One of my fondest memories growing up in Virginia is of my Grandmother. She’d always have a hot chocolate waiting for me after a long day of playing in the snow. Building snowmen, making snow angels, and writing your name snow works up a thirst. In I’d come, snot frozen on my upper lip and cheeks as red as tomatoes. I couldn’t wait to get my icy little hands on that warm cup of coco.

It’s like my Grandma had ESP or something. It was always ready for me right as I came in. Steaming hot and perfect for warming up my frozen little fingers.

But this was no ordinary hot chocolate. Never made with water. Only milk and filled with marshmallows. Not those mini ones, they melt too fast. You never get to enjoy them. And not those huge ones either. Those big boys block the flow of chocolatey goodness. All you get is a nostrel full of marshmellow fluff. Grandma used those in-between mallows. They never melted too fast or disrupted the flow of earth shattering coco to your lips.

But the coolest thing about this hot chocolate was the cinnamon stick added to it. Part straw, part spice, and all awesomeness. Grandma threw a couple of other things in there as well. Whipped cream, bittersweet chocolate chips, and a little heavy cream. Hashtag best hot chocolate of all time.

Like a fine wine or a good old fashioned this hot chocolate wasn’t meant to dump down the ol’hatch. Slamming the mug on the table and asking for another. A hot chocolate like this is crafted with the intention that you drink it slowly – and that’s what I always did.

Drinking it fast not only would have burned the shit out of my tongue but would have also disrespected Grandma. So much love and time was put into building this hot chocolate with the sole intention of putting a smile on my face.

My Grandmother passed away a few years ago. She’ll never know this, but those hot chocolates she made were never just hot chocolates.

They are a memories. Every time I drink a hot chocolate. Hell, every time I see a hot chocolate I’m taken back to the 8 year old version of me wearing He-Man snow boots and mittens. Unable to put my arms down like Randy from a Christmas story.

Christmas story

And every time I drink a hot chocolate or see a hot chocolate my day gets a little bit better.

So here’s a little challenge for you today. Hell, make it an entire week.

Challenge #1 – Do it slowly.

Pick 1 thing you enjoy and do it slowly. You just thought about sex didn’t you?

Slow down, breathe, and really enjoy whatever experience it is you’re having. Identify flavors and sensations. What are you noticing physically, mentally, and emotionally. Then journal about it. How was the experience done slowly versus are your normal speed.

Some simple ideas:

  • Eat slowly
  • Drink slowly
  • Kiss slowly
  • Brush your teeth slowly
  • Breathe slowly
  • Walk slowly
  • Think slowly
  • Talk slowly

Challenge #2 – Create a memory

Create a memory for someone. Take them on a new experience. Present them with a unique gift. Put your time, effort, and love into crafting an emotional experience someone will never forget. Use an old memory of yours as reference. Then journal about it. What was it like creating a memory for someone? How did you feel? How did they?

Officially the shortest article I’ve ever written… you’re welcome.



Photo credit – Hot chocolate with cinnamon sticks