Online Nutrition Coaching: No rules and no restrictions. Just simple, scientific, and smart strategies proven to be successful.

The people who need online nutrition coaching are the ones that have done the same things for decades and are not getting the results they had hoped for, or feel they deserve.

If you’ve been struggling with food, your diet, and are confused about nutrition then today’s article is for you. 

Stop trying harder, and start trying smarter. 

This is where online nutrition coaching can come into play.

What is online nutrition coaching?

When I first started nutrition coaching I remember jumping on a consultation call with a potential client.

One of the first questions I asked them was, “what have you tried in the past?”

They gave a quick chuckle and said, “what haven’t I tired? I’ve tried it all.”

Chances are you’ve tried it all too. You’ve experimented with diets, detoxes, cleanses, and have probably hired a personal trainer. Some things worked for a little until they didn’t. And some things didn’t feel like the right fit immediately.

And this same thing happened to me years ago. After years of restricting food, following diet after diet, and binge eating over the weekends I had finally had enough. I kept repeating the same mistakes over and over again hoping for a different outcome.

That’s when I decided to let go, admit I needed help with this, and finally hire a nutrition coach. I didn’t just hire them, I committed to them for an entire year. That’s right, I signed up for 12 months of coaching because I knew this was going to take a while.

I soon realized that my struggles had very little to do with nutrition and much more to do with my mindset, beliefs, and relationship with food.

Nutrition coaching isn’t all about calories, macros, and a coach telling you exactly what to eat on a day to day basis.

nutrition coaching and tracking

That’s like putting a band-aid over a wound and not addressing why you got the cut in the first place.

Sure it may work for a few weeks. But what happens after you leave your coach and life gets crazy? What do you do when there are family get to gathers, vacations, or the scale isn’t budging?

Nutrition coaching helps to streamline the process and takes the guesswork out of what you need to do to be successful – now, and forever. 

When I work with clients you get to tell me what you want to do and I help you do it. And most importantly, We work together not when things are peaches and cream (also a great song). But when things are hard. That’s when a nutrition coach really earns their stripes.

What online nutrition coaching isn’t

There’s nothing wrong with taking a trip to hardcoreville and following a strict diet to help you get ready for a wedding or beach season in 2 months.

If that’s your goal cool. You tell me and I help you do that.

But my approach for sustainable results is this.

  • No short terms diets that leave you exhausted, moody, and socially isolated.
  • Forget about restrictive meal plans that deprive you of foods you love
  • No food rules or good versus bad.

Nutrition coaching isn’t a diet or a weight loss program. It’s a personal approach to eating better forever. It helps you take what you already know and teaches you how to do it more consistently.

What things will I work on during online nutrition coaching?

If there’s no diet, no meal plan, and no rules what things will I work on during nutrition coaching?

You’ll work on things like:

  • The H.A.L.T-B strategy. Are you physically hungry, angry, lonely, tired, or bored?
  • What to eat, when, and how much to achieve your goals.
  • How to plan meals around your schedule, training, and when things get tough. 
  • The best way to combat all or nothing thinking. Or when setbacks happen and you fall off the wagon (and they will happen). 
  • Science-backed psychological techniques to help you strengthen your mindset, willpower, and discipline.
  • How to manage stress and emotions so you don’t turn to food to solve your problems.

What will I learn during online nutrition coaching?

One of the most important lessons you’ll learn during nutrition coaching is that hunger isn’t an emergency. That may sound weird at first but it’s one of the most common challenges I see when working with clients. They’re afraid they’ll get hungry.

But outside of that, you’ll learn a few other things as well:

  • Eat better, without dieting or feeling deprived.
  • Simplify nutrition so you become confident in any food situation you’re in
  • Let go of food rules, diets, and confusing advice.
  • Make nutrition a part of your life rather then it being your life
  • Maintain consistency even when life decides to do “life things.”

All so you can…

  • Lose the weight and fat you haven’t been able to shed for years.
  • Build physical confidence in your body.
  • Gain mental confidence that you’re doing the right things
  • Let go of food confusion, learn what to do, how to do it.
  • More energy and vitality so you can pursue the things you love

What should I expect from an online nutrition coach?

You can buy a nutrition book or google a meal plan. But who’s going to hold you accountable to them?

Most people struggle with diets, not because they’re super hard. But because they’re usually not doing it with anyone, and there’s no one to talk to about it.

After 18+ years of coaching nutrition and fitness, I’ve noticed something.

Everyone knows what to eat (because they’ve read the books, articles, and downloaded the meal plans). But no one is doing it.

They have the information, they just don’t know how to get it to stick. You know, when life decides it wants to do life things.

And that’s what I wanted to fix when I started coaching years ago.

