I cried a little today.

Ok, maybe I didn’t cry but there sure was some serious dirt in my eye. My gibbon slackline arrived! I’ve been waiting for this thing for a few weeks now. Every Saturday, ok, not evvvvvvery Saturday but most. I’ve been going out to a local park with my buddy David and we’ve been daintily walking across a thin rope stretched 25 meters between two big oak trees ( not actually sure they’re Oak but it makes the story sound better).

Just for reference, I’m terrible at it, but thats not the point. The moral of the story here is that I tried something NEW a few weeks ago and totally fell in love with it. Now I have myself a new hobby and once I dominate it and add it to my arsenal of Superhero skills I can take others out and teach them.

I know it can be difficult to try new things every now and then. Usually what keeps us from trying them is fear of the unknown.

  • What if this foreign country is dangerous?
  • What if I don’t know anyone at that event?
  • What if I don’t like the food at that place?
  • What if I am not fit enough to get through that workout?

Sometimes all these what-ifs can paralyze us and keeping us from trying new experiences that might light a fire under us and create a new found passion.

So when a new opportunity comes up, a challenge, an adventure. Take advantage of it. Make a list of some things you want to try , learn, or experience. Jot down as many as you can. Then select one right here and now and take action steps towards it. Want to go skydiving? Look up a place near you online, load that rebel gun, and pull the trigger. It doesn’t need to be something adventures. Just something new. Maybe you want to learn about wine. Google some wine tasting classes near you. Just take action.

A few reasons why trying something new is CRAZY important!

It forces you to grow as a person. No one ever grows by doing the same thing day in and day out. The only way to develop yourself is to try new things. You’ll be acquiring new skills, new relationships, new challenges. You may not be very good at some of the things you take on initially and thats ok. At least you are getting yourself into a beneficial habit.

It keeps you from getting bored. Seriously, how often have you said or someone you’re with say Im bored? It’s a pretty easy fix. TRY SOMETHING NEW! It could be as simple as picking up a new book to read. Even if you don’t like it. Chuck it aside and pick up a new one.

It requires you to be a lion! RAWWWWR! Maybe not a lion but it definitely requires courage to try something new. Courage has a snowball effect. Once you start practicing courage you continue to display it more often then not. In areas of your life where you once may have had fear or lacked confidence you will now find it much easier to tackle challenges or difficult situations that may arise.

So yo… check it! Pick something you have always wanted to. Try it for 30 days and see what happens. What do you have to loose?,



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