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Doing work that you truly love and find rewarding might be one of the most difficult processes you’ll ever embark on in life. On a personal note It took me years to figure out what I wanted to do with my life and how I could contribute to something more than just myself.

Overcoming fear, self-doubt, and personal insecurities make the process even more difficult. Add to that an already secure and stable life and it might not seem worth the risk to pursue something else.

But what if there is this uncontrollable fire burning inside of you that never goes away? It’s constantly being lit and nearly impossible to put out. The fire is calling your to pursue something bigger, something more, something you know you should be doing but aren’t.

I want to introduce you to another success story and my friend Tim Flores. We first connected a few years ago when Tim sent me an email asking about procrastination. After   exchanging a few emails back and forth with him we both got busy with “Life,” (no excuse) and had not spoken in a while. Then, out of nowhere I received this email from him.

Hey Justin,

My name is Tim Flores and 2 years ago I emailed you responding to an article you had written on what we struggle with, and my response to you was procrastination (the example I used was painting my room lol). You were kind enough to even mention me in one of your articles!

Well it’s now 2 years later, and I wanted to share with you where I am now, and whats happened since that fateful email conversation! 

When I wrote to you, I had just taken a break from managing nightclubs, and I wasnt sure where I wanted to go and what I wanted to do. One thing I did know was that I enjoyed working out, enjoyed sharing that passion, and had reached out to you partly because I found what you did so inspiring. At the time I had an idea that I could do something similar, to inspire others and make a positive impact.

This year, I made that dream a reality. I mentioned to you that i was a big fan of Shaun T, and his insanity programs, something I was doing at the time that was shaping my love of fitness into more than just a hobby.

In March, 160 ppl were given the opportunity to audition in front of Shaun for his newest fitness program, and only 22 ppl were chosen. I was one of those people, and spent the next 2 months training, and filming, alongside Shaun!

The program is called Insanity Max 30, and its an experience that has changed my life. I am now a Beachbody Coach, and a certified insanity instructor.

I’m writing this to you not to gloat, but to say Thank You. I know you’ve made an impact on so many people’s lives, and your interaction and taking the time to chat with me, even briefly through email, has stayed with me.

There’s so much more to the story I would love to share with you, and it’d be an honor to keep in touch if you wouldn’t mind.

I’ve added a link for you to check out the ‘trailer’ for Max 30, and feel free to find me on Facebook and Instagram if you like!

looking forward to speaking with you soon, and thanks so much for taking the time to read this!

All the best,

Tim Flores

I was so stoked (got a little goose bumpy, not going to lie) to get this email from him. I had to interview him to hear all about his transformation and to share his story with you.

With out further ado I give you Tim

Tim Flores

Limitless365:Our first contact with one another was through an email. You were struggling with procrastination at that time (painting a room) but together we came up with a strategy of just making one stroke on the wall with your paint brush. That led to an entire room being painted! What did you learn from this experience and has it helped at all since then?

Tim: It’s all about the small changes you make! So many times we get caught up in making these massive changes. We tell ourselves ‘tomorrow I’m going to get up crazy early, and accomplish all my goals and I’m going to turn my life around and it never happens.

Or you wake up and only get 2 things done out of your list of 20, or you only sustain it for a week and then go right back to what you were doing, all the while wondering what the heck is wrong with you and why nothing is changing. And I’ve been that person. Sometimes I still am!

But one thing that stemmed from our first conversation and that’s really been brought home over the last few months is that change really does take time. But it doesn’t have to be this massive undertaking. It’s the smallest changes we make over time that ultimately lead to massive change and that is the key to success. It’s a mindset I’ve adopted and its something I apply daily now.

Limitless365: What was your life like before becoming a Beachbody Coach and what is it like now?

Tim: My Quality of life for sure. I’ve spent the better part of a decade working in Hospitality on various levels. Over the last few years I had managed Nightclubs and Lounges in NYC and it can become extremely stressful, take a toll on your mental and physical health, and be overall draining. Exercise for me was an escape and something I enjoyed that took me away from the stress. Now, that’s what I do for a living and its a passion I share with anyone and everyone who’ll listen!

