Protein powders, sex, and snacks. Sounds good to me.

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Today’s round-up is all about protein powders, having better sex, healthy snacks, and a “mostly” bodyweight workout for fat loss. I want to be clear that this email is for grown-ups. If you can’t handle the words (or they make you uncomfortable) sex, penis, clitoris, vagina, or protein powder (that one is a joke) – and things of that sort it’s best not to read any further.

Let’s not waste any more time…



protein powders in scoops

I’m surprised at how often I get text messages about protein powders from clients and friends. Hell, my Mom just sent me a text the other day asking me if I had any Vegan protein powder recommendations for her and my Dad. She works for a law firm on the east coast, helps my sister out with her three boys (15 years, 12 years, and 4 years old), and works out every morning – she often feels rushed and wanted something she could shake-up and take with her on the drive to work.

Favorite protein:

Bulletproof Collagen – Collagen protein has been shown to improve skin elasticity, decrease skin cracking, helps smooth out wrinkles, and improves skin moisture (moist is my least favorite word in the world). Collagen is also great for strengthening joints and helping with recovery from workouts – specifically endurance training. Collagen protein powder also does well in recipes like protein pancakes and making high protein oatmeal.

You can find Bulletproof collagen on Amazon, at Whole Foods, and Sprouts.

One of my favorite recipes is this Collagen Vanilla Shake, makes 1 serving:


  • 1-2 scoops Bulletproof Collagen Protein
  • 1 tsp vanilla
  • 1 ½ cups Almond Milk
  • 3 cubes of ice
  • 1 tsp Brain Octane oil (MCT oil, or coconut oil)
  • Xylitol (to your liking)
  • Dash of cinnamon


  • Place all ingredients in a blender and blend on high for 1 minute. Enjoy!

Other protein powders I dig

  • Sprouts Brand Vegan protein powder: If you don’t want to consume animal-based protein powders or prefer a vegan/vegetable-based protein.
  • Tera’s Grass-Fed Whey: I dig the vanilla bourbon flavor but they also make some others that mix well and taste great.
  • SFH Grass-Fed: I’ve been using this for years. All the way back to my Crossfit competition days.

Big tip with protein powders: Contact the companies or visit the grocery store and ask for sample packs. That way you can try them out, see how you like the taste, the way they mix, and how your body digests/respond to them – before committing a bunch of money to them.

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I love more than just health, fitness, and nutrition. I’m in love with learning and developing or improving skills. Sex is a topic I love learning about and a skill I’d like to improve. I do ok – but hey, there’s always room for improvement.

Ladies get these books for yourself or your man. Have fun playing around with some of the ideas, tips, and suggestions around oral sex, positions for increasing stamina and orgasm, as well as learning the elements of sexual style.

Fellas, according to author Lou Paget, the number one question sent in by female readers to the editors of Cosmopolitan magazine is: What can I do to have an orgasm during intercourse?

So guys – check your ego at the door. You could be better in bed. Get these books. You’re wife or girlfriend will thank you.

She Comes First: The Thinking Man’s Guide to Pleasuring A Woman

A few excerpts from the book to help you understand what it’s all about.

“…Any sex therapist will tell you that the number one complaint they hear over and over from women is of an inability to experience orgasm during penis-vagina intercourse. The solution is not simply, “more foreplay,” as magazine often chide us, but rather the skillful extension of those activities we associate with foreplay, namely oral stimulation, into complete, fully realized acts of lovemaking – the transformation of foreplay into nothing less than foreplay…”

“…The difference between how men and women experience the resolution phase is what I call the “snuggle gap”: Women want more interaction; men want to roll over and go to sleep. While much literature has been devoted to the “insensitivity” of men and the “neediness” of women in this respect, it’s far more effective to understand that the snuggle gap is largely the result of biology (men crash quickly after sex, women come down slowly), do don’t overanalyze, or get angry and pick a fight; instead respect each other’s differences and compromise; fall asleep while holding her in your arms…”

“…The four most important elements of orgasm during oral sex are; Persistent pressure against the area of her clitoral head, the rhythm of your tongue against her clitoral head, the firm position of your fingers against her clitoral cluster, the support of your hand under her buttocks…”

Kindle version of the bookPaperback version of the book

Come Again? What Men Should Know About Amazing Sex

A few excerpts from the book to help you understand what it’s all about.

“…No woman wants to feel as though she’s lying there, disconnected from you, receiving sexual stimulation from an anonymous source. She can do that with her vibrator. She wants to enjoy the experience with you, and that means feeling connected to you through it…. In all parts of sex, you need to create as much connection as possible between you and your partner as possible. You can’t let her feel as though she’s having sex with some lifeless, sexual automation. If she’s naked in bed with you and it’s not a one night stand, then it’s as much that she wants to have sex with you as it is that she wants to have sex,..”

The book also comes with unique kegel exercises and even a system for increasing stamina in bed. But the best section is the discussion on “sexual flow.”

“…Imagine seeing a play or other performance where one of the actors or musicians forgets a line. It’s not just a small blip in the show, the entire experience is broken. Your immersion in the story you were enjoying is shattered and you’re suddenly thrust back into the reality of an all-too-small theatre seat… That same jarring return to reality can hit you during sex when the flow is broken. Deep, compassionate enjoyment requires immersion in the experience, and that’s only possible by providing a continual flow of sensation and narrative arc to the session…”

“…Many men and women will look for the best position for being great in bed, helping her orgasm and making it amazing, but looking for the perfect position misses the point: creating that strong immersive experience is more about having a passionate, continuous, unbroken flow to sex and is something that you both need to create. There won’t be a magic position that makes you great in bed, but you can combine foreplay and sex positions into one flow that does create that great experience… The simplest way to ensure that the flow is continuous is to always know what’s going to happen next…”

Paperback version of the book

Men are afraid to have difficult conversations. Stop being afraid and start learning more about how to have them.


After all that sex talk you could probably go for a snack, huh?

In a recent survey, I asked, “what is one thing you could stop doing and one thing that you could start doing today that would help you get closer to your health, fitness, and nutritional goals.”

A popular response was to stop snacking. Yet, I get asked all the time for healthy snack ideas (smh). In my coaching practice, I try to get clients to eat 2-4 meals per day and to eliminate snacking. I’ve found that “snacking” actually ends up being enough calories for another meal (smh again).

Anyhow, I’m going to share a few of my favorite healthy snack ideas. They are low in calorie and I almost guarantee that you’ll be disappointed by most of them. They’re not fancy and there are no recipes. If I really really really need a snack I want it to be quick, convenient, and low cal.

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Close up of a fit man doing a push up on a rock on the shores of a beach

I say mostly because there’s some equipment you’ll need.

  • GoFIt Gravity Straps: I chose these over TRX because they are way less expensive and accomplish the same thing.
  • Dumbbells: Pick up some used ones from a Play It Again Sports, Craigs List, or Offer up. 10lbs-25lbs for women and 15lbs-35lbs for men is a great place to start.

Complete 3 to 5 rounds as fast as possible with good form.

Finish with this nice little stretch and cool-down and you’re good to go.

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Well in the words of the immortal Matthew McConaughey, “Alright alright alright” and Live limitlessly,


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