SUCCESS STORY: Meet Prenisha! Down 68 pounds and off her diabetes medication and on Paleo.


Good morning all! I happy to introduce you to my friend Prenisha and her really sweet success story. As you know by now one of my favorite things about writing on this site is connecting individually with readers.

Prenisha emailed me a few months back and simply said:

I love the Paleo lifestyle and the 31 kilograms I’ve lost, not to mention I’ve been able to kick my diabetes medication to the curb!

I had to email her back to get her story featured on the site. Luckily, she was more than happy to share with you all how she:

  • Lost 31 kilograms (68 pounds) since September 2103.
  • Created healthy habits that have been fun and easy for her to maintain.
  • Got off her diabetes medication.
  • Found more energy and better sleep.
  • Created a NEW mindset for herself full optimism and happiness.

Anywho, enough of my rambling… Meet Prenisha!

Limitless365: Before we get started tell us a bit about yourself Prenisha. Who are you, what are you into, what’s your story?

Prenisha: I’m all the way from South Africa, a stay at home mom to an energetic 2-year-old. All I can say is I’m a new person now thanks to a Paleo lifestyle. I could shout my happiness from a mountain top (or from a roof top)  because now I can actually climb, hike or trail up one without having a heart attack 🙂

Limitless365: What was your health and fitness history before going Paleo, dropping 31kg’s, and getting off of your diabetes medication? What was a typical day like?

Prenisha: Basically non-existent! I was over weight, sluggish. Unhappy and seriously unhealthy. I’d struggle to get up in the mornings and feel sluggish and slow through out the day. I Wasn’t sleeping well, I couldn’t keep up with my 2-year-old son, and I ate all kinds of processed rubbish. I was stuffing my face with junk foods. I couldn’t move properly having had 8 knee op’s and being overweight put immense pressure on it.

Limitless365: Why did you start to go Paleo and how exactly did you get started?

Prenisha: I started Paleo in September of 2013 because after reading and researching about it Paleo for me was a total lifestyle change, a rethinking, reshaping my relationship with food.

I got started as I stumbled upon a group on Facebook and it peaked my curiosity. Did some reading up on it and the next day I started my new life.

Limitless365: What were some of the difficulties that you had when transitioning to Paleo and what did you do to overcome them?

Prenisha: First, the detox was horrible. Headaches nausea my mood was so awful. I guess I was really addicted. I live among my family who doesn’t follow a Paleo lifestyle. So I didn’t have any support system to help me and I really needed one, I then found a support group online. At first I used to sit and crave all the bad foods as I watched my family and friends eat it. Also the preparing ahead of time, but I’ve learnt to be unprepared is preparing for a slip back into old habits..

* Note from Justin: If you have not already, please read: 30 Truths in 30 Days: The first 30 Days of Paleo and What to Expect.

Limitless365: How did you measure your progress along the way and how long did it take for you to see results?

Prenisha: I weighed before I started so that I knew. I also used a measuring tape and the first week I lost over 25 cms. The end of the first month I weighed in and lost 9 kgs. The most I had lost in what felt like forever.

Limitless365: What were the most important factors in keeping you motivated and staying on course?

Prenisha: My health has improved significantly. I was on chronic 1000g glucophage twice a day for my diabetes. Three months on Paleo my GP advised I could stop as long as I continue my new eating habits.

The weight loss of course. Being a woman who has struggled with weight loss and being big her whole life, it boost my confidence and self-esteem and lastly it has helped me with my PCOS (Polycystic ovary syndrome).

Limitless365: Have you tried other “diets” or “exercise programs?” Why did you not stay with them?

Prenisha: Oh yes! I’ve tried pills, drops, cutting bread and starches. I’ve tried the home exercises dvds etc. I was unsuccessful because after months I still felt awful, sluggish, and never saw any significant results.

Limitless365: How did your diabetes play a part in this journey?

Prenisha: I was 22 years old when I was diagnosed with diabetes. For 3 years I battled with it and constant high sugar readings. Having both my parents being diabetic I vowed I would never get to that point. I didn’t want to be insulin dependent . Thankfully, I’ve been able to change my lifestyle in time before I got to that point.

Limitless365: How did friends, family, and other loved ones respond when you told them about Paleo? picmix-22.255

Prenisha: Typical response was, “Oh so it’s another crash diet? How long will you last on it? You know these things never work!”

Thankfully, I have been extremely motivated by what I have researched about Paleo and forged on. Simply put, you can’t deny the amazing results. They really speak for themselves.

Limitless365: Aside from the physical changes what other changes have you noticed about yourself since dropping the 31 kg and getting off of your diabetes meds?

Prenisha: I sleep better and I have so much energy I feel I could bounce around. I’m honestly happier and healthier and I get excited about new challenges, and about life in general. I smile more often. I love exercising and being active!

Limitless365: What’s next for you in the life of Prenisha?

Prenisha: Sticking with Paleo, telling as many people as I can about this all-natural miracle high I found 🙂

Limitless365: Any last tips and tricks you have for the L365 crew?

Prenisha: It’s good to remember preparation with your meals. Set aside time out to get your body moving. Lastly, when embracing Paleo remember it’s not a “diet.” You’re making a Lifestyle change for the better and that change starts in your mind.


1. She threw away the term “diet:” Prenisha understood that the journey she was about to explore was not a quick-fix or some temporary act. Paleo for her was not simply some other fad diet it was a completely lifestyle change. One that emphasized more real food and natural movement. The nutritional, exercise, sleep, and mindset habits she was about to embrace had more to do with long-term health goals. The short-term results she saw were a bonus that she used to keep her motivated along the way.

2. She kept track of her progress: You never really know what’s working unless you measure it. I get in a ton of discussions with various nutritional experts and when the topic of results comes up I always ask the questions “Prove it to me.” If you’ve got great results I want to see it whether it be in the form of a journal that details the improvements with your confidence, energy, enthusiasm for life. Or by taking body fat tests, weight dropping on the scale, or girth measurements. How do you know what you are doing is actually working if you don’t keep track?

Prenisha tracked her progress through multiple methods. She jumped on the scale, took body measurements with a tape measure, noticed changes in how she felt week by week both physically and mentally, took pictures, and let her medical results speak for themselves.

3. She stopped looking for time: The importance of creating time for your health is so important. You and I have talked about it before on this site but it could use some repeating. If you want to get healthier it has to become a priority. You’re going to have to create time for it instead of trying to find the time for it.

  • Scheduling workouts and making them an appointment with yourself that can not be broken.
  • Deciding on a consistent time to prep your meals for the day and sticking with it.
  • Dedicating time to practice an optimistic attitude.
  • Creating a sleep schedule so that you can maximize cognitive function and energy.

These are just a few things that you may have to do in order to achieve the results that you’re seeking.

4. She understood that this was not just a physical journey: Most of you already know that you need to eat right, exercise consistently, and sleep in order to become a healthier person. However, it’s not that simple is it? Prenisha understood that in order to find success she was going to need to change her mindset.

Unfortunately change doesn’t occur in a straight line. It has its ups and downs, moves forwards and backwards, and sometimes it even does this little loop-de-loop kinda thing. Understanding motivation, habits, willpower, and mindset are just a few other variables that you may need to understand in order to really embrace life altering changes.

I  just wanted to thank Prenisha again for telling us a little bit about her journey.  Have you made some really cool physical, mental, career, relationships, or other life altering changes that you’d like to share with the L365 community? Give me a shout as I’d love to hear all about it and share your story on the site.

Live limitless,


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