THE RISE TO THE TOP: David Siteman Garland Q&A

I came found David Siteman Garland when I started Limitless365 a few months back. I was having a tough time building my passion into a personal brand that I was proud of and I wanted to create something that GENUINELY helped people live healthier, more passionate, and LIMITLESS lives.

I didn’t just want to be another voice that was never heard.

I was aiming for really creating change and helping people to do the same.

I came across David’s site the same with a simple google search. “BADASS PERSONAL BRANDS.”

David runs “The Rise To The Top.” It’s literally The uncensored, uncut, unconventional show ( & resource) for BADASS experts, thought leaders and personal brands.

What got me to stick around the site was actually a personal goal he had. David wanted to win the Iron Man Magazines “Most Inspiring Fitness Transformation.” UPDATE: He dominated! Just look at these results.

I had to get in-touch with this guy. Lucky for me he’s pretty awesome and kindly agreed to answer a few questions. So three months later (we both forgot about the questions I sent 😀 ) here’s my Q&A with the Man, the myth, the legend…

WOW! What an intro!

Justin: Life typically gets in the way and our priorities get all jumbled around. What was going on in your life that kept you from getting in your workouts, eating right, staying consistent? What kind of excuses were you making?

David: Hah, totally get what you are saying. But, actually I had a far DIFFERENT problem. I did make time to workout. Always have. I did take time to sort of think about my meals. Always have. The problem was, I wasn’t educated AT ALL on what I was doing. Meaning, at that point I’d probably done the same 10 exercises in the gym for years. And while I thought I was “eating healthy” I really wasn’t. Meaning, I’d eat some brown rice thinking it was healthy, however, I’d eat a dump truck’s worth of it. Not good. My problem wasn’t excuses. The problem was I didn’t know what the heck I was doing.

Justin: What was the “tipping point.” Or the motivating factor that made you say, “I need to change something here.” To make your health a priority.

David: Weird tipping point alert! It was actually after my grandma’s 90th birthday party. We got the photos of the entire family and I was like WTF! It wasn’t like I was huge or obese, but I just HATED how I looked and was starting to feel (lethargic). I said, that’s it! And I contacted my buddy Rob who had a similar story (his workouts weren’t working out and his nutrition wasn’t working out and he got himself into crazy good shape and continues to maintain it). The rest is history.

Note: You can see his workouts here, here, here, here, and here. David also mixed in a little boxing for an hour once a week.

Justin: Where were you getting most of your health and wellness info at the time and how important was it to educate yourself and find out what works for you?

David: Before meeting Rob & Kim (my mentors and trainers), I really didn’t go anywhere for help. Not good. Now, I’ve realized there are SO many ways to skin the fitness cat. Lots of programs work. The key is knowing your strengths and weaknesses. For example, if you ask me to count calories, I’ll throw up from unhappiness; however, if you tell me how to do correct portion sizes, I’m golden. You might be the opposite. And I bet there is a program for you too.

Justin: What were typical workouts and nutrition for you? How easy or difficult was it to get into a groove and maintain it. Strategies used to keep you focused and excited?

David: 3rd part, first. I’m a guy who is just naturally focused IF I’m excited about something. I have an addictive personality. Like, I can’t just watch one episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm, I have to watch like 10 at a time. Know what I mean? For me though, this is all about lifestyle. I wanted to get into amazing shape and stay in amazing shape and I’ve maintained for over a year. My schedule is about 4 weight sessions a week around an hour. Sets and reps change weekly. Full exercises monthly. The key is looking for the weak links in your body to continue to make progress and that is what we call “the shaky muscles.” Gotta find those shakes! The philosophy is to focus on form and feeling the muscle as opposed to trying to lift an elephant. On top of that, I box and play hockey and slip in usually one more additional cardio session a week.

Nutrition is simple. 6 meals a day (every three hours). I eat as clean as possible. Lots of fruits, veggies, lean protein. Proper portion sizes (6 ounces of protein for example). 1.5 gallons of water a day. 2-3 cheat meals a week.

Justin: How have you been able to juggle life, career, fitness, fun etc… now? Tips on maintaining a balance?

David: Especially if you have an addictive personality, you have to be aware of this kind of stuff. It isn’t about balance though. It is about living a fitness lifestyle. I don’t see it as a juggle as much as it is life. My big tip is not to become a hermit or rigid jackass. It is OK to grab a drink with friends. It is OK if you miss a day of working out occasionally. The key is how you respond after that. Get right back in there and right back on track.

Justin: How has getting in better shape, changing your nutrition, and ultimately establishing a new LIFESTYLE impacted your life. Work, energy, relationships, confidence, etc…

David: Literally everything has improved for the better. I can’t think of ONE thing that hasn’t. I’m a high-energy guy anyway and now I’m through the roof. Also, the confidence has poured over into my work. It is almost like, “If I can transform my entire body in 90 days and maintain it, what can I transform in my business in 90 days and maintain it?” That philosophy can be applied to anything.

Justin: What challenges can one expect (what did you deal with) when trying to change their lifestyle in such a way?

David: Besides little things like minor injuries, the key thing is realizing the world isn’t going to change…you have to change. So, when your friends go out 5 nights a week for pizza, you might have to bow out. For me, one challenge was working with my wife so we were both happy. She is big into fitness as well and very supportive, but she had some trouble with the beginning of the program because she is less-adverse to change than I am. And that caused a little disruption. So, if you have a spouse, remember they will be a big part of it. My wife is now 100% on board. And remember, when you start doing weird stuff like bringing protein powder on planes and stuff be proud of it. Wear your freak flag.

Justin: Finally, my site has a lot to do with living without limites, or erasing self-limiting beliefs. What does living a limitless lifestyle mean to you?

David: A limitless lifestyle is not allowing your preconceived notions to get in your way.

Justin: Final thoughts, tips, advice recommendations from you.

David: Never, ever, ever view your fitness journey as a “diet“…get into the mindset of a lifestyle. It makes all the difference.

Quick hits

  • Favorite workout song? “Eye Of The Tiger”
  • Favorite free meal? Steak N Shake: Frisco melt, shake and fries
  • Favorite Stress busting activity (keep it clean) 😀 ? Boxing 🙂
  • Favorite workout or exercise? Dumbbell bicep curls…sexy!

Read more in-depth about David’s transformation on his site The Rise To The Top.

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So what is stopping you? 

What are you doing the next 90 days?

What has been holding you back? What are you having a tough time with?

Got any questions? Give me a shout or post to comments.

Live Limitless,