Unleash the beast, tap into your true potential


Unleash the beast, tap into your true potential

While some might see Kanye West’s bravado in a negative light, one thing is true.
The musician believes in himself completely. That unwavering focus and undying self-assurance is a key part of his success.

And while others might not have the same goals – or want the same narcissistic reputation that has been fodder for West’s critics – that drive, once harnessed in a way that works, will be one of the key elements to making dreams come true. No matter what they are.

Finding that innate belief in yourself can sometimes be tough. Nothing in life comes easy. Hard work is essential to success, and to creating the life you’ve always dreamed of living.

Just do it
There’s a reason “Don’t Just Dream It, Do It” is one of the most popular posters on office walls.

Procrastination gets you nowhere. Putting off a goal until tomorrow – or when you have time, or you have money, or when you lose weight – might mean that tomorrow never comes.

Southerners have a saying – “Wish in one hand and crap in the other, and see which hand fills up first.”  Wishes don’t make dreams come true, action does. A little girl can dream of her handsome prince, but if she doesn’t leave her bedroom, he’s not going to find her. (Unless, of course, the cable guy is exactly what she had in mind.)

Action is what brings dreams to fruition, one step at a time.
The starting point
Don’t waste time wishing for things to change.
Don’t focus on weakness, target strengths instead.
Make assets stronger by practicing, practicing, practicing.
Look for new opportunities at every avenue, and more doors are likely to open.
If you want to be a singer, sing, whenever you get a chance. Practice makes perfect, and dedication makes all things possible.

Write it down
From keeping a food journal to track daily calorie intake, to making a daily to-do list to ensure that home and work chores are completed by the time the day is over, writing down your goals helps keep that on the front burner.

Although Beverly Kim didn’t take home the title of “Top Chef” in season nine, the note she kept pinned to her mirror that said “Beverly, you are Top Chef” helped her focus and keep her eye on her goals, giving her enough momentum to help her land in the popular Bravo competition’s final four.

Take notes, keep a journal to track little victories and soon enough, the big win will be closer to reality.


Challenges fuel the fire
Imagine pedaling the last mile of a week-long bike ride, crossing the finish line after 500 grueling miles, or completing a full marathon after months of training. Imagine the thrill of the success erasing the exhaustion.

The feeling that comes from tackling something that yesterday seemed unimaginable is amazing, and fuels the fire for bigger and better things.

Don’t just settle for what works. Try for things that seem unattainable. Eventually, those things will also be part of your normal routine, opening the door to a better prize.

Forget failure
Failures of yesterday have no place in tomorrow’s successes. Accept them, learn from them, and then, forget them.
Dwelling on the things that have gone wrong only serve as a hindrance and extra baggage that has no place in success.

Kanye West had to bounce back after the wealth of criticism he received for robbing Taylor Swift of her moment at the Video Music Awards in 2009, but he did. In 2010, MTV named him “Man of the Year.”

Sure, yesterday might not have gone as planned. But it doesn’t have any determination on how you take on tomorrow

Welcome to the good life


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