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So you’re trying this whole Paleo nutrition thing or at least trying to focus on eating a healthier diet but some of those work lunches, dinners out with friends and family, and times when you forget a meal are sabotaging your progress. What the hell can you do about it. Saddle up buys and girls. This is going to be one hell of a Mr. Toads’ wild ride.

First things first. Say it loud and proud!

If you are really trying to become a healthier person and improve your overall well-being tell people about what you are trying to accomplish, your goals, why it is important to you, and that their support would really help in your progress. Most people will be intrigued and start to ask questions. It might inspire others to take a look at their own health and well being and make some changes as well. Others will try to sabotage you and bring you down. It is up to you to stay strong and manage the path to your new self. After all, this website is all about challenging the status quo. Who says you need to do what everyone else is doing, following the crowd, and all the mumbo-jumbo. Make your own path, do your own thing, and I am sure you will get a few crazies to follow you along the way. Being a Superhero is a tough gig. If it was easy everyone would be doing it.

Quick note:

I’ve said it before. Do not make this nutrition plan a religion. If you have been eating super well for a couple of weeks, staying on your plan, and feel like you deserve a break by all means use this opportunity to enjoy a little free meal, something off of your plan if you will. No need to go overboard but a cheeseburger is not going to kill you once every 2 weeks or so. Just hop back on the wagon the next day.

Tips, tips, and more tips

8. Don’t go or just say no If your friends, family, or work is constantly going out to eat every week just say no. You do not have to go every time. Not only will this help to save you some money but it will make it easy to stick with your Paleo or another nutrition plan.

7. Go but skip the grub You can still go but maybe just skip out on the food. This gives you the chance to still be sociable while still sticking with your plan. Maybe have one of your healthier meals you prepared a few hours before you all go out so you are not hungry and tempted to nibble on freerolls. Y’all know what I’m talking about.

6. Speak up Suggest a restaurant that you know has some food choices that will be acceptable for your nutrition plan. This also gives you the opportunity to suggest menu items that some of your compadres might enjoy. I don’t know about you but I love being able to suggest things to friends that I have experienced.

5. Order exactly what you want The job of the waiter or waitress is to bring you what you want right? So why not tell them exactly what you want. If you don’t want dressing say so, if you don’t want cheese say so, if you don’t want the potato say so. You get the drift. You are not being a jerk here. Trust me, I waited tables back in the day. You are not asking for the world.

4. Double the veggies please If your steak comes with a potato 86 that bad boy and ask for them to double the veggies instead. Or see if you can get a small side salad in its place. You can do this with a few other items that might pop up as well.

3. Pack it up before you even start After you order ask for a doggy bag right away. When your meal comes simply put half of it in the bag to grub on at a later date. Most portion sizes at restaurants are ridiculously large… like KING KONG large.

2. Finish a glass of H20 Before you start your meal make sure you drink an entire glass of water first. This will fill you up before you start to grubbing. Hopefully helping you to eat a little less

1. Relax Just chill out and relax. Scan the menu to see what is acceptable for your plan, make changes if needed, and don’t stress out if you eat a piece of bread for Pete’s sake. Knowing most of the nut jobs on this site you all will be in the gym, outside, or running up and down your stairs the next day to burn it all off anyhow.

Homer Simpson in the ocean

Tips #2… Justin, you sure do spoil us! “I know, I know.”

  1. Beef, chicken, or fish without sauce. Grilled if possible
  2. Mexican food skip the sour cream for sure and don’t eat the tortilla or taco shell. You can still get all the meat and veggies without all the extra calories or carbohydrates. Go for the guacamole though. It’s just delicious!
  3. Sushi My personal favorite. See if you can get them to make it without the rice. Most places will do so happily. Often they sub in shredded carrot or cucumber. You can also choose sashimi if you are cool with raw fish. I love the stuff.
  4. Don’t be scared! Just to make sure you understand. Don’t be scared to ask for what you want. If changing your health and well-being is really important to you you’re going to have to.

All the best in your quest and do not be afraid to holler at me if you have some questions.

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