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So… What’s your philosophy?

When I do coaching consultations with potential clients 80% of the time I get asked some version of the questions…

“so what’s your philosophy?”


“what’s your program?

It’s a fair question but also nearly impossible to answer.

Every client has their own personal preferences, struggles, motivations, and personality.

Which means I can’t fit you into a “program.” If I try, you will fail and I will be a shitty coach.

If I tell a mother of three that works full time to go to the gym four times per week for 60-minutes and make separate dinners for herself. She may tell me to f*ck off 🤣.

Telling a Father of two young kids that travels for work that he needs to prep and eat all homemade meals, and to avoid fruit loops with his kids on Sunday mornings and I may get punched 👊

There’s more to health and fitness than following a “program or plan” and I’ll prove it. ⬇

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Coaching requires me to be flexible

One minute a client is motivated the next they’re not 😔. I have to know how to help them through that.

They have to travel for work ✈️. I have to adjust and help them figure out how to eat well while away.

Kids are sick 🤧, they have an injury, and work is stressing them out. I have to adapt to their circumstances and help them navigate these stressors.

Most of my clients come to me from a place of less time and more stress than at other times. They’ve been yo-yo dieting for the majority of their life. Chronically under-nourishing and overtraining or overeating and under-moving.

They’re NOT ready to lose weight. Because they’re coming to me from a state of:

  • Chronic dieting
  • Neglecting self-care
  • Under-sleeping
  • Over-training (or not training at all)

The solution is definitely not another diet… Instead, we must focus on:

  • Increasing nutrients by prepping and eating more whole foods
  • Improving the relationship with food to help get away from all or nothing, good versus bad thinking.
  • Developing resiliency and a stronger mindset so you can take action when you’re not motivated.
  • Regulating sleep-wake cycle so you’re not tired all the time
  • Maximizing parasympathetic activity. Basically calming the f*ck down and coping with stress better.

For these reasons, I start most of my clients with what I like to call a “health phase.”

Free Coaching Consultation

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The approach designed for you

That’s where my 4-point plan comes into play. Every client I coach follows an evidence-based and proven to be a successful method for getting results fast and keeping it off for good.

ven diagram of fitness

1. Pre-work, Awareness, and education: What are you currently doing, what you’re willing and not willing to change, and learning what works for everyone under all conditions.

2. Health phase. I’ve found a lot of people I work with have yo-yo dieted for as long as they can remember. Detox’s, no carbs, and workouts that have completely left them fried. We get away from restriction and learn how to eat MORE. 

The fundamentals of nutrition and strength training lead to long-term success. No diets (burgers without buns are dumb), just science-backed and proven to be successful stuff.

We level up to a fat loss phase once these things are done consistently. In this phase, we’re able to focus solely on fat loss because all of your bases are covered.

  • You have more energy
  • You learned how to manage your time
  • You know how to overcome obstacles
  • You’ve established routines and habits

3. Fat loss accelerator: Most of my clients start seeing results in the first 2-weeks. In 3-months they’re very excited about their results and around that time they plateau. This is when a lot of people give up. But not us, we just need to adjust.

4. Lifestyle integration: You’ve hit your goal and are an awesome person that can do rad shit. The final phase is strategies so you no longer need coaching and can do this on your own.

Look, nobody wants to diet forever.

My goal is to get you results as fast as possible in a sustainable way. And for you to feel confident and comfortable about keeping it up on your own.

Committed to your health,

Justin Miller, M.S., Pn2, MNU, NSCA


Free Coaching Consultation

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