Struggles, success, and bliss: Some success stories to fire you up.

A while back I got a chance to connect with some pretty cool folks that answered a question I threw out at the readers. I got some pretty cool responses the question “How has chaining your eating and exercise habits effected your life?”

It’s really amazing that everyone was really open to sharing…. some saying too much 😀 JK!

Below are some responses I thought some of you could really relate to. I hope they help and if any of you need help with any struggles just shout me an email. I am more than happy to brain storm some solutions with you.

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Irene Ross, @yetmorehealth

Absolutely! While I was always pretty fitness and wellness-oriented, I went through a really horrible two-year period–deaths, family emergencies, you name it. I’d no sooner get over one crisis than another one would start. As a result, I gained weight, my blood pressure dangerously shot up (and it was always very low), my energy was low, etc. Finally I got sick and tired of being sick and tired–and was basically my own client (I’m a nutrition and wellness coach). I ate mostly plant-based, exercised, paid a lot of attention to self-care. Lost all the weight, blood pressure went way down (100/60), energy shot up, etc. Feel and look great!

It is really hard to make our own health and fitness a priority. Here’s a little thing I do to “trick” myself: I keep a time management chart and even write in things like time for my own fitness or self-care–or even sometimes eating (We can all forget when we get busy). i review it several times a day to be sure I’m on track–sometimes we do need to be flexible, but it helps.

Angela K. Holcomb-Halfmann

Absolutely. Two years ago I was diagnosed with a rare cancer that needless to say, shook up my world beyond recognition. I immediately ‘amped up’ the nutrition with fresh juicing 5-7X a day through treatment and daily cardio through treatment and beyond. Cancer-free, I now maintain a Paleo-minded nutrition plan and have added Pilates, meditation, and massage to may daily conditioning routine. I think so many making lifestyle changes approach it with an ‘all or nothing’ attitude, which will fail them over time. It’s about finding a balance you can live with long-term. And incorporating activities that nourish the spirit is mandatory element of maintaining whole wellness.

Ben Cohen-Leadholm  @fitness_tech

Due to CrossFit and going Paleo, I’ve dropped 15 pounds (from 200 to 185 lbs.) and I’ve reduced my body fat percentage by 4% (from 14% to 10%). Feel incredible.

Going strict Paleo was hard with wife and child who aren’t Paleo. Meant making them slightly different meals. Also realized early on that it’s OK if you’re not 100% strict, because any improvement in less grains and dairy is better. Lastly, only took a few times eating out at restaurants to realize that it’s not that hard to keep Paleo even when you’re not cooking.

Carrie James

Yes, I have lost 13 lbs. and went from a size 8 to a size 6 just in the last 3 months of doing strict Paleo and CrossFit. And I keep dropping inches. It’s awesome, I’m hooked!

Absolutely more confidence, and I just feel stronger. I’ve never been good at traditional sports, but I’m pretty good at olympic lifting, so I feel like I’ve finally found my “sport”, which is pretty exciting! And doing something that no one else in my company of 60+ people is doing is pretty cool as well. Sets me apart from everyone else, which I like. 🙂

Lee Mineo

Just love your articles Justin! 
Yes, with the help of an incredible crossfit trainer, who has also helped me with an eating plan …..and yes I’m a Bikram fanatic too ……. the weight has dropped off, I have an incredible amount of energy, fitness and strength (both physically and mentally) …… I now have a 2 pack … working towards the 4 … and ultimately a 6 ………… we are ensuring that it’s a change of lifestyle and not a short-term fix ….. the so-called “sacrifices & discipline” ….. when you’re feeling this fantastic they just don’t exist ….. and I could never go back to where I was 12 months ago ….. my lifestyle/life has changed and I’m here to stay 🙂

Sheri Richter, PHR

I have been on my CrossFit journey for 1.5 yrs and have dramatically improved my health and appearance. I have lost 30 lbs; decreased body fat by 10% just in the last year (I didn’t get my body fat measured until I was over 6 mos in); went from a size 18 to a size 14 (occasionally sneaking into a 12).

Healthwise…my cholesteral has returned to the normal range, I no longer have borderline high glucose numbers, & I’m just a happier person. I also qualify for the largest discount for my health insurance premiums through work. I still have a long way to go (would like to drop another 30-40 lbs); but in time I will get there. Thanks for asking the question; It’s nice to be reminded about all that we can accomplish through CrossFit & following a paleo lifestyle.

Norris Lineweaver

Thank you, Justin. Both MaLes and I are 67. :>)

My wife requires a 
gluten-free diet. I have learned to join her in that diet. It is clear to 
us as a household (admittedly simpler for us than larger families) to share 
a commitment to a change in lifestyle we enjoy together. Important to make 
it fun and not a chore. Food addiction is not fun. Dumped the soft 
drinks, chips and cook with olive oil.

We choose restaurants who actively 
support gluten-free and have small portion offerings including low-calorie 
soups and fresh salads (Panera’s is a favorite at home and during travels 
and love to see the bakery, but politely turn down). We view the entree as 
our dessert. We pay attention to labels (especially sugar, sodium, gluten 
content) on foods at the grocery store until we become accustomed to best 
choices that become the new habit in shopping. Lot’s of fresh fruits and 
vegetables. I am vulnerable to gout, so I consume more red fruits and 
drink lot’s of water laced with black cherry extract as a natural control 
for uric acid build-up.

Exercise is social at the Y or on a beautiful day 
with our wanna be sled dog on a 2.5 mile paved trail in the state park 
adjacent to where we live. Stretching with yoga like exercises after a 
work out. Exercises that promote balance and flexibility we learned 
together from a licensed exercise coach (experience working with our age 
group). Prescribed strength conditioning on Cybex circuit monitored by 
FitLinxx that keeps a personal exercise diary for each of us. This comes 
with our Y membership. Would love to hear and read about decisions made by 
others, especially in our age group.

My wife and I were both diagnosed with pre-diabetes 5 years ago while on my last assignment before retirement from the Middle East. Both of us decided to enroll together in a new diabetes prevention program at the YMCA. The 16 week plan is based on evidence tested by IU Medical School Regenstrief Institute. Basically, we learned how to eat healthy by making better choices and building routine exercise into our lifestyle. Our physicians are happy with our success. Now we get up in the morning without pain and enjoy a more active lifestyle together and feeling better. Blood panels for both of us indicate substantially lower risk for diabetes. We are grateful for good medicine but what we learned is best results came from a change in our lifestyle no doctor could do for us.

John Kelly

I believe exercise/fitness has actually saved my live on several occasions, ill tell you two of them briefly: 
1) A main artery was severed behind my nose once, and the doctors could not stop the bleeding. I was in hospital for 27 days and had 4 operations, after the last operation while I was still in recovery – I woke up for a second then flat-lined, I actually heard the machine as my heart stopped, anyway they resuscitated me and told me later it was due to my fitness level that my heart was able to start again. 
2) Some years back I fell into a state of depression and literally the only thing I did for months was abuse my body daily with alcohol. It was the love for training/exercise that pulled me out of that depression and now remains a constant in my life. Mind – Body – Soul!

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