As a kid, my hygiene game consisted of a hot bath, a rubber ducky, and a He-Man action figure. I didn’t play with the duck though, He-Man beat him up.

From 17 years old to my early 20’s the duck and He-Man didn’t cut it. I needed a new way to relax and reduce stress. Enter the shower beer.

I’m 42 now and I don’t drink much except a glass of wine here and there. I’m not one for beer and the shower beer of my youth has now been replaced by new liquid heaven, coffee.

A cup of black coffee is my preferred shower beverage. Thus, shower coffee has become my go-to relaxation drink of choice. Pair that with the heat, steam, and soothing water beads that beat against your skin in the shower and you’ve got yourself serious stress-reducing activity.

While some of you may prefer shower beer, a good bathtub whiskey, or maybe you still like He-Man or Barbie. I’d like to suggest that you try the shower coffee.

I guarantee it will change your life.


Yes, it's my shower-coffee. So sue me.

A shower coffee is exactly what you would think it is. It’s drinking a cup of coffee while taking a shower.

Aside from being the epitome of luxury. It’s the most revolutionary invention of our time. It combines two great loves of mine and many others.

  • A warm shower
  • A good strong cup of coffee.

It also answers one of the most pressing questions of our time. Should you start your day with a shower or a cup of coffee?

Now there is no more debate. You simply combine them for the ultimate morning routine. While Marvel Proust may have argued that opium and a croissant are the best way to start your day. And Benjamin Franklin would suggest that an “air bath” (aka: swinging in the wind) is. I prefer to begin mine with a shower and a black coffee.


Shower coffee
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There’s no right or wrong way to enjoy a shower coffee. Simply combining a shower with your bean of choice is enough. But to get the most out of your shower coffee experience I suggest the following.

Step 1: The Brew

Brew a cup of coffee in any way that you prefer. Out of respect for the bean, and enjoy its flavor. I suggest brewing it black and drinking it in its purest form. 

For a detailed article on how to brew the perfect cup of coffee visit Nate and his article found here.

Step 2: Shower Power

Turn on your shower. Make sure not to start drinking your coffee just yet. Although foreplay is often suggested this is one of those times it is not.

Step 3: Get Naked

Take off your clothes. This goes without saying but I don’t want anyone emailing me about how they got fired because they went to work with a soaking wet suit.

Step 4: Prepare For Entry

Step into the shower with coffee in hand.

Make sure to enter in with your back to the water. This will keep any shower water from entering your cup.

This technique also helps to keep from losing any of the precious black liquid. The last thing you want is to lose a sip or two due to its splashing because of the impact of a water drop.

Step 5: The Sip

With your back to the water caress your mug with both hands. This is mostly for your own safety. There’s a very good chance you will get weak in the knees when you take your first sip. We don’t want to risk dropping your mug and thus spilling your coffee.

Or burning your… you know 🍆 or 🍑

Slowly bring the mug to your lips and take your first sip. I highly suggest doing this with your eyes closed for the most tantalizing experience.

Now open your eyes and breathe. You, my friend, have just experienced the wonder that is shower coffee.

Bonus Step: Music To My Ears

Combine your shower coffee with a favorite playlist. This takes shower coffee to a whole new level. Belt your favorite ballad or stand quietly to your favorite tune and experience shower coffee to the fullest.

Big Tip: Cold Shower

If you’re not looking to relax and relieve stress but want to help yourself wake up. Start your day with a cold shower coffee. This is when you’d drink a hot cup of coffee in a cold shower.


Bangkok Coffee House woman drinking coffee
Even though the shower coffee is designed to be consumed alone there are a few unspoken rules you can follow to get the most out of your shower coffee experience.

1. If you’re having your first shower coffee ever you have to finish it in the shower even if you get soap, shampoo, or conditioner in it. It’s sort of like the 8th rule in Fight Club

2. Never ever use a coffee travel tumbler to drink your shower coffee. That’s like bringing your mistress to your wife’s birthday party. Stick with a mug. The more colorful the mug the better.

3. If for some reason your cup of coffee gets cold before, during, or after your shower never reheat it in the microwave. It’s a sin.

