So I was taking a shower yesterday… don’t worry, I’ll keep this PG.

I love hooking up the iPad to some speakers and jamming out while I’m in there. I totally loose myself. I’m singing, dancing, my eyes are closed. There’s some real passion coming out of me. It’s fantastic! I always feel like a million bucks after I get out.

It got me thinking about life, health, and well-being and how music creates such an amazing emotional response from us. I had to look a littler deeper into this. In the words of Pa0lo Nutini, “down and dirty baby.”


I know we’ve all been driving by ourselves and our jam comes on. You may roll down the windows a bit, turn up the stereo, check to see if any other cars are around you, and just start whaling away. Singing at the top of your lungs. It just feels good, right?

Ever pay attention to how your mood, your body language, your physical and mental well-being can change so dramatically based upon a certain song you hear?

I know personally that certain tunes can dramatically affect my state. I can go anywhere from happy to sad. Laid-back to energetic. Certain songs have even produced tears (not in me of course, but people I know. I swear). 🙂

How good does it feel when you hear a certain song and you get the goosebumps! I love that.

Often times a certain little diddy will take you back. Create that nostalgia. Remind you have a specific time in your life, a certain person, a life chaining event or maybe even just a small event that you totally forgot about.

Why does this happen?

It’s because music can become a larger emotional stimulus than visual imagery. Music releases chemicals in the brain (dopamine for one.) similar to the way that food, drugs, and sex do. It is why certain music gets you amped up for a workout, calms you down, or makes you feel like you are walking on cloud 9.


Research has been conducted on the effects of music and out health as well. It has been said that music has a profound effect on the following

Cortisol levels: A stress hormone in our body that increases blood sugar and suppresses the immune system. When under chronic stress cortisol can cause severe physiological changes. So if work, kids, friends, life, whatever has you stressed, take a hot bath, meditate a little and throw on some baby making music and relax a bit. Loose yourself in the vibes!

Immune system: Music has been known to heighten our immune system markers. Thus, ramping up our antibodies so that we don’t get sick, help fight disease, and keep us going strong.

Increase strength/endurance: Music has been shown to increase strength and endurance amongst fitness enthusiast. So “Eye of the Tiger” might be a good idea before a run or heavy ass lift.

Fight fatigue: The release of dopamine helps to give us a much-needed energy boost. So instead of that afternoon coffee break, maybe head out for an afternoon walk and throw on your iPod while you’re at it!


I found it totally cool that Thomas Jefferson would take mental breaks from writing the Declaration of Independence to play his violin. He said it helped him clear mental blocks and relieve stress while writing one of the most important documents ever written. I’m no Thomas J but I do know that when I am writing these post I definitely throw on the tunes. Every so often taking some time away from typing to dance, sing, and just release.

Einstein too credits music for being a huge influence in his life. He credits it to releasing creativity and opening up his mind in-order to see the big picture.

Music is everything. As a part-time student of music, I feel compelled to explain the mystic and hidden power behind a good jam. Everyone’s felt it. That one great breakdown or set of notes that just sends that chill down your spine. To my understanding, the formulation of notes and lyrics to comprise such a beautiful thing exists in all forms of music. Which is why I always recommend to people that they listen to all forms of music. And in this, you’ve got the real opportunity to enjoy its full benefits. –Tomas Cormons, life lover, glass blower, all-around good man


Music plays such a vital role in our lives. It generates such an amazing emotional, physical, and spiritual response in many of us.

It can act as an amazing communication medium between individuals. Even between two people who come from very different backgrounds, interests, and personalities. They can share in one common trait and that is a love for music. Ever met someone who you thought you may have no interest or common ground with? Only to hear a song come on and both of you are like “Oh snap… this is my jam.” There’s a good chance that person is one of your best friends now.

  • Music acts as a source of entertainment.
  • Music acts as a terrific diversion. It can distract us from that long run we are going on. This heavy lift we are about to try. Or the boring and mundane work we may be doing (Try taking a music break at work or listening to it while doing something a bit tedious.)
  • Music creates common ground between persons, personalities, and souls that may not have originally thought to have anything in common.
  • Music creates nostalgia. It can take us back to an amazing moment, life changing event, remind us of someone, we may not even know why we feel that way but for some reason it just does.

Music releases our emotions giving us the ability to better enjoy our experiences. So my recommendation is that you scour the music world. Find every song that sparks up any instance of an emotion. Use it as a tool to better enhance your emotional highs, to sooth your emotional lows and most importantly, to give your every waking moment of your life a boost of excellence!


So here goes. Let music take you over. Create a morning, afternoon, night, and maybe even a workout playlist. Fill it with songs that create the emotional response you are looking for at that time.

If you want to wake up in a damn fine mood than fill your playlist with songs that you can’t help but smile to. Want to get a badass workout in? Than fill that iPod up with music that fires you up!

Most importantly, just lose yourself in it. Close your eyes, sing, dance, completely lose yourself in the rhythm, the beats. Let yourself have an emotional response to it. Cry if you want, sing at the top of your lungs, dance, and smile if you like. Allow yourself to get the goosebumps! Just live in that moment and be one with the song.

Like this guy right here

Need some more help picking out some tunes? Here are a few on my playlists.





What’s on your playlist? How can you use music to help in your quest to live a healthier, more passionate, and exciting life?

Live limitless,


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