Limitless365: How have you changed as a person since transitioning from a career you knew was not what you wanted to a new one that is?

Tim: I think the biggest change is that I’ve become more positive. I’ve always been a positive person but being in a job or a place in life that makes you unhappy is something that can develop an unhappiness in even the most positive of people.

My unhappiness was an underlying thing that grew gradually. My experiences as a coach and a fitness instructor has brought out a positive outlook that I’ve never had before! That isn’t to say I don’t have my bad days, we’re all human, but overall my outlook every day is always a positive one.

Limitless365: What was the most difficult part when transitioning from the nightclubs to becoming a Beachbody coach?

Tim: Fear!

It’s such a difficult and intangible emotion to push through sometimes. Despite my unhappiness, it’s daunting to go from something you’re great at, to something you’ve never done, and have no idea how to even approach! Thankfully I’ve gotten some great support and direction from other like-minded people who have become great friends over the last year.

Limitless365: Where did you feel resistance when moving from one career to another (yourself/personal, others, etc…) How were you able to push past it?

Tim: Like I mentioned above fear can be such a powerful emotion. But at the end of the day, its ony false evidence appearing real (f.e.a.r.). Again, just like I struggled with procrastination, it’s something I still struggle with at times. There’s a transitional period you go through when you move from one field to another and the first time you do it, it can be daunting. So much to learn!

What happens if I fall flat on my face? Is this even worth it?

My biggest challenge, just like anyone else’ who’s trying to do something a bit unconventional, was getting out of my own way. BUT! life is all about taking chances, doing crazy things and having a story to tell, so adopting that mindset definitely helped me.

Limitless365: What made you want to pursue this career path?

Tim: I love helping people, making a positive impact on others lives I think is the best way to make a difference while we’re here. My Father was a substance abuse counselor for 16 years before passing away and he changed so many people’s lives, even though there wasn’t any payoff aside from knowing you helped someone get better. I wanted to do something that really honored him and it’s a big driving force in my life.

Limitless365: What was the process to discovering this is as a career path? (how did you know this is what you should be doing?

Tim: Going back to the idea that small changes and habits develop over time, the journey to where I am began like so many others, with something small.

My best friend introduced me to a program called Insanity by a guy named Shaun T. At the time I had never heard of it, nor him, and the first time I tried it I almost quit! But over time I got better and started to really push myself, and saw some amazing changes in my body that I had never seen before!

At the time I was reading a book called the “The Four Hour Work Week“, by Tim Ferris. Early on in the book he recommends a challenge he had taken, which was to find someone you believe impossible to contact and go find and talk to them.

So here I am, managing one of the biggest hotel rooftops in NYC, thinking, I’ve become such a huge fan of Shaun T! I wanna meet this guy! So I did some research and found his agent worked not too far from where I was, so I reached out. We had a couple of brief conversations but nothing ever came of it and I moved forward and changed jobs not really trying any more, even though in the back of my head its become this goal of mine to meet this person that has now changed my life.

Fast forward 2 years, and I’m in an unhappy place. I take some time off from managing, just like I had right after that first correspondence with you Justin. 2 days before I’m supposed to leave for Peru for vacation I get a text from a friend saying Shaun T is having an audition in NYC for his newest program. Through a series of unfortunate (at the time) events I end up missing my flight to Peru and can’t get another one. So I take a chance and email this agent I hadn’t spoken to in a couple of years and they were kind enough to get me into the audition last-minute.

Over a 2 day period I audition and get cast for Insanity Max 30. For the next 2 months I trained and filmed alongside Shaun himself, someone I had spent the last 2 years trying to meet. From that experience it led me to become an Insanity Instructor, fitness coach, and helping others to become a greater version of themselves. Making a positive impact on people in their health and in their life.

Limitless365: Small steps or an all-in approach for achieving goals? Or does it depend on the circumstances?

Tim: I think there will always be times where you’ll need to vary your approach, but for a major change that will STICK, I definitely believe in the power of small steps over time. It really is the little habits, things we do daily that define where we go in life.

Limitless365: Any people, books, or other influences that have helped you along the way?

