I love me some me! Why being selfish is totally cool.

I love me some me! Why being selfish is totally cool

There’s a reason why people say you can’t love others if you don’t love yourself first.

Without taking care of ourselves, taking time for ourselves and respecting ourselves enough to know our own needs leaves us nothing left to give anyone else. Without being selfish it leads us down destructive paths for ourselves and those around us.

That’s why it’s sometimes important to adopt a “me first” attitude rather than giving unto others all of time.

Easier said than done.


Giving is great! I’m all for it. But every so often one should step back and take a look to see if you’ve been giving back to yourself.

All that giving can sap strength, leaving nothing but an empty, completely exhausted shell. That’s why everyone needs to take a little time to replenish those energy stores by being selfish and taking time for “me.”

Nourish yourself to be the best you can be

To be that person who makes a difference, it’s important to invest in yourself.

Feed your soul at every available opportunity. Without investing the time and energy in certain areas of your life, you won’t be making the best use of your talents and you won’t be tapping your full potential. You end up ultimately preventing others from being enriched by what you have to offer.

Invest time and energy into those things you love.

Take time out to refresh, whether that means a walk in the park or woods, a hot bath or shower, or road trip with your favorite tunes blasting through your speakers.

When your body is tired, let it rest. Your mind will follow.

Share your light with others, and always let it shine.

Keep challenging yourself by seeking new opportunities.

By enriching your own life, it makes you stronger, better able to help others, and happier with the life you’re living. By doing things just for yourself, you’ll feel restored, refreshed, and reinvigorated. You’ll be ready to take on any challenge that comes your way, gracefully and with renewed joy.

Finding a balance

Of course that’s not to say you can’t put off some of those challenges until they’re easier to handle.

If you check the caller ID and you see that the late-night phone call is yet again from that friend who can’t get it together, and talking to him or her seems to sap all of your available reserves, it’s okay to let it go to voice mail once in a while. That way, when you return their call, you’ll both appreciate the experience more, since you’ll have the strength to give your friend more time and attention.

But what about me?

When Toby Keith told his girlfriend “I want to talk about me” through song, he wasn’t just being selfish. Yeah, I like country music. What’s it to ya?

He was making a plea for a little respect, telling her that his role was just as important as hers in the relationship, and only by getting a little bit of love back would he have the energy he would need to better devote himself to her needs.

He needed more time, and by getting it, he was able to continue his relationship with renewed vigor. By making sure his needs were also met, he was making sure that he was nourished, a vital part of living well and living happily.


Don’t worry, be happy

Happiness is something that fuels everything we do, creating more positive relationships and making daily tasks easier.

By going about our day in a happy frame of mind, we are kinder to the people we encounter, leaving behind goodwill rather than sour grapes from road rage and nasty encounters at the department store checkout.

Consider the “Pay It Forward” principle, as exemplified in the classic Kevin Spacey movie of the same name. One good deed creates a sense of well-being that encourages others to spread those feelings of comfort.

Ideally, when we all pay it forward, we have the ability to touch everyone in the world in some way, amazingly by something that started as a single act of kindness.

PERSONAL CHALLENGE: The next time you are at the grocery store pick up the tab for the person in front of you. Provided they don’t have a truck load of items and/or booze. If they just have a few things give the cashier your card and just say you got it. You’ll be amazed at the reaction you get. I’m confident that person will remember that forever. Who knows, maybe it will resonate with them later in their day. (Not very selfish I know, but a challenge none the less).

That’s all for today… until next time,


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