Someone Could’ve Warned Me – Wk 8: I’m Sexy and I Know It (Pt.1)

Someone Could’ve Warned Me

Week 8: I’m Sexy and I Know It (Part 1)

Last week I had a chance to watch my uncle put on a fitness boot camp for a group of women in the community I grew up in. It would be easy for me to say it was pretty inspiring to watch first hand. They were knocking out non-stop workouts that would have any guy breathing heavy, if not doubled over. As I observed from my post, some dots started to connect in my head. These were mothers, wives, business owners, and involved community leaders, no doubt with busy schedules. They were happy, confident, and as Justin often terms things, they were in total “beast mode”, but there were only 4 of them. This is partly due to the way my uncle had set up the camp, but I couldn’t help but wonder why more women weren’t taking advantage of the opportunity. As I left my uncles gym, after a razzing from the ladies for not participating, I began to ponder a question. As men in society are we encouraging the women in our lives and allowing them the time to reach their personal fitness goals?

My wife doesn’t lack much confidence. As a former figure skater that has performed at a national level from a very early age, she has no problems putting herself in front of large crowds. Even when she became pregnant and added her baby weight she had no qualms letting me know I had married up. Because I’m a “guy”, and because I do really think she is hot, I check her out often.

Her favorite thing to do is to catch me in the act, look back over her shoulder and say “what? This old thing?” With a smile, I don’t pay much attention to the question as I dig the swagger she presents herself with. Now because my wife is magically blessed she hasn’t had to push herself very hard to get back down to her fighting wait.

On occasion though, she will comment that she wishes her arms were more toned, or she wants to firm up her legs. As most guys in that situation do, our instinct is to go straight for a compliment. “You look great babe”, or “I love you just the way you are,” are our quick responses because frankly we become uncomfortable. We know with any wrong move we may set off` a land mine. I think we maybe are dropping the ball a tad bit here fellas. Now this posed question is a bit relative, and I understand a lot hinges on different relationship situations, but just roll with me a minute. If your wife or girlfriend says she wishes she could improve something on her body more then once, do you really think your compliment carries much weight, or could she be saying “hey jackass help me out here”. So what can we as guys do?


If you’re just beginning a relationship, or have been together forever chances are, eating out, delivery, and boxed 10min meals are staples in your weekly diet. Pick up a cookbook guys or bust out the grill, its summer outside. Make your girl some healthy dinners. She’ll appreciate the gesture on multiple levels. Head to the grocery store and plan the meals out, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist or much time.

*As a finale you can do the dishes and allow her sometime to relax.


Handle some things around the house that you don’t normally do. Do the laundry, take the kids off her hands, and pick up around the house. Encourage her to use her newfound time to hit the gym or take a walk. Allowing her the time to pursue her goals may just score you sometime later for the things you want to do.

*Take your girl on a walk in the evenings, its good for your health and your relationship.


Honesty is always the best policy; so when she tells you the things she wants to improve, call her out a little bit. Ask her what she is doing to make it happen? Ask her what she needs to make it happen? And give her your blessing that you fully support her.

*When you give your blessing, mean what you say.


Only God knows why she chose to be with you out of everyone else. To me that carries a lot of weight. You will only get out of your relationship what you put into it. Lets be honest guys we want a hot, happy wife. Loving her and being selfless with the lengths you’ll go to show her is as important as anything.

Dig into your life guys and seek out the areas in which you can help out your mate. There are no tricks to this trade then just being available and present when she needs you. You’ll be surprised how taking some small steps for mankind can mean giant steps for your future together. Till next week!

Someone Could’ve Warned Me” WARNING: Rest easy this week ladies, because next week I’m coming after you, and the areas you can improve to help your man out. Consider yourselves warned.

Fitness Update

I’m going to use my fitness update to put a plug in for’s online habit chart and online habit tracker! Just another radical tool Justin is providing everyone to help define your lifestyle. You can find the links below.

online habit chart

online habit tracker

I received A steroid injection in my back this week, so other then getting in a daily walk, stretching and getting my diet back in full swing, I was told by doctors to take it easy. I hope to have some encouraging news for everyone next week. Keep taking advantage of the great workouts, tips, and motivation you can only find at

Paleo Recipe

Paleo Pizza


2 cups almond meal
2 eggs
3 tbsp olive oil
¼ tsp baking soda
1 tsp garlic powder
1 ½ tbsp fresh rosemary chopped

Toppings: Get creative here it’s your Pizza!

1 cup organic marinara sauce
1 lb Italian pork sausage (No nitrates, not the Jimmy Dean kind)
2 yellow summer squash diced
3 green onions chopped
Handful of torn basil leaves
2 small tomatoes diced
1/2 cup roasted red peppers diced
Handful of sliced black olives


1. Preheat your oven to 350.
2. Using a spoon mix all crust ingredients together until it becomes very thick.  Using your hands, form the dough into a ball.
3. Lightly grease a pizza pan or a cookie sheet with olive oil.
4. Place the ball of dough in the center of your cookie sheet or pizza pan & press out with hands. Make the dough as thin as possible.  Your pizza should be about 12 inches across.
5. Bake the crust ONLY in your pre-heated oven for 20 minutes.
6. Prepare your toppings.

After the crust if done, remove from the oven and evenly spread the marinara sauce over the crust.  Add the toppings
Bake again for an additional 25-30 minutes.