Tim: I love the concept of big ideas, I’m a huge fan of science fiction, and a lot of science fiction can present these big concepts that can be very hopeful in many ways. Imagination is so important in developing yourself as a person, I feel like today we get so caught up in taking things so seriously. For me, the love of big ideas really opened me up to a different type of learning and a different, more creative approach.

  • I’m a huge fan of Tim Ferris, this is what his books are all about. Being better, more efficient, making the most out of who you are, and his approach on learning has been so valuable to me.
  • The Slight Edge,” by Jeff Olson
  • The Compound Effect,” by Darren Hardy are also books that have really influenced how I approach and look at things in my life in terms of how I look at everything from efficiency, to business, to life in general!

Limitless365: Any tips you’d like to give the L365 community? Especially those that are struggling with their career, purpose, or health?

Tim: Don’t give up on your dreams, don’t think they’re silly, or that it will never happen. Never; give into that pessimistic voice in your head that says you can’t.You’re not that voice. The person you are capable of being, the greater version of you, isn’t that voice. Don’t give into the people who ask why or look at you sideways when you put out an idea that sounds ludicrous. Remember, the people who matter don’t mind, and the people who mind don’t matter.

Focus on taking that smell step today, and continue, one step at a time, every day. I promise you, you will get there. Lastly, don’t be frustrated by the process. It’s the Journey that’s the most important, and what defines us at the end of our lives. So go out there and have your adventures, dream big, don’t give up!!

What We Can Learn From Tim


1. Change can take time. Many of us don’t have the patience to stay with something consistently enough to actually give it a chance to develop. Patience and persistence are virtues that when developed can lead to dramatic and amazing changes in your life, especially when it comes to your health.

2. Most of us would rather dream about doing something amazing that actually taking one small step towards it.

This reminds me of a conversation I had with someone the other day. She mentioned that she has always wanted to start meditating (because of the benefits she KNOWS that it can create in her life). When I asked her why she hasn’t started yet she said it was because she doesn’t have 20 to 30 minutes in her day to get it in.

I then asked her why she doesn’t just start with 1 minute per day and go from there?

The point is you don’t have to be perfect or even get it right at first. Just get started!

3. Despite being unhappy in his previous career (nightclubs), FEAR kept him from pursuing his love of fitness and coaching. Tim changed his mindset by viewing fear as (False, Evidence, Appearing, Real) and consistently reminding himself of this. He also sought out support from like-minded people and others that were doing what he wanted to do. The LimitlessBODY Blueprint has a community of like-minded people if you’re looking to change your body, mind, and fitness.

4. Often when trying to stay motivated to achieve a goal we look inwards or to ourselves. Tim found motivation from an outside source. He looked to his late father, a substance abuse counselor who was able to change so many life’s for the better despite a lack of notoriety or financial rewards. 

If you’re looking to become the healthiest version of yourself and make significant changes to your body how will these changes benefit the lives of the people closest to you? Will you have more energy to play with your kids? Will you be more enthusiastic and excited to try new things with other loved ones? 

5. He just WENT FOR IT! Tim wanted to meet Shaun T of the Insanity program. Instead of day dreaming about it he did his homework and found Shaun’s agent and sent an email (worst case scenario is he hears nothing back). This initial email/connection led to an audition 2 years later for Shaun’s new fitness program. His agent remembered him and found a last-minute audition spot for Tim.

Tim didn’t get a case of “Why Me Syndrome” or “I’m Not Good Enough-itis” to be chosen for Shaun’s new program. Wayne Gretzky said it best, “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.” What are you waiting for?

6. In order to create lasting change Tim recommends focusing on making one small change at a time. For example, if your health and fitness is a mess and you know you need to change it in order to live a life without limits what is one small step you can make to put you on the path to LimitlessFITNESS? 

7. The process of creating change in your life can be frustrating at times but also fun. Fall in love with the process and embrace the challenge. It makes it that much more rewarding in the end. Jeremy Dean over at one of my favorite sites, Psyblog, covers this topic a little bit.

So what are you waiting for? Start creating change today just like Tim by focusing on one small task that build momentum.

Want to connect with Tim? You can find him on Facebook here and on Instagram @max30tim

Live Limitless,


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