Success story: Lose 10 pounds in 3 months. How, Jim did it.

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My goal was always to develop a plan that worked for me after our time together was over, which you helped me do. I worked with, Jim for 3 months. During that time he was able to lose around 10 pounds and lose inches around his waist.

Here’s how my client, Jim lost 10 pounds in 3 months.

lose 10 pounds in 3 months

More importantly, he was able to create structure and habits that have him feeling confident he can do this on his own, FOREVER.

As a coach that is always my goal for you. I realize no one wants to work with me forever.

Hell, I don’t want to work with you forever either. We want to get you to a place where you’ve built a strong, confident, and capable body. And that you can keep it on your own for the rest of your life.

Today, I wanted to go over some of the wins, Jim experienced and show you exactly how we made small changes that led to big progress so that you can get started on your own fitness journey.

Testimonial from Jim

The Wins

A few of the wins, Jim experienced during our 3 months together. 

  • Changing his environment to limit temptations and reduce stress and emotional eating
  • Taking short breaks during meals to assess physical hunger and fulness cues
  • Learning various ways to monitor portion sizes
  • Moving more and being more active (increasing steps and walks)
  • Becoming a more mindful and intuitive eater
  • Making small adjustments and simple swaps that still allow for enjoying foods he loves
  • Losing 10 pounds and inches around the waist in 3 months
  • Building strength and training consistently

Yes, if weight loss is your goal it can be exciting to see the scale trending down. However, if that’s the only goal you’ll be very frustrated with the process. It’s important to recognize and celebrate all your wins on your fitness journey. Never forget, moving your body more and eating well are the ultimate forms of self-care. Regardless of what the scale says. 

How We Did It

Testimonial, Jim on weight loss

Week 1: Onboarding and food journal

I start every client with a one-week onboarding phase with a food journal. This allows them to get comfortable with my coaching app, communicate with me regularly, set aside time for the program, and let us learn about what they’re actually doing versus what they think they’re doing.

With the food log, we can analyze what’s going well, not as well as they would like, and focus on the lowest-hanging fruit to start getting results.

We also set up a regular strength training program that worked with Jim’s lifestyle, preferences, and time commitments. We made adjustments on a regular basis based on the results he was getting and comfortability with the program.

Week 2-3: Balanced plates and food journaling

Balanced plates onboarding

Based on Jim’s client questionnaire, current challenges, and food journal we agreed that focusing on creating and eating mostly balanced plates, and continuing the food journal was the best course of action.

We analyzed what and how much he was eating and where we could make small adjustments to help him lose fat and increase energy.

Week 4-5: Purposely wait 4-6 hours and food journal

We started to notice some mindless snacking and nibbling and choose to focus on purposely waiting 4 to 6 hours between meals.

This was an opportunity to check in with hunger cues. Was, he physically hungry during this time, or was it something else (angry, lonely, tired, bored, stressed, just because the food was there, etc…)

Week 6-7: Calorie/nutritional awareness and food journal

We continued with the food journal and other practices but began focusing on creating more calorie and nutritional awareness. We did not track calories or macronutrients during this phase.

Instead, we got an idea of his calorie and protein needs and started reading nutritional labels, menus when dining out, and serving sizes as a way to create more awareness around what and how much he was eating.

Week 8-9: Eat more mindfully

Towards the end of our work together we added in some mindful eating practices to build on the hunger and appetite awareness she created. During this 2-week stretch, we were able to eat slowly, improve digestion, and eat less without changing the food he ate. Because he was eating slower and without distraction, he was better able to assess when he was 80% full.

Week 10+: Tracked portions

Onboarding truecoach 2

We wrapped up coaching by tracking portions. We used the hands and sometimes a food scale to be more precise.

Based on his results, energy levels, mood, and appetite we made adjustments.

What You Can Do With This Information?

When most people decide they want to make changes to their fitness the changes they make are too big, drastic, and restrictive.

This is usually done out of desperation and the desire to achieve results yesterday.

It’s important to get early wins to help with motivation and buy-in. But not at the expense of sustainability and long-term results.

Use, Jim’s success story as an opportunity to slow down a bit. Make one or two adjustments to what you’re currently doing.

Once those changes are happening consistently add another change or two if needed.


Photo by Ello on Unsplash