Lose Weight Without Calorie Counting or the Scale: A Simpler Approach

A lot of my clients have run into two challenges when they want to lose weight without calorie counting.

  • They get extremely discouraged when they don’t see the scale moving
  • They’re suffering from “food log” fatigue

Calories matter but you don’t need to know how many calories you’re eating or jump on the scale to lose weight.

Here’s how to do it.

Most people eat the same types of meals each day. If you’re not losing weight, it means you’re not in a calorie/energy deficit.

If you adjust your meals to remove calories, keep your hunger stable, and get enough protein to support recovery and muscle you can lose weight without tracking calories or your weight.

Below are some examples of meals from clients that use one method known as the “balanced plate.”

  • 1-2 palms of protein
  • 1-2 fists of veggies
  • 1-2 cupped handfuls of carbs (or 1-2 thumbs of healthy fat)

balanced plates

You can swap in and out any carb for another carb. Any protein for another protein. Any veggie for another veggie. Or different fats for other fats.

Eat like this consistently and if you’re not losing weight then you adjust the portions.

To know if you’re losing weight without jumping on the scale try this.

  • Are you a little hungry most days (this is a good sign you’re in a moderate calorie deficit)
  • Take progress photos, and waist measurements, or pay attention to how you feel in clothes you wear often

There are other ways to lose weight without tracking calories and you can read about them here and here.

Lastly, keep in mind that if you’re trying to eat better and not lose weight you’re still winning. Moving your body more nourishing yourself are form of self-care. Regardless if the scale is moving or not.


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