Q&A with Ben about fitness, challenges, struggles, and life. Success story!

Q&A with Ben Cohen-Leadholm
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Ben was a pretty cool cat that I connected with on Linkedin a while back.

Things have been so crazy here at the blog that it took me a little while to get this up.

But regardless, it is super important to hear success stories. Goals can get tough. It takes real handwork, dedication, and persistence. It is really easy for use to make excuses and to just give up. Hear how Ben juggled a family, career, and other difficulties to get his health, mind, body, and soul back in line.

If you want to transform your life YOU have to do it! Ben did it….. here we go!

Q: Life typically gets in the way and our priorities get all jumbled around. What was going on in your life that kept you from getting in your workouts, eating right, staying consistent? What kind of excuses were you making?

A: Small child and fatigue were excuses for not getting in workouts.
Launching a blog on top of parenting and working full-time job was an excuse to get limited and poor sleep. Working out was an excuse for reward cheat meals (non-Paleo).

Q: What was the “tipping point.” Or the motivating factor that made you say, “I need to change something here.” To make your health a priority.

A: The tipping point was my weight (hit my personal ceiling of 200 lbs.) and the fact that I realized I was totally unaware of what and how much I was eating. Making health a priority meant actually educating myself on what was good, what was not, and which behaviors to change.

Q: Where were you getting most of your health and wellness info at the time and how important was it to educate yourself and find out what works for you?

A: The majority of my health information came through CrossFit, CrossFit coaches, and CrossFit workshops.

Q: What were typical workouts and nutrition for you? How easy or difficult was it to get into a groove and maintain it. Strategies used to keep you focused and excited?

A: My workouts were principally CrossFit with some moderate endurance training added in (i.e. running, cycling). I was working out 5 days per week. I got excited when I started seeing the leaner and meaner “me” coming through, especially once I changed my diet to a Paleo one. Seeing the physical and strength improvements in very little time was hugely motivational.

Q: How have you been able to juggle life, career, fitness, fun etc… now? Tips on maintaining a balance

A: I work out during the day so that my weekday evenings are fully committed to hanging with my family. If I can work out during the weekend, that’s a nice-to-have but not a must-have.

Q: How has getting in better shape, changing your nutrition, and ultimately establishing a new LIFESTYLE impacted your life. Work, energy, relationships, confidence, etc…

A: I am a new man, personally and professionally. Fitness has become an integral part of my identity, which means that all choices I am making must reflect this part of my identity. It’s a virtuous cycle, because the good choices beget additional good choices. And as a married man with a young child, I also know that I am passing on that behavior by setting an excellent example for my daughter and my wife.

Q: What challenges can one expect (what did you deal with) when trying to change their lifestyle in such a way?

A: The hardest part is the pushback from friends and family who do not abide by the same fitness guidelines or goals. This means that sharing meals or even talking about fitness can be contentious, because not everyone wants to learn about your choices. Sometimes, our friends and family would prefer that you do not change at all.

Quick Hits:

Q: Tunes your pump’n
Q: Cheat food
A: Ice cream
Q: Calorie burning activity (keep it PG)
A: Running/cycling

Thanks again to Ben for sharing. We are wishing him continued success.