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Does this sound familiar?

I’ve constantly been saying I want to live a healthier life. I want to become a stronger, healthier, more energetic person. I want to eat a healthier diet and to be more confident. I’ve been saying this for ages. I’ll fall in and out of periods where I hit the gym and eat well, only to go back to not doing it anymore.”


You’re busier than ever and it’s hard not to get wrapped up in all the different roles you play in your life. Forgetting to take care of your health until it’s too late. Promising you’ll start on Monday. Only to repeat the same thing over again. If so, you’ve come to the right place.

But before moving on it’s important that we’re honest with each other

  • Almost nobody sticks to a diet
  • Most people struggle to diet and exercise consistently
  • It’s not a workout and nutrition problem. It’s a balancing everything life throws at us problem.

To help you, I write simple, practical, and rational fitness and life advice that doesn’t suck. Together, we’ll focus on the 20% that works 80% of the time and forget the rest.

Best of all, I give 98% of all my material away for FREE.


Take back control of your health, fitness, and life


Life is much different from when you were younger. You can no longer workout and eat as you use to (late-night fast food runs are out of the question). You’ve got more stress and more responsibilities, And less time and energy to be consistent with exercise and nutrition.

Finding a work-life balance is a real struggle.

You want to change your exercise, nutrition, and sleeping habits. You want to reduce stress. But you just can’t seem to muster up the motivation and willpower to stay consistent. Trying to keep everyone in the family happy, while also keeping yourself happy and healthy is a real challenge.

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You’re confused and overwhelmed by conflicting fitness and nutrition information.


You’re hard on yourself and often self sabotage.


You used to be in shape but are struggling to get your fitness habit back.


You’ve never worked out before and lack confidence in and out of the gym.


You’re constantly riding the motivation roller coaster. Ready to get at it one day. Throwing in the towel the next.


You struggle to make yourself a priority. Work, family, everything and everyone else comes before you.


You’re smart, educated, and know what to do, but struggle to do it

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How This Site Is Different

I realize that there are a lot of health and fitness sites and that I have to earn your trust and respect with every article, video, and newsletter that I make.

  • It takes a different approach to living a healthier life then most “expert” sites. I don’t waste time debating minutia here. Like whether or not you should eat a banana before bed.
  • I don’t just tell you what you should be doing. I show you how to do it and how to make it stick.
  • Health is a broad term. Part of creating a healthier lifestyle involves mastering your emotions, managing stress, strengthening your mindset, and finding a greater satisfaction in all the roles you play.
  • Simple, practical, and rational information. You get the 20% that works 80% of the time.
  • It’s a place you can go and expect people to identify with your situation and understand the steps needed to address it.

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Meet Justin Miller

Hi. I’m Justin. A personal trainer, GGS – Menopause specialist, Mac Nutrition Uni licensed Nutritionist, body transformation specialist, and repeat joke offender.

I currently work with clients in Cerritos, California, and online using my F.A.S.T nutrition protocol.

People don’t want to lose weight. They want to be happy, have less stress, and be an awesome person that can do rad shit. They want to live up to their potential, and not feel held back from living the life they want and deserve. I help people become that person.

Additional certifications

  • Crossfit level 1
  • OTC online trainer
  • NSCA Personal trainer
  • Precision Nutrition Level 2 
  • GGS – Menopause specialist
  • Sleep, stress, and recovery specialist 
  • Poliquin Institute, PICP1 strength coach
  • Specialist in nutrition for metabolic health


  • Mac Nutrition Uni, Nutritionist
  • The University of San Francisco, M.S in Sport Management

Areas of expertise

  • Strength training, weight loss, nutrition coaching, new to fitness, weightlifting, wellness, habit building, mindset, menopause, and psychology.


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Personal coaching


My mission is to show you how to make better health and fitness choices more consistently. So you can build a body and life that you’re proud of without the gym or your diet taking it over.

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