ donors. The project is not set to launch for a few more months but the cat is out of the bag. In the meantime feel free to visit the links below to learn more about becoming an organ donor. And please visit Scott’s site today by clicking on the Live Your Legend picture below to read about why I am pursuing this.

Inspired by my Aunt “The Ultimate Recycling” website will be launching soon. Stay tuned. In the meantime you can sign up for my free newsletter and Paleo nutrition book below. Notification of when the site launches will be sent to you ASAP.



There were also 9 other sites and people featured. Please visit their sites below to read more about them and their quests. These people are doing so much already and to be included with them seems out of the ordinary.

Benard Didacus Opiyo, who is building a girls only high school in Kenya.

Cory Annis, M.D., P.A., who has started the first virtual doctor’s office and health adviser specifically for entrepreneurs and business nomads.

Mark Baeder, who recently left his corporate job and launched a mountain bike guiding and skills training business.

Tiphani Montgomery, who works with and motivates teenage mothers

Cory Capoccia, who founded Conscious Contraceptives and works to promote sexual education

Izzy Arkin, who quit his job and moved to Japan to become a Ninja

Melissa Rachel Black, who is writing an inspirational cookbook to feature the stories of chefs & artists from around the world

Benjamin Jenks, who is hitchhiking 22,000 miles to help introverts find confidence & come alive


With gratitude,