When I work with clients I give you permission to eat what you want. No wacky rules and restrictions. You’re allowed to eat carbs with me ?.

I’ll give you the exact amounts and some recommendations when you struggle.

  • If you need protein try this…
  • If you need veggies give this a try…
  • Headed out this weekend and not sure what to do? I gotcha…

Most diets make up silly rules based around good versus bad philosophies that are not rooted in science. And frankly, don’t make any sense.

  • Eating at specific times
  • Cutting carbs
  • No sugar
  • Detox’s and special tea

I’ll give you a flexible eating plan that shows you how to eat in the real world so that you can get results without feeling deprived.

Instead of diets, I focus on changing behaviors and building good habits. This is long term thinking that will get you out of the dieting rat race.

If you’re tired of putting your health on pause, I’d love to have you as a client. You can apply at the link below. If not, that’s cool too. More free content on the blog coming soon.

nutrition coaching

The goal of online nutrition coaching

The overarching goal of nutrition coaching is to help you get into the best shape of your life and stay that way, forever.

To finally stop losing and gaining the same 15 to 20 pounds over and over again. And to get you to a place where there’s no more food anxiety. 

No more second-guessing if what you’re doing is the best thing for you and your body. 

To do this you’ll work on building habits and developing skills versus following cookie-cutter plans and programs. You’ll create your own toolbox full of resources and confidence to help you navigate any challenging food situation you are in.

And most importantly, you’ll have a coach and mentor to hold you accountable every step of the way.

Will nutrition coaching work for me?

nutrition coaching 100% guarantee

Yes. And that is why I offer a 100% guarantee with my nutrition coaching services. But lets first take a look at why most plans and programs don’t work.

1). Most plans and programs don’t address changing behaviors

2). Plans and programs tell you what to do, never asking if it’s what you want to do

3). They don’t work on your mindset

4). Plans and programs are not flexible

And that is what I aim to fix. If that sounds good, great. If not, that’s cool too. Keep doing what you’re currently doing.

What do I get with online nutrition coaching?

After applying you and I set up a brief discovery call to go over your personal goals, challenges, and to see how I can best help you. 

On that call, together, we build a short term and big picture plan for you. We also decide if tracking calories and macros or if working on habits and practices is the best fit for you.

I then extend a coaching offer and you can accept or decline it.

If you accept the offer I send you an invitation to join my coaching app so that you have me in your pocket 24/7 to answer questions, hold you accountable, and call you out on your own bullshit ?.

You get a crystal clear plan that tells you exactly what and how much you should be eating to achieve your goals. This is all done according to your dietary preferences, likes, and dislikes. 

Nutrition coaching also includes:

  • daily check-ins to hold you accountable
  • continuing education and lessons
  • simple and healthy recipes so you always know what to make
  • an easy to navigate coaching app so I’m always a button away
  • options for zoom calls if you’re struggling and need to dive a little deeper

All with direct access to me so that you never feel like you’re doing this on your own.

How much does online nutrition coaching cost?

For real 1 to 1 online nutrition coaching it can range from $149 to $500 per month. This depends on the level of accountability you feel best with.

But here’s the thing with pricing. It’s too expensive if it doesn’t work. It’s too cheap if it does. 

It doesn’t really matter how much it costs. I’ve coached people for free and for thousands per month. 

Any price I give you is too expensive if you don’t believe I can help you and if you’re not willing to put in the work.

But If you walk away with the body of your dreams and feeling better then you ever have, results are priceless.

Frequently asked nutrition coaching questions

1). Are there workouts?

Yup, they are included for free if you want them.

2). What is this? (diet, meal plan, weight loss program)

None of the above. This is how to eat better in the context of real-life for sustainable results.

3). What kind of results can I expect?

Check out some coaching results here

4). What if I am vegan, paleo, keto, intermittent fasting, or…

Cool. If you like and it and it’s working for you we can make some adjustments. If it’s not working for you I’ll show you another way that will.

5). Do I need to make huge lifestyle changes?


6). What If it doesn’t work?

That’s impossible. If you show up and are consistent and patient it will work. The way I coach is simple, science backed and proven to be successful thousand times over. Plus, remember that guarantee I mentioned?

What makes this different?

Look, I’m not going to blow your mind with some revolutionary diet, meal plan, or nutrition hack. Every single GOOD coach is doing the same thing because they know what works and what doesn’t.

Instead, I put an emphasis on communication and support. As I mentioned earlier, most people have a good idea of what to do – doing it consistently is another thing. This is mostly because they don’t have a good support system, someone to hold them accountable, or someone to talk to when things get tough.

With me, you get empathetic honesty and direct coaching and feedback anytime you need it.

We’ll do a lot of reflecting together and finally discover what’s going to work for you now, and forever.

Sound good? 


nutrition coaching