Stop making health and fitness way too hard on yourself

Tired dog being pulled

Hey! Stop making health and fitness way too hard on yourself.

Today I am going to give you simple, practical, and straight-to-the-point tips so you can stop fucking around when it comes to your health.

But before we dive in I have some bad news…

Bad news #1: It’s going to take longer than you want it to.

Honestly, it’s going to take forever.


Because once you achieve your goal it doesn’t stop. You simply adjust a little. But you keep doing the same simple boring things over and over again.

  • You keep getting in your steps.
  • You keep resistance training 2-4 times per week.
  • You keep going to bed at a decent hour.
  • You keep making mostly balanced plates at home that provide you with enough calories for your goals.

Bad news #2: You’re not always going to be motivated

We’re actually always motivated. We just have competing motivations.

You can be motivated to work out and be motivated to watch TV. The one that is more pleasurable and easier to do will often win out.

Bad news #3: It’s going to be boring

See bad news #1.

You’ll be doing the same boring things over and over again. Sure, you can change your workout up, eat different meals, and adjust your environment.

But it will always get boring again and that’s because it is.

Bad news #4: You’re going to feel like you don’t have time

Something will always come up.

Someone is always going to want your time.

You’re going to feel bad about making time for yourself when others want your time too.

✅ Now that we got all of that sad depressing stuff out of the way. On to the tips 😉

Stop fucking around tip #1: Make it easier on yourself by fixing your environment.

People underestimate how impactful their environment is. They believe all they need is more willpower and motivation.

If you want to do more of something make it easier to do.

If you want to do less of something make it harder to do.

  • Make food you have a hard time moderating unavailable or harder to get to.
  • Have food you want to eat more of always on hand and easier to get to.
  • Always overeat with a particular group of friends? Time to have a conversation with them letting them know you’re trying to fix your shit and you need their help.

Stop fucking around tip #2: Create a menu for yourself

This menu consists of a variety of options for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, with 2-3 choices for breakfast, 2-3 choices for lunch, and 2-3 choices for dinner.

It should also include 1 “Oh shit I forgot to make something, I don’t feel like eating this, or I’m going to be social today meal.”

These meals could be no to low prep, more in-depth, or meals you pick up or order for delivery when in a pinch. It’s up to you, your preferences, and your lifestyle demands.

The idea is to have meals that you enjoy, are familiar with making, and meet your needs. Whether that be weight loss, muscle gain, or maintenance.

Stop fucking around tip #3: Ask yourself what you’re refusing to do

Most of us consistently fail because there is something we’re refusing to do.

  • Putting workouts on our calendar and honoring that time
  • Going to the grocery store or ordering groceries 1-2 times per week
  • Creating a simple menu for ourselves until we build a consistent eating routine
  • Having difficult conversations with people we spend time with about the changes we want to make
  • Asking for help instead of being stubborn and trying to do it on our own


I just caught you.

You were totally thinking, “But, Justin I can’t do X, Y, Z because of A, B, C.”


  • Is it simply because you’re refusing to do the thing?
  • Is it because you’re afraid to have a difficult conversation with friends, family, or loved ones?
  • Is it because you don’t have the knowledge or skill to do the thing?
  • Is it because you’re physically exhausted?
  • Is it because you can’t afford it?

Answer the question and then solve that problem first.

Stop fucking around tip #4: Show yourself some grace

I know this email is sorta like me virtually slapping you.

You’re going to screw this up a lot.

The most important thing is to show yourself some compassion and pick yourself up right where you left off.

There are 365 days in a year. Feel free to fuck up a few of them.