Never give up

Project "Shoes"Yo Yo – My friend Steffi is stopping by again to deliver some wisdom. sit back, relax, and take in her goodness.

Motivation can be key driver to getting anything we desire, done. But that doesn’t mean it’s always necessarily present. At some point or another we all lose or lack motivation, and it is these testing times that will often determine how well we succeed. It’s easy to get through the smooth sailing times, but it’s when we begin to lag behind that there is the potential of falling off the wagon completely. Making it through these times, however, makes us stronger. Sometimes we just need to remind ourselves that anything is achievable. Here are my top ten for why you should NEVER give up:

1. You feel you’re set up for failure. Again. You’re wrong. We’ve all made dieting mistakes in the past where we have set out super strict guidelines and been 100% compliant for two weeks, only to crash and burn. Or you’ve tested multiple diets with promising short-term effects, but you seem to always end up back at square one, and why will this time be any different? Truth is, when you have your mind in the right place, you’ve already won half the battle. This time will be different. Tell yourself that and believe it. Learn from your past mistakes, because each time you try something new you find out something about yourself. Don’t be put off from your past failures. Welcome them, and then destroy them.

2. Stop focusing on the negatives. Success is the sum of small efforts repeated. You should focus on the positives and be proud of every achievement made, whether it be big or small.  The fact of the matter is everything you do affects your goal. So packing your lunches for work everyday, or steering clear of junk food on the weekends, or forcing yourself through a workout when you would much rather veg on the couch, will all pay off in the end!

3. Push past plateaus. There’s going to be times when you feel progress is going nowhere. You’re bored of your diet. You seem to feel like you exercises day-in-and-day-out – and for what? It doesn’t matter – don’t give up! Plateaus can be a great time to sit back and re-adjust your current plan. Are you still eating for a 80kg person even though you’ve shrunk to a 70kg person? Use this as a time to switch up routine and fine tune things. What takes one person 3 months to achieve might take another 3 years. If it’s in your heart it’s work it!

4. No one said this was going to be easy, they said this would be worth it. This could be one of the hardest things you have set out to do, and at times it isn’t going to be easy. In fact it’ll be terribly frustrating. But believe in yourself, you will go far. Set realistic goals, not ridiculous ones. And believe that patience is a virtue. Nothing worth having comes easy. And no matter how many days you wake up feeling sluggish, no one has ever regretted a workout! No matter how slow you go, you’re still lapping everyone on the couch. What you attempt to achieve, isn’t going to be a quick fix. It is going to be a lifestyle you have created for the health of your future self. Eat clean, train hard, and results will follow.

5. Compare yourself against yourself, no one else. You are the only person you will ever be able to look like. You only ever work with your body. You can’t compare yourself to models, or fitness instructors, or athletes, or even the other guy in the gym with the big guns. Whilst it’s a good idea to have a goal body in mind, you can only ever compete against you. That person in the mirror. Because that’s what is important.

6. You’re never alone. This is not something you have to deal with by yourself. Having a support group online, at home, or at the gym, will help you realise there are plenty of people trying to achieve the same things as you. They’re probably going through the same problems as you or have had similar experiences, and might be able to offer invaluable insight. Talking with someone always helps and there is great information provided by a ton of well-respected people. Don’t be afraid to ask for support, sometimes we need help lifting the weight on our shoulders!

7. Let go of the people who don’t support you. There’s going to be who’ll try to convince you to drink on a friday night or share half a pizza with them and to stop being so ‘boring.’ Yes, it can be hard to resist. But this is when you get to practice your skills of will power and just say “no.” Sometimes it can feel like a lonely road when you’re the “odd one out.” This is why it’s important to surround yourself with people who support your lifestyle choices. This is what will determine how and when you reach your goals. You should still have a social life and enjoy yourself, following for example, the 80/20 rule, but don’t feel pressured into things you don’t want to do, or if they don’t complement your decision to get healthy.

8. Be proud of who you are and be proud of what you’re doing. These steps you’re taking, some of which you’ll love, and some will feel like sacrifices, are all contributing to making you a healthier person.You  should be amazed by yourself, and remember the people you’re inspiring around you. Imagine how you’ll feel once you achieved your goal. How will others look at you? It takes an incredible amount of will power and determination to achieve something great, and one day, that’ll be you.

9. Have fun. If this is going to be something to keep for life, you’re going to need to love what you’re doing. Enjoy the foods your eat, and have fun with your workouts. People who can, overcome obstacles. People who can’t, make up excuses. If you don’t like running, jump on the bike or the rowing machine? Don’t fancy machines? Take up classes, like dancing. Change up your routine. Workout with friends. There are endless ways to have fun with getting fit. This journey doesn’t have to be grim.

10. Why? This is where it all began. Bring yourself back to the first time you asked yourself this. Why? Why is this so important to you? How is this going to impact your life? Is it something you wanted to do for yourself? For you partner? For your kids? Do you want to look better? Feel better? Overcome illness? Whatever reason you have, is reason enough for you to keep going. Don’t forget that. Don’t lose sight of what you really want, for what you want right now. Yesterday you said tomorrow, so make today count.

You CAN achieve anything you set your mind to.
Just never give up!

Can you add anything to this list? Lets hear it in the comments below.

Live limitless,