The Social Butterfly’s Guide to Healthy Eating Out: Restaurant hacks for weight loss

I don’t know about you but I like eating out with friends.

🍣 gimme that sushi

🌮 street tacos

🇮🇳 Indian food

Dining out offers amazing opportunities to enjoy time with loved ones. To try new cuisines, restaurants, and flavors.

This can be a challenge when you have health and fitness goals like fat loss.

  • richer dishes
  • larger portions
  • limited healthy options

There’s also a pressure to indulge in social cues and FOMO. And it’s kinda hard being the weird one saying no or ordering something different.

You want to enjoy the food and you also want to move closer towards your goals.

WTF to do?

Proactive planning is key to success.

🫣 Restaurant hack #1: Look ahead

Review your social calendar for upcoming meals out for the week and plan for them.

Research menus in advance and scope out options aligned with your goals. Choose what you’ll be ordering before you go.

Ask yourself how often you want to eat out socially. Build your plan around that, monitor your progress, and adjust from there.

Maybe you can eat out 6 times a week and progress. Maybe you discover that dining out 3 times is a better fit.

🔧 Restaurant hack #2: Adjust your regular meals

Plan your regular meals around your social meals. Adjust them to give you a little more wiggle room for meals out.

An easy way to do this is by opting for protein and veggie-focused meals lighter on carbs or fats. Most restaurants will load you up on these anyhow.

⭐️ Restaurant hack #3: Make little bit better adjustments

Having dessert? Skip the apps.

Having apps? Skip the dessert.

Usually, have 3 drinks? Have 1.

Always have 3 slices of pizza? Get 2 and a big ass salad.

Request dressing on the side. 86 sour cream and get only butter on that potato.

Look for buzzwords like the ones below.

navigating weight loss while losing weight at restaurants: Words to look for.

🧘 Restuarant hack #4: Mindful Eating

Eat slow and stop when you’re 80% full. Take leftovers with you to use as part of meal prep for the week.

Focus on the conversation and the company that you’re keeping.

It’s always ok to decline unwanted food or drinks. If you’re not used to saying no this may be hard. It takes practice.

🥱 Restaurant hack #5: Stick with the boring basics

Emphasize protein and veggies with the majority of your meals. At home and when out. If a meal doesn’t come with one of them see if you can add it.

Pasta? Cool, can you get some chicken or beef with that?

Pizza? Cool, can you get a side salad with that?

Aim for meals and reduce snacking. There’s nothing wrong with snacking. But we the foods we snack on tend to be calorie-dense things.

It’s hard to overeat if you’re sticking with the basics eating 3 meals and reducing snacks.

🕵️‍ Restaurant hack #6: Self-monitor

Track your progress. If fat loss is a goal and that’s happening, great. No need to adjust.

If it’s not, adjust. How often are you dining out? Can you reduce that by one meal a week?

What’s your favorite dish when dining out? I’m team street food all the way. Give me all those street tacos in LA.


Photo by Alex Haney on Unsplash