4. Do not take your first sip before entering the shower. This is known as premature shower coffeeulation. This is very common among first-time shower coffee drinkers. 

5. Bathtub tea is an acceptable substitute when you run out of coffee. What the bathtub whiskey is to the shower beer the bathtub tea is to the shower coffee. 

These are not rules by any means. But it’s a general consensus among the shower coffee-drinking community that these suggestions should be adhered to.


I’m not aware of any scientific studies on the benefits of shower coffee. I can only refer to my own experiences, as well as the discussions I’ve had with other shower coffee drinkers.

1. Uber efficiency. I’m sure you’ve heard of the expression of two birds with one stone. Well, shower plus coffee equals two birds, one stone. That’s called multitasking my friend.

2. All of your problems wash away. Figuratively of course. No email to get back to, no text messages or voicemail to check no kids, and no distractions. Just you, your coffee, and the pitter-patter of water on the shower floor.

3. The shower is where ideas happen. I don’t know about you but I always seem to get the best ideas for articles, and solutions to big life problems, and am my most creative when in the shower.

Neuroscientist Alicia Flaherty tells us that this is because when we do things that make us feel good and relaxed. Our body releases more of the hormone dopamine. Add the subtle distraction of a hot shower and you’ve got yourself a recipe for extreme creativity.

This article from Leo over at the buffer blog elaborates a bit more.

“…if you have thought long and hard all day about a problem, jumping into the shower can turn into what scientists call the “incubation period” for your ideas. The subconscious mind has been working extremely hard to solve the problems you face and now that you let your mind wander, it can surface and plant those ideas into your conscious mind.

Lastly, after you have received an influx of dopamine, you can be easily distracted by an extremely habitual task like showering or cooking… So this seems to be the magic combination: If you are in a relaxed state of mind, easy to distract, and full of dopamine, your brain is most likely to give you your best, most creative ideas.” – Leo Widrich, Buffer Blog 

4. There have been many benefits of consuming caffeine and I even wrote an article about it.  Other studies and articles are showing that coffee may have cognitive benefits (1) (2) (3) (4).

5. It’s an easy way to be mindful, increase awareness, and meditate without trying so hard to meditate.

This list could go on and on but to truly experience the benefits of shower coffee you simply have to partake in the experience.


single coffee bean sitting on a black table.
Q: Where do you put your mug?

A: Ah, the age-old question that has plagued some of the greatest philosophers of our time. If you’re one of the privileged few you most likely have a ledge in your shower where you can safely place your mug.

For the rest of us, you’ll have to improvise. You can always hold it but this makes cleaning yourself a difficult task. Even if you are skilled with one hand you run the risk of “soaping” your coffee.  Or worse shampooing and conditioning your coffee.

  • Option 1: Use the area you place your soap to hold your mug if it is large enough.
  • Option 2: If the towel hanger is within arm’s reach (very important) you can place your coffee mug on top of it. Just make sure to leave the shower curtain cracked a little so that your mug can see you. Coffee tends to have separation anxiety.
  • Option 3: Don’t actually wash but instead just hold the mug the entire time and enjoy the stress-relieving properties and relaxation of the shower coffee.
  • Option 4: If your toilet is within arm’s reach you can put the mug on top of it. Again, make sure that the shower curtain is slightly open.

Q: What do you do if you spill coffee on yourself?

A: Wash it off. 

Q: Can you drink more than one cup?

A: You can but you’ll most likely have to double-fist while going back and forth between mugs for sips. Otherwise, you run the risk of one getting a cold.

Q: Do you have to drink shower coffee in the morning?

A: Absolutely not. While shower coffee is a great way to start your day it’s also an excellent stress-relieving and rejuvenating experience that can be performed multiple times.

I’ve been known to have a shower coffee after a workout, as a mid-day break, or for no clear reason at all-around 2 pm. However, I do suggest staying away from caffeine after 2 pm as it may affect your sleep.


Coffee mug with heart shaped patter in it
I just want to take a moment to thank both the shower and the coffee. You’ve helped me so much over the years. Whether it’s been difficult break-ups, tough workouts, or work demands. You’ve never let me down and have always been there for me.

Are you a coffee drinker? If not, will you be trying one